Why Does Our Neck Age So Quickly?

Q: I have usually noticed that my neck age so quickly than my face. What’s the reason behind that? I have never ignored my neck area and equally taking care of my neck and face?
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As you age many things that were once tight and firm will begin to loosen causing them to sag. Neck skin is one of those body parts that sag over time due to age and damage caused by environmental elements. From sun damage to depletion of collagen in your skin, there are many different causes of neck aging. The following are a few things to know about the aging of your neck skin.

Skin on Your Neck is a Little Bit Thinner

Why Does Our Neck Age So Quickly?

The skin on your neck will begin to thin and lose* its elasticity as you start to lose* collagen cells under the skin. Generally, the neck skin is already thinner than other skin on your body which makes it particularly susceptible to damage. There are certain creams and ointments that can actually help your skin produce more collagen which will help in thickening and strengthening the skin. If you choose an over the counter cream be sure to note that it will not be near as effective as a prescription cream that a dermatologist can prescribe you.

Skin Tissue Being Weaker Than The Face

Scientifically, the skin in the face and neck are already thinner than any other tissue on your body. This thin layer of tissue takes a lot of abuse over a lifetime including sun damage and vitamin depletion. This depletion eventually results in collagen erosion in your neck which in turn causes the sagging neck skin to occur. The collagen is also the chemical that makes your skin be elastic when you are young which is why when the collagen goes so does the elasticity.

Sleeping Habits, Sun Exposure

The exposure to the sun has been shown to be a major cause of aging in the skin which usually means wrinkles in various parts of the body. Most people fail to put adequate sunscreen on their skin while being outdoors for an extended period of time. The lack of protection against the harmful UV rays in the sun is a major cause of skin aging and wrinkling. Believe it or not your sleeping habits can play a major role in your skins health as you age. Sleeping on your side is particularly damaging to the skin on your chest due to the weight that gets put on it by your breasts. Over time lines will form in your chest and then eventually turn into chest wrinkles.

Lifestyle, Toxin Buildup, Hormonal Change

Smoking, drinking and using drugs can be very hazardous to your skin and your whole body if used frequently. Commonly, smoker’s skin will age up to three times faster than a person who has never used tobacco. The smoke itself clogs the pores in your face and leads to toxins building up in your body. Generally if you are going to have any sort of surgery the surgeon mandate that you stop smoking at least a month before the procedure. This is due in large part to the fact that smoking inhibits your body from healing properly. Injuries that would take a healthy, non-smoker a week to recover from, will usually take a smoker five times as long to recover from.

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