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Correlation Between Sex Drive And Menstrual Cycle Characteristics

Correlation Between Sex Drive And Menstrual Cycle Characteristics

Sex drive during menstrual cycle is a topic that many women are so much concerned about these days. Many people often assume that fluctuations in a person’s sex drive are as a result of external factors like exhaustion due to over-scheduled lifestyle. However research has revealed that your menstrual cycle can actually have a huge effect on your libido, and most women feel more or less turned on depending with the stage of their cycle.

Unlike female mammals that go into heat during occasional periods when they want to get pregnant, human women can become pregnant and still feel receptive to sex all year round. This is to say, in reproductive-age women, libido is to some extent cyclical around their menstrual cycle, with the peak sex drive occurring around ovulation time which is midway between their menstrual periods. The way sex feels therefore can change from one stage of your cycle to the other. This means that what feels great on the 14th day may feel less comfortable at a later date like 25th. These changes are attributed to changes in your reproductive hormones.

Many times, the pattern may go unnoticed until one pays close attention to timing. As a woman, you therefore need to know what feels better and when, so that you can perfectly understand your body’s changes and be able to get exactly what you want. Well, this is quite necessary so that you can track the details of your sex-cycle preferences and note possible patterns in your life.

Ways in Which your Menstrual Cycle might impact on your Sex Experience

Cervical Position

Your cervical position in the abdomen may have an impact on how you experience certain sex positions. The cervix is the lowest part of the uterus that connects the vagina to the uterine cavity. Most times, it is likely to be positioned relatively low in your abdomen but starts to rise as you approach ovulation. Due to these changes, some women may find deep penetration positions to be more comfortable at ovulation period when the cervix is high. Having the cervix bumped may feel a little bit uncomfortable especially when the cervix is low.

This however does not rule out the fact that some women find it more pleasurable when there is cervical contact during sex since it contains nerve pathways that are responsible for sexual arousal in women.


When a woman is turned on, her vagina produces its own lubrication as a result of increased blood flow. Most times a woman’s vagina tends to be more lubricated few days leading to ovulation, when estrogen secretion is at its highest. On the other hand, the cervix produces more fluid that is stretchy and has more water. Period sex actually is the most naturally lubricated sex of all. Sex during menstruation can therefore be great with the flow serving as a great lubricant for sex. The thought of having sex during menstruation may as well boost a woman’s sex drive simply because they set their mind ready knowing that chances of getting pregnant during this period are minimal.

Sex drive and arousal

Sex drive or desire is greatly influenced by the same hormones causing the fluctuations in your cycle i.e. estrogen and progesterone. According to many research findings, sex drive tends to increase a few days leading to ovulation then gradually decrease shortly after ovulation. During this period, some women report masturbating more, taking more erotica and even having intense sexual fantasies. Some even experience more satisfaction from an orgasm during this time but will be more aroused during sex generally. Another research also indicates that women with a higher conception probability exhibit higher levels of sexual desire meaning that days leading to ovulation greatly influence the sexual desire of a woman.

Another critical revelation by studies is that the preferable sex type also differs as well depending with the phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle. For instance heterosexual women prefer penetrative penis/vagina sex as compared to oral sex around ovulation time.
During the luteal phase (the second phase of the cycle), sex drive tends to decline as a result of production of more progesterone.
The bottom line on this aspect however, is that reproductive hormones don’t influence sexual drive the same way for everyone. The factors influencing sexual desire and arousal are actually complex and subjective such that some women can report higher sex drive during menstruation while other report the same during ovulation. You will therefore have to keenly track to see what is true in your case.

Breasts and beyond

Depending with the phase of your menstrual cycle, your breasts are likely to feel differently at different points. Some research has revealed that breasts and nipples tend to feel more sensitive to touch during the fertile phase. When ovulation is over (luteal pahse), the breasts then become fuller and sore approximately 10 or 11 days before their period.

What those revelations imply is that for arousal through breast touching or teasing and sucking, the follicular phase would be the most comfortable phase and not during the fertile and luteal windows. Sex drive and arousal should actually be individually monitored so as to tell when it is the right time to do what. Therefore paying attention to your cyclical breast changes too will enable you to know when you would prefer different kinds of touch and if you may consider other changes in sensitivity for your sex life.

Some findings have also revealed that the volume of the clitoris may change from one phase of your cycle to the other. Though it is unclear if and how these changes can affect sensation, more research is taking place to determine how this may influence a woman’s sex drive.

Pain for pleasure

A woman’s cycle phase may influence your choice of activity on a given day if the giving or receiving of consensual pain boosts your pleasure. As a result, fluctuation in reproductive hormones may impact tolerance and threshold for pain. Research has revealed that chronic pain is felt at its worst around the start and end of each cycle and that the threshold is highest when estrogen is high around ovulation period. However, threshold for pain may differ from one individual to another, so you will have to track and see for yourself.

Some research findings point out that induced pain works the same way as chronic pain, with the highest sensitivity experienced during menstruation. Another research study also indicates that the threshold was higher during the mid-luteal phase when progesterone is dominant. Some women actually may not notice the difference hence the need to track your threshold levels at different phases of your cycle.

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It is clear that female sex drive is not entirely tied to their fertility and that women don’t just have sex to get pregnant like many female mammals. Women can have sex drive during the menstrual cycle. Besides, there are other external factors that affect libido and sex drive including thoughts, emotions, use of birth control pills and culture among others. In short, sex drive and hormonal changes vary from month to month and from one woman to another. For this reason, your sex drive may probably vary at some points. It is therefore important to track every phase of your cycle to determine the periods when you are most aroused for better sexual activity and determine what to do and when.

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