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November is not the official month of celebrating the health of men. June is the official month but on the first of November, men came together and shave their beards leaving moustaches to raise awareness on their health. This was done in an awareness called “Movember” and women are supporting this move by pledging to contribute to their health foundations.

The leading health issues in men in terms of number

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Movember is a move that was started in the year 2000 and it was to raise alertness on prostate cancer. This move was started in Australia where men agreed to shave their beads and grow moustache and this was to be done for a month. Movember group was officially founded in 2004 and the first money that was raised for the foundation was $ 40, 000. The word of this move spread to other places including America and this has risen over $ 27 million for the prostate cancer foundations. It is reported that the organizers of movember started this move with a good cause. This is because prostate cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in men in the United States.

The following are the numbers that show the true statistics:

  • The number of men who were diagnosed with prostate cancer in the year 2014 was 233, 000.
  • The number of men who are expected to die from prostate cancer in 2014 is 29, 480.
  • There is a survival rate of 100% of men who were diagnosed with prostate cancer and this was done at five years.
  • A total of $ 12 billion was spent on the management of cancer in the year 2010.



The movember move spread to seven more countries by the year 2008. The group partnered with mental institutions and they started raising awareness on mental health. Men and women who are depressed present with varied symptoms. The men who are depressed present with fatigue and rage instead of the sadness that is associated with the disease. This makes the men who are suffering from depression to be unaware of it until the diagnosis is made by the doctor. Men are more likely to commit suicide because of depression because they suffer in silence.

  • Approximately $6.1 was spent on the treatment of depression in the year 2009.
  • Studies indicate that every one man in seventeen was diagnosed with this condition.
  • Studies indicate that depression is the 10th among the conditions that cause people to commit suicide in the United States.

Testicular Cancer

Testicular Cancer

The awareness on men’s health also includes testicular cancer. This condition is less prevalent when it is compared to prostate cancer but the mortality rate is higher. Unlike the other threats, this cancer is more common in young people and it has been referred to as a disease for the young people.

  • Reports indicate that the percentage of men who are diagnosed with testicular cancer and are between 20-34 is 48.9%.
  • The median age in which most deaths occur in men who are diagnosed with testicular cancer is 41.
  • The estimated number of new cases of testicular cancer that were diagnosed in the year 2014 is 8,820.
  • The percentage of patients who survive with testicular cancer after a period of five years is 95.3.

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The Silent Killers

The Silent Killers

When the health of men is discussed, testicular and prostate cancer is not the biggest threat to their health. The leading cause of deaths that are caused by cancer is lung cancer among the American citizens. The number one heath threat in America is heart conditions like stroke.

  • Reports indicate that the money spent in the treatment of heart conditions in the year 2010 is 444 billion.
  • 1 in four men died of a heart disease in the year 2010.
  • The percentage of men who die suddenly form heart conditions without showing any symptoms is 50%.
  • The estimated number of men who are to be diagnosed with lung cancer in the year 2014 is 116, 000.
  • The estimated number of men who are likely to die from lung cancer in 2014 is 86, 930.
  • The percentage of men who are likely to survive for 5 years after the diagnosis of lung cancer is 16.8.
  • The money spent in the treatment of lung cancer in 2010 is $ 12.1 billion.

Prevention of these diseases is important so that the men in our lives do not become part of the statistics. This includes going for regular checkups and having routine screening for these conditions. It is advisable to see the doctor at least once per year and any other time one gets painful or strange symptoms in the body.


There are several conditions that affect men’s health. The leading cause of death is heart conditions that include stroke. The leading cancer that is likely to cause death in men is lung cancer. The other cancers that are common in men and they may also cause death are testicular and prostate cancer. Prevention of these diseases is important and this can be done by having regular screening and checkups.

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