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Neck Wrinkles Causes: Smoking, Aging and More

Wrinkles on a person’s neck are a huge giveaway of a person’s true age. In many situations proper neck skincare is ignored, leaving the skin vulnerable to environmental conditions that can cause severe and in some cases irreversible damage and wrinkles.

Neck Wrinkles Causes: Smoking, Aging and More

Understanding the top causes of neck wrinkles can help you to take steps to eliminate them, which will then reduce the chances of you developing any type of neck wrinkle. Use the following information to determine what you can do to reduce the chances of the appearance of neck wrinkles.


Smoking, especially for extended periods of time, can dramatically increase the chance of neck wrinkles appearing. The fact is that those who smoke for long periods of time will actually have necks occur much sooner than they would naturally.

However, wrinkles caused by smoking are not only seen on the neck, and the effects of smoking can actually ravage your entire body.

The only way that you can prevent the damage that is caused by the toxins and chemicals that are found in cigars and cigarettes is to quit.


Air pollution can have a significant impact on the aging of your skin. You need to be sure that you wash your face every night in order to ensure that the environmental pollutants do not sit on your skin for extended periods of time.

Since the pollutants will decrease the atmospheres protective layer of ozone, as well, you need to ensure that you use a daily antioxidant serum.

The fact is that sun is one of the leading causes of wrinkles, which is why it is important to protect and cleanse your skin to prevent any serious effects from environmental factors such as pollution and excessive sunlight.



There is no way to stop time; however, that does not mean that you have to accept what you are dealt with. You can prevent sagging skin that is the result of a loss of elastin and collage by using anti-aging wrinkle face creams on your neck, as well other as anti-aging skincare products each time you apply them to your face.

This does not just apply to creams, but face masks, cleansers and exfoliates should also be used on your neck just as you would your face to reduce the chance of neck wrinkles occurring.

Family History

If you do not have a family history related to neck wrinkles, you can hope that you will have great skin on the neck. However, this is not a guarantee that neck wrinkles will not appear, as there are many other causes of the unsightly skin blemishes.

Exposure to harsh weather, UV rays, poor posture and poor care to the neck skin can all lead to significant skin wrinkles. Therefore, while family history may contribute to a more severe case of neck wrinkles, lack of neck wrinkles in your family history does not guarantee that you will not be plagued by them.

Stress on Neck

Your neck is constantly working to support your head and keep it in an upright position. Due to the actual weight of your head and the fact that you are constantly moving it in a back and forth motion, the neck is experiencing constant stress. Additionally, the law of gravity applies to this problem.

The extra and excessive stress that is on the neck can result in the sagging or pulling down of the skin on the neck. As you age the loss of collagen and elasticity will further hurt your chances of having tight and taut neck skin.

The wrinkles that are present on the neck will add a number of year to your appearance, however, can be prevented with massage and proper neck care.

Abnormal Weight

There are many times when a person may gain or lose weight, which will cause the skin to find it difficult to “bounce” back from the fluctuation pounds. If you want to achieve firm skin on your neck, you must commit to a lifestyle change. This includes healthy meals that will fill you up and that contain fresh fruits and also green vegetables.

These foods will help you maintain a healthy weight and provide detoxifying antioxidants that will help to keep the skin hydrated.

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Wrong Habits

If you have irregular sleeping habits or types of occupational habits that provide adverse effects to your skin, you may notice neck wrinkles much sooner than you would with the natural aging process. If your skin becomes dehydrated or even too moist, or if it is exposed to the sun for extended periods of time it can cause neck wrinkles.

If you are going to be in conditions such as these, you should take steps to protect your sensitive neck skin and help to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

Imbalanced Diet

Imbalanced Diet

An imbalanced diet can actually negatively affect the skin that is on your neck, as well as other areas of your body. When you have a vitamin deficiency, especially a vitamin E deficiency, it can result in wrinkles appearing on the neck at an early age.

You should be sure to consume a balanced diet each day to help and prevent wrinkles on the neck.

The fact is that the skin is a window to your real age. If it is neglected or not cared for properly, wrinkles will appear. Neck wrinkles can be enhanced by poor habits such as smoking and exposure to the sun as well as other factors such as a fluctuating weight or a family history of neck wrinkles.

In order to prevent these wrinkles, you must eliminate bad habits and ensure that you follow proper care for the sensitive skin on your neck.

Remember it is never too late to start a proper regimen of neck care. While there is no magic solution or cream for the wrinkles that are bound to appear on your skin, you can take steps now to eliminate and reduce the chances of the wrinkles occurring at an early age.

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