Study Reveals: Sexting Makes One To Be More Sexually Active

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Published: Oct 24, 2014 | Last Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Sexually Active Study

The recent studies have shown that the teens who flirt with people through the phone are likely to be more sexually active. This is also true of the adolescents who like sending nude photos to their partners. Sexting can be defined as the act of sending explicit messages or photos that are sexual and this is done through a text message.

More Studies

The study was done on teens that were found to ask for nude photos or sent the same to their partners. The study was done on 1000 teens who were 16 years and above. The study revealed that the teens that sexted had a 32% of engaging in sexual intercourse more than the teens who were not involved in sexting. The lead author of the study stated that they knew that sexual behavior and sexting were related but there was nothing that showed which one of them came first.

The researchers that were involved in the study divided it into two namely passive and active sexting. Passive sexting is the act of sending or being asked for nude photos while active sexting is the actual act where one sends the photos to their partner. In the past studies, passive and active sexting were linked to sexual activities. However, recent studies reveal that only active sexting leads to sexual behaviors. Passive sexting was not linked to increased sexual activity unless they wish to send the nude photos was granted by one party to the other.

Teens Engaging

The notion that sexting increases the chance of teens engaging in sexual behavior is not startling; the surprising thing is the fact that the behavior is very common among the teens. The study revealed that approximately 28% of teens were involved in active sexting where they send naked photos of themselves to another person. Some people are stunned by that number but some people like the school counselors and teachers believe that the percentage is much higher than indicated.

It was revealed that the ‘bad kids ‘are not the only ones who sext but almost every teen was involved in the act. The teachers said that the behavior was common in schools and it played a great role in adolescent relationships and sexual development.

The thought of your child sending nude photos of themselves to another person is shocking. However, the studies are important as they form a basis for educating the young people especially the teens.

The lead author of the study, Jeff temple said that sexting is not a new behavior in teens. This is because history shows that the young people are always experimenting and they are curious about their sexuality. It is just that people experimented in different ways in the past and sexting has become more common in the recent days.

The important thing for both parents and teachers is to pay attention to their children and use this opportunity to create a positive ending. Temple said that when a teen is sexting it shows that they are thinking about sexual intercourse, or one is already having sex or they are likely to have sex within the year or the following year.

The study can be used as a platform for both parents and teachers to teach their children about healthy relationships and having safe sex. This is one of the ways in which the parents can approach the subject of sex with their teens especially those that are not sure how to start the subject.


The teens should also be educated on the dangers of sexting because it can lead to social embarrassment or in severe cases legal implications. Most teenagers who are involved in sexting are usually pressured to do it or they do it in order to fit in. Most teens do not take into account that the nude photos can go public and they can spread from one person to another and this can cause public embarrassment.

This is because there is no security that the person who receives the photos will delete them, keep them private or not share them with friends. In most cases, the photos are kept private when the two parties are on good terms and then they are shared with friends or they can even leak into the internet when they collide. This may have a negative impact on the teen causing them to have issues with learning or even become depressed in some cases.


Studies have shown that sexting is very common among the youth. There are two forms of sexting whereby it can be passive or active. The active form is the actual sending of nude photos to another person and it often leads to sexual activity.

Most teens who engage in sexting do it because of pressure or because of the need to fit in the society. The teachers and the parents should use this forum to educate their children on healthy relationships and having safe sex.

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