Body Shaming On Men: Does It Really Affect Men?

Body Shaming on Men

Body shaming in the reality shows is equal to the self-esteem of an individual. Research shows that the men who are critical of their looks are less likely to find mates. It is easy to associate eating disorders and body shaming as a female problem.

This is because beauty is treated as the sole utility of the female, but this does not mean that it does not affect men. Men who are dissatisfied with their bodies are more likely to engage in dangerous exercise habits to curb the problem.

Body Image Is Also a Man’s Problem

Most people believe that the body image and self-esteem is a concern for women and few issues that are related to this would be important to males. Body shaming is a problem that has affected females for a long time and the statistics that are reported are alarming.

Figures that have been collected by eating disorders association that is based in Australia have shown that anorexia is the third disease that is common in females who are between 15-24 years. The reports indicate that mortality rates are high in these women after 20 years with a percentage of 15-20.

Another study has revealed that despite these facts, it does not mean that men are exempt from body shaming problems. The new study revealed that effects of the war of obesity and ‘body fat’ are being revealed in teenage boys who make one in every person who is suffering from eating disorders.

The study reported that it does not believe that body standards control and confine the lives of men in the same way it does to women, but the pain that men suffer is worth being given attention.

Male eating disorder present in the form of taking part in dangerous forms of exercise to include taking dangerous supplements that are believed to help with body image.

Drug abuse and depression are also other ways that men present with due to body shaming. The more this issue is put aside and considered to be a female issue, the more men will continue to suffer in silence as they suffer from unexamined pain.

Body Shaming On Men: Does It Really Affect Men

A study was done by researchers at a university of psychology based in Lincoln where middle-aged males were asked to participate. The study looked at the perception of men in body surveillance and this meant looking at the body as an form of sex object while focusing on the looks of the body rather than how it feels.

The men were also asked to state how hopeful they were about being in a relationship. The participants were 277 and they all completed a survey to include doing a scale on the objectiveness of the consciousness of the body.

This scale showed how an individual viewed his body, level of body shaming that they are likely to experience in their lifetime and the measures that are used to attain or set goals. The results showed that the more an individual judged his body, the higher the level of body shame.

This also affected the hope of entering into romantic and social relationships. The effects of body image have been widely studied in women. Women who have body issues are more likely to suffer from eating disorders and they tend to internalize the media messages on bad and good bodies. Another study explored the interaction between body image and romantic relationships.

Working Out

The study revealed that women who were in relationships had increased body issues as compared to those who were single. The study also showed that partners of women who had a poor image of their bodies viewed them differently from how they viewed themselves.

Body Shape

The study was done specifically to show how body shaming affects men. It concluded that men who have body issues likely did excessive exercises, use drugs and steroids, suffer from depression and feel dissatisfied with their looks.

The men who seek treatment for an underlying disorder in eating face stigma despite the fact that their number is increasing*. A psychologist student, Helen Fawkner did a research on body issues especially the ones that are relevant to males. The research confirmed that there is an increase* in the number of men who sought treatment for dissatisfaction with their body image.

There is an increased recognition of the fact that men suffer from body image dissatisfaction than it had been thought previously and they also need to be given attention. Men are expected to display their masculinity and strength through their physical appearance hence causing an increase* in men who are suffering from body shaming.

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Body shaming was something that affected females only as revealed by a new study. The study showed that the number of men who seek treatment for dissatisfaction with their image has increased. The study concludes that there is need to give attention to males as they also suffer from these problems.


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