Wild Yam – Natural Treatment for Mood Swings

Those going through menopause are already well aware of the numerous challenges that it can place on their body. Issues like mood swings, insomnia, and hot flashes are all well-known and regularly discussed by physicians and patients as the ‘menopause talk’ arrives. But going through the change on your own isn’t something that you have to do. With natural herbal solutions, it’s very possible to overcome the most common issues that menopause causes. Wild yam is one of the best, and it may be the most widely utilized herbal remedy for overall women’s health.

Wild Yam

To understand how wild yam combats mood swings and helps minimize menopause symptoms, you really have to understand why these menopausal symptoms occur in the first place. Essentially, when menopause is reached the body will reduce* the creation of various hormones. The main two are progesterone and estrogen, and when the levels of these hormones becomes unbalanced, it can trigger the primary symptoms of menopause including the mood swings that so many women seek to stop. In many cases, one of the two hormones mentioned above is present in abundance while the other’s levels are much lower. No matter which is low, the imbalance causes mood swings, migraines, hot flashes, irregular menstrual bleeding, insomnia, and more.

When you use wild yam, you’ll be providing your body with a large dosage of a compound known as diosgenin. This is a naturally occurring precursor to the hormones within the body. As a precursor, it helps to mimic the production of the hormones and as a result when it is taken the body will actually treat* the diosgenin as if it was naturally occurring progesterone or estrogen. Just by using this natural supplement, you’ll essentially be giving yourself a big boost* of hormone-balancing chemicals.

And while that hormonal balance will have a big impact on your mood swings directly, it also has an effect on them indirectly by reigning in most other menopausal issues. Things like hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety, and depression can all take their toll on your health and cause mood swings to occur. As a result, fighting off those other menopausal symptoms could help to reduce* the mood swings as well.

If you’re suffering from menopause and are experiencing issues like mood swings, anxiety, or other mental disturbances, you owe it to yourself to consider utilizing wild yam. It’s an herbal supplement that could provide you with the boost* of health you need to feel better and avoid moodiness and irritability.

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