Tips For Husband Whose Wife Going Through Menopause

Useful important tips for husbands and partners who have no idea what to do or how to behave when the woman of their life goes through the period of menopause.

Most husbands and partners are clueless or know very little about what to expect when their women’s menopause period begins. Besides, many women are not aware either of what happens to their bodies when this stage of their lives starts.

Tips For Husband Whose Wife Going Through Menopause

When a woman approaches the level of hormones in her body fluctuates, it marks the end of menstrual cycles. These lead to fatigue, mood swings and other unpleasant menopause symptoms like hot flashes.

The changes make it hard for most women to figure out the right things to do or not do to ensure that they keep their partners happy and on the smooth base.

Besides, many men do not often get what their wives are going through, but the truth is that there is more to menopause than just the stopping of periods.

However, with menopause tips for husbands, this becomes much easy for you as a man you understand how menopause can affect your wife to enable you to offer her the right support.

Will Your Marriage Survive The Menopause?

Survive The Menopause

Menopause is a period of profound physical and emotional change for women. However, this is difficult for the husbands and partners to understand, especially those who do not know anything about this critical period of woman’s life[1].

The issue of marriages surviving the menopause period is a thorny issue that is rarely spoken about even though it touches millions of people.

Studies on men married to women undergoing menopause have shown that woman’s menopause significantly affect them. This despite the common belief that menopause is just period that affects women because they are the ones who go through this stage in life.

According to Sue Brayne, a psychotherapist[2], men are equally affected by their women’s menopause. This is even hard for men as they find it challenging to open about what they are going through as compared to women.

Some of the men that accept to hold an open conversation on the effects of their women’s menopause confess that it is hard for them to talk about the matter but they feel a sense of relief when they do so.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

According to most men, the changes that their partners go through are frightening and strange. Therefore, menopause puts much pressure on most marriages, with some just holding up in the relationships because of their children.

The most important thing to do to ensure that your marriage survives the menopause is to consult and learn how other couples have managed the situation.

This is will give you the menopause tips for husbands with women going through menopause, which will make it easy for you. Finally, it is also advisable for men to know the alarming changes that come with menopause to enable them to offer the much-needed support and comfort to their partners.

How To Cope With Wife’s Menopausal Mood Swings?

34 menopause symptoms Info

In the past, the subject of menopause has only been solely directed to menopausal women. However, with the development of the society, we have seen the importance of ensuring that both the partner and the family members learn about the effects of this transitional stage[3].

This enables the family and the partner to offer support to the woman as this is one of the most challenging periods in their life. Here are some of the tips[4] on how to deal with your wife’s mood swings as a man.

1. Accept Menopause

With the mood swings and other symptoms that come with menopause, accepting might be a terrible thing to do for some men. Nevertheless, once you agree that your wife is going through symptoms that are beyond her control, you will manage to handle her unpredictability.

2. Allow Her Enough Space

It is essential to give your wife her space by ensuring that she gets some time from the hectic daily activities. Therefore, you need to learn and understand when doing certain things will appeal to her.

3. Remain Positive

Remain Positive

With the mood swings, your relationship and your partner’s mental well-being might experience severe strain but it essential to remain positive. This is not easy, but it is possible once you understand what your partner is experiencing is beyond her control.

4. Adjust Your Lifestyle

Coping with your wife’s mood swings could be easy if you both work together on changing your lifestyles for a healthier and happier marriage[5]. This includes ensuring that you get enough sleep improve your moods and mental wellbeing.

5. Show Your Unconditional Love

This involves listening to your wife to ensure that you understand all that she is experiencing and support her.

How Can Husband Support The Partner During Menopause?

Husband Support The Partner During Menopause

Many men do not know how to provide support to women experiencing mood swings and other menopause symptoms.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

However, with enough menopause tips for husbands it becomes easy for such men to stand by their loved ones during this transition period. Some of the most important tips of supporting your partner during menopause include:

  • Learning the effects of menopause on women
  • Ensure you have good communication
  • Avoid personalizing her moods
  • Be patient and believe her
  • Support her interests and health
  • Help her get enough sleep
  • Avoid pressuring her into sex
  • Approve her and always offer to help
  • Plan things ahead
  • Create your time and remember why you are together

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In conclusion, contending with the symptoms that come with menopause is a considerable challenge to many men as this is something that they do not happen in their lives.

However, with menopause tips for husbands, men can learn and understand these bothersome symptoms. This will enable them to provide enough support to their wives to help in lowering the pressure that comes with this transition period.

Besides, menopause is the beginning of another phase of life, and therefore you both can make it a very productive time in your lives if you do the right things.

If menopause symptoms are not bearable for her, you can also take a menopause supplement under the care of a doctor. However, before taking the product go through product reviews such as Estrovera Review to learn more about its ingredients.

Finally, adjusting your relationship skills and willingness to endure the changes that are linked to menopause are essential during this period. You need to learn about menopause, be patient with what she is experiencing and take an interest in her interests.

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