Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Water Retention: Which Natural Diuretic Products Are Most Effective?

How Can Natural Diuretics Work for Water Retention?
Anyone who has experienced the problem of water retention will be all too familiar with the uncomfortable feeling. Not only can the stomach become bloated and distended, but other areas of the body can also become swollen, including the feet, legs and thighs. In addition to this discomfort, the amount of weight gained can be alarming – as much as 5lb – particularly to those who watch what they eat, and exercise regularly. If the sudden gain in weight is seemingly overnight and nothing else in the lifestyle has changed, it is more than likely due to water retention.

What could be the cause of water retention?
While too much sodium in the diet is a very common cause, there are other factors that should also be considered. For women, the menstrual cycle can be responsible and a certain amount of bloating often accompanies PMS, although general hormonal changes can also be the culprit. For both men and women, it could be caused by certain heart conditions, hypertension or RX Meds. If this is the case, no amount of dietary changes or exercise will help and it may be time to look for alternative treatment, including an over-the-counter diuretic.

What type of product works safely?
As with any form of treatment, the top priority is that it is 100% safe and will cause no harmful side effects. While there are many brands of diuretics on the market, the safest formula will preferably be natural and contain no chemicals or pharmaceutical substances. A good quality product will also ensure that, while eliminating excess water safely, the delicate balance of electrolytes in the body is not disturbed. It is also vital that micro-organisms in the urinary tract are maintained and the levels of potassium are restored. Most products use ingredients that work synergistically to give optimum results without any side effects.

What if I need help choosing a product?
If you feel it is necessary to use a diuretic but are still unsure of which to purchase, in addition to the cost, take into consideration the following – is the formula natural? How potent are the ingredients? Has it been clinically tested and is it easy to take? If you have researched the brand and educated yourself about what is required for a quality product, you can be sure that the choice of natural diuretic will be the right one.