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Chest Wrinkles – Facts, Causes, Treatments and Prevention

As a person ages the skin loses its natural elasticity and can become saggy or droopy. As a result, wrinkles in all areas of the body can occur. One area that commonly has wrinkles is the chest.

Chest Wrinkles – Facts, Causes, Treatments and Prevention

Use the following information to learn about the causes of chest wrinkles and what you can do to reduce and perhaps even eliminate the chance that you may develop them.

What are Chest Wrinkles?

Chest wrinkles are the lines that appear between and around the breasts. These lines may appear as deep folds or even fine lines that are not completely visible.

They can plague women at any time, but are most commonly seen as a woman ages, and after her childbearing years. A woman’s body goes through a number of traumatic events, pregnancy, child birth and breast feeding, which can all increase the chances of chest wrinkles appearing.

What Causes Chest Wrinkles?

Over time, the skin that is present in between a woman’s breasts can come together. This is due to the woman sleeping on her side or even from the breasts being pushed up and together. When this goes on for an extended period of time it can create deep creases on the chest.

Once the wrinkles have begun to develop, the sun can cause further damage, making the wrinkles deeper and more noticeable.

How to Reduce the Appearance of Chest Wrinkles?

There are options for women to not only prevent chest wrinkles in the first place but also help to reduce the appearance of these lines after they have already appeared. Some of the most effective methods of treatment to reduce the appearance of these chest wrinkles include:

  • Sleeping on Your Back Rather Than You Side: This will prevent your breasts from rubbing each other and causing stress and lines on your chest.
  • Using a Breast Pillow: If you sleep on your side, and cannot control this, it is recommended that you use a device that is known as a breast pillow. This is a type of pillow that will fit comfortably and securely between your breasts at night time. This is how you can effectively minimize some impact. There are some reports of women seeking a diminished amount of wrinkles after only a few nights using the breast pillow.
  • Using an Over the Counter Cream with Retinol in it at Night: This type of cream will work to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sun damage that may be present on your chest. Keep in mind that this retinol cream should only be put on at night since it can interact negatively with the sun
  • Sunscreen: This is the “duh” moment. A great way to prevent wrinkles is by wearing sunscreen. Your mom told you, now you know why!

How UV Light Can Cause Chest Wrinkles?

Years of sun exposure can cause significant damage to the skin, including wrinkles. When your chest is exposed to Ultraviolet light, it will induce the pigment cells that are called melanocytes to create more melanin, which is a pigment molecule.

This is what causes the brown blotchy spots in the delicate neck and chest skin. Also, the ultraviolet light can cause thousands of new blood vessels or spider veins in these areas. This will cause a series of both brown and red spots.

The collagen fibers that are present in the chest will also become distorted by a series of chronic exposure to the sun, which can lead to a rough texture and lines.

Chest Wrinkle Treatments

Some methods that can be used to treat existing chest wrinkles include:

  • Not sleeping on your stomach or side, as this will only increase the existing problem
  • Using moisturizers that have collagen products integrated
  • Using sunscreen when outdoors
  • Wearing a bra that fits properly at all times to prevent the unnatural position of the breasts

How to Prevent Chest Wrinkles?

Prevent Chest Wrinkles

The prevention of chest wrinkles needs to start a young age. Chances are that once they appear they will never fully go away, no matter what methods are used. Begin taking preventative steps when you are young by avoiding exposure to the sun, not sleeping on your stomach or back and moisturizing the area regularly. Taking these steps will help to prevent the unsightly wrinkles that commonly occur on the chest as a person ages.

How to Choose the Best Chest Wrinkle Cream?

You should search for creams that contain AHAs and BHAs. These chemicals help to regenerate the collagen that was once present in the skin. These creams can also help to lighten any dark spots that may be present.

Another popular option is to use a cream that has citric acid in it, as this can help to repair and restore damaged skin.

Bottom Line

The fact is that prevention of chest wrinkles is your best bet. However, if it is too late to do this, you should take steps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles that may be present. Using the tips and information here you should likely find some helpful tips and hints for keeping a youthful, firm appearance to your chest skin.

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