Sagging Neck Skin: How to Firm Up Naturally?

Read below to firm up the sagging skin naturally.

Loose, sagging skin on and around the neck can be a huge cause of concern for many people.

Sagging Neck Skin: How to Firm Up Naturally?
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In most cases, this type of skin is part of the natural aging process; however, there are factors that can make the condition worse, including genetics, weight fluctuation, and exposure to harmful UV rays.

Understanding the causes and prevention methods for avoiding sagging neck skin can help you avoid the condition altogether.

What to Do About Sagging Neck Skin?

If you currently have the sagging neck skin, there are some steps you can take to reduce it.

This includes certain neck exercises, specialty creams, and surgery if necessary.

The steps that you take to combat your sagging neck skin will be dependent on the severity of the case.

Keep in mind, the longer you take to seek treatment, the more extreme it will have to be.

The smart thing to do is to prevent the sagging skin before it happens.

What Causes Sagging Neck Skin?

Sagging of your neck skin is caused by gravity, the sun and, of course, the natural aging process.

Sagging neck skin can also be the result of genetics. If you have family members who have the dreaded turkey neck, or other sagging neck skin, chances are that you are predisposed to develop the same problem.

There are preventative steps that can be taken to reduce and minimize the sagging neck skin that occurs, which are highlighted below.

When do Men and Women Start Showing Signs of Sagging Neck?

In most cases, a person will begin to notice sagging neck skin when they reach their mid-40s.

This is when the skin begins to lose its elastin and ability to “bounce back” when stretched or when gravity pulls on it, which is inevitable.

There are many cases, however, of a person having signs of sagging neck skin prior to this age.

In most cases, this will be due to a large weight loss or prolonged exposure to harmful UV light from the sun or other artificial sources, such as a tanning bed.

While men have the same issues with sagging neck skin as women, it is more of a cosmetic issue for many women that wish to maintain their youthful appearance.

What are the Treatments For Sagging Neck Skin?

One of the most widely used treatments for sagging neck skin is Botox. This is the use of injections to fill in the loose skin.

Another option is to have a neck lift. This is a surgical procedure and quite invasive. However, this is a method that will last longer than the Botox option.

There are other natural treatments that can be used for sagging neck skin, as well, which include neck exercises, anti-wrinkle and firming neck creams and keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized.

Natural Remedies and Vitamins for Sagging Neck Skin

Vitamins for Sagging Neck Skin

One effective and natural ways to prevent or reverse the sign of sagging neck skin is to use neck massage. This will help to tighten and firm the loose skin.

It is important to use a moisturizing cream and have this process performed at least once a month to reap the benefits.

The massage will stimulate the blood flow as well as the circulation, which can remove and reduce sagging or loose neck skin, as well as tone your neck while removing any harmful toxins or radicals that are present.

Some vitamins and other nutrients that you should consume to ensure that you reduce or eliminate your sagging neck skin include Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, such as omega-3s and vitamin C.

Each of these nutrients will help to promote healthy and youthful neck skin that is sag-free.


How to Prevent Sagging Neck Skin?

If you take steps to prevent sagging neck skin you will notice a true difference in the appearance of your neck.

This is due to the fact that neck wrinkle prevention is much more effective than trying to eliminate the problem altogether.

Some methods that can help you prevent sagging neck skin include the following:

  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure, which can damage the skin and destroy the collagen that is present
  • Stay hydrated. It is essential to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water if you want to have healthy and youthful-looking skin
  • Moisturize your neck skin as often as you moisturize your face, which will keep it healthy and reduce the sagging

Tightens Sagging Neck with the Best Neck Firming Creams

Tightens Sagging Neck

When you begin shopping for a neck firming cream you should seek one that has some or all of the following ingredients:

  • Retinol: This is a form of vitamin A that actually acts as a type of antioxidant as per Medical News Today. This will help to fight free radicals that can cause inflammation, which is responsible for the breakdown or elastin and collagen
  • Caffeine: This is a natural vasoconstrictor which means that it will tighten the blood vessels when it is applied to the skin
  • Alpha/Beta Hydroxy Acids: These include salicylic, lactic and glycolic acid and will help to exfoliate the skin and improve the texture
  • Kinetin: This will help to stimulate the production of collagen
  • Copper Peptides: Copper is found in each cell in the body and can heal the skin by stimulating the production of collagen and fighting all the free radicals

Using these tips you can learn how to prevent the occurrence of sagging neck skin and help reduce or minimize the appearance if it has already developed.

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