Broken Blood Vessels on Neck and Chest

What is Broken Blood Vessels on Neck and Chest Area?

Broken blood vessels refer to tiny capillaries that appear as splotchy marks on the neck or chest. They can also emerge on the forehead, nose, or cheeks. In most cases, they are easily noticed in people with light skin. If you experience broken blood vessels, it could be an indication that you are either suffering from Rosacea or sun damage. They usually form when the tiny blood vessels the surface of your skin dilates and becomes apparent. They can either be bright or dark red in color. Surprisingly, they may appear as purple or blue.

Broken Blood Vessels on Neck and Chest

What Causes Broken Blood Vessels on the Neck?

Broken Blood Vessels on the Neck

You can get broken blood vessels on the neck for a number of reasons which include:

  • Atrial Anaurysm: This refers to a rupture of an artery the neck. It is a very serious condition that can occur following an accident and it can be fatal.
  • Hypertension: Increased blood pressure can result to frequent rupture of blood vessels in your neck.
  • Pulmonary Embolism: Also referred to as pulmonary emboli, it refers to the rupture of a blood vessel ferrying blood to the heart. It is a gravy condition that can cause death if no immediate action is taken.
  • Blood Clots: if this occurs in a blood vessel, it can eventually cause them to burst since they are being supplied with more blood.
  • Body Strain: these include vomiting, sneezing, coughing, squeezing, or extreme workouts that strain blood vessels around the neck.

What are the Symptoms of Broken Blood Vessel on the Neck?

Common symptoms that indicate you have broken blood vessels around your neck include:

  • Appearance of purple, blue, or red patches
  • Can be itchy at times
  • Mild swelling around a particular area
  • Dilated blood vessels
  • Blood clots
  • It hurts in extreme cases

How is Broken Blood Vessel Treated?

Broken Blood Vessels on Neck and Chest

There are several treatment methods for dealing with broken blood vessels your neck. Radiofrequency is an effective approach to coping with this condition. It involves the use of a needle-like device on the surface of the afflicted skin. It produces heat which is attracted to capillaries to vaporize them at once. Intense Light Therapy (ILT) which works like radiofrequency can also be used. There are a number of beauty products consisting of lotions, creams and serum which can effectively get rid of broken blood vessels on your neck. A simple internet search will give a number to choose from although you should be cautious since most of the OTC products may not penetrate far into your skin. Other treatment options include sclerotherapy, ClearScan laser, V-beam laser, and BBL. With proper treatment, the broken blood vessel will disappear within a week or up to 12 days.

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It is natural being light skinned but that doesn’t warrant that you are disadvantaged by getting broken blood vessels around your neck or chest. Since exposure to the sun can increase the risk of suffering from this condition, wearing sunscreen regularly will spare your skin from the damage among other problems. A problem is better to prevent than to solve and when deciphered, you will have to undergo uncalled for expenses.

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