Mediterranean Diet Can Prevent Erectile and Vascular Dysfunction

Mediterranean Diet

A new study shows that the Mediterranean diet is good in erectile and vascular health because it is rich in vegetables, proteins and healthy fats. This shows that enhancement pills are not the only things that improve* sexual health and they are not the best. Erectile dysfunction is commonly associated with increased age as drugs like Cialis and Viagra are feature with older men and their older partners. The recent studies have shown that the cause of erectile dysfunction is not increased age but it is usually caused by vascular problems.

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Mediterranean Diet

Rich Mediterranean Diet

A solution to the most common sexual problem in male can be sorted out using the simple diet that is rich in foods that are both nutritious and tasty. The Mediterranean diet is common in eponymous region and it is based around foods that promote the cardiac function. This includes foods like fish, wine, vegetables and oils that are healthy for the heart. This diet is associated with reduced* risks of getting heart conditions like stroke and they can help the men who have erectile dysfunction lower the risk of getting this disease.

Dr. Angelis said that a study was done to investigate whether the men who took this diet while suffering from ED were less likely to have cardiac and vascular damage. The study was done on 75 men who had erectile dysfunction in Greece. Their adherence to this diet was rated on score called the med –diet and they were put in different groups. The ranking of the groups was done according to their adherence in terms of high, low and intermediate. Their heart function was then assessed and this was done based on 2 aspects of atherosclerosis and this included arteriosclerosis and atheromatosis.

The results of the study showed that the people who had a higher adherence to this diet had a better cardiac function as compared to the rest. The study did not focus on the effects of the diet on ED but it showed that where the cause of ED was vascular function, there was massive improvement on the same.

The study also revealed that the men who suffered from ED and did not stick to Mediterranean diet have increased risk of getting stroke and heart attack as there is more damage to the cardiac and vascular function.

Erectile dysfunction is a sign that something is wrong with the cardiac function and this is usually mistaken for something to do with increased age. 80% of the males who suffer from ED have a vascular problem and this is a warning sign that these patients may get heart attack or stroke.

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The daily alteration in the food that is ingested is one of the ways in which one can prevent the risk of stroke. The Mediterranean diet includes a daily intake of vegetables, unrefined pasta and cereals, nuts, olive oil and assorted fruits. Dairy products should be taken in moderation and this includes things like cheese and yogurt. The intake of meat should also be reduced* with taking red meat and poultry once a week. Taking a reduced* amount of wine is also advocated in this diet. Refined sugars should be avoided and instead one can take natural fruits. The other simple alterations in the diet can also help and this includes the use of olive oil as it is made up of monounsaturated fats. In cases where one cannot afford some of this food items, they can be substituted with other for example nuts are also a good source of monounsaturated fats. It is very difficult to adapt to this diet when one takes it to be a prescription but the best thing is that this diet is s lifestyle. One should know the healthy foods that should be taken while avoiding the unhealthy foods.

Research has shown that approximately 30 million people in US suffer from ED and this is usually caused by injury in the body or an underlying condition. The disease that are likely to cause ED are atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and other heart conditions as they are likely to cause damage to the blood vessels and this interferes with the flow of blood to the sexual organs. 80% of people who suffer from ED have vascular problems and this is an indication that this people are at a risk of getting stroke and heart attack.

There are also other lifestyle modifications that should be adhered to ensure that one is healthy and they include cessation of smoking, stop taking alcohol, exercise and reduce* the intake of processed foods.


Research has shown that the Mediterranean diet is good in the prevention of vascular disease and this includes erectile dysfunction. The diet entails taking plenty of fruits, vegetable and the healthy oils. It is also advisable to incorporate other healthy lifestyle modifications and this includes exercise, stop drinking alcohol and smoking and eating healthy meals.

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