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As a woman, many changes come about. Menopause is of the latter changes that is inevitable, often associated with symptoms from hot flashes to a reduced libido. For some women, menopause isn’t much different than life before. These women may have a few symptoms or have several symptoms that are very mild in nature.

Soy-free Menopause Supplements: What you must know about
Soy-Free Menopause Supplements

For other women, it’s an unbearable experience characterized by debilitating disturbances. These women may suffer from serious, long-term sleeping difficulties, emotional or mental symptoms, or even pain during sex.

Nevertheless, dealing with menopause is irreversible and unavoidable. It’s something that must be dealt with one way or another.

What Can Be Done?

But there is still something women can do. As an example, women may choose to take supplements to reduce menopausal symptoms. These supplements may contain a different blend of soy free vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other ingredients. Some may be more or less effective for some than others.

However, it isn’t as simple as taking a non Soya menopause supplement to alleviate symptoms. Some menopause products may contain ingredients some women are sensitive to or even allergic too. One common ingredient that is often in these products that is particularly controversial is soy[1].

Signs of a soy allergy may include hives, itching or tingling in around the mouth, abdominal pain, digestive troubles (e.g., diarrhea), swelling regions of the face and neck area and other body parts, among other symptoms.


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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Soy-Free Menopause Supplements

On the bright side, there are menopause supplements available that do not contain soy. This is something to rejoice about as this means even individuals skeptical of soy or who cannot consume it can receive menopause alleviation via a supplement.

Make sure before purchasing any menopause products that you read the ingredients and what they can do. After all, not every menopause supplement offers the same benefits nor will even tackle the same symptoms.

Here are five tried and true best menopause vitamins supplements that do not contain soy:

1. Remifemin Natural Hormone Free Menopause Support

Remifemin is a supplement designed to combat the dreaded symptoms of menopause. Irritability, mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, and occasional sleepiness may be relieved by using this product. According to Remifemin, this product can be used in replacement of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

Being hormone-free, you won’t suffer from the potential drawbacks of such, including breast pain or nausea and vomiting. Remifemin claims that because it doesn’t have estrogen, this product is safe for those who have had breast cancer previously. This product is also is free of preservatives, artificial colors, and artificial flavors.

Ingredients Remifemin contains one ingredient only: black cohosh extract, which is derived from a flowering plant. This ingredient has been studied[2] for its effectiveness. As a result, study participants found soy for menopause relief from early menopause for vasomotor sexual, psychiatric, and physical symptoms.

2. I-Cool

For those needing not just menopause relief but also heart, hair, skin, and nail support, I-Cool may be relevant. After all, when a woman ages, hormone levels aren’t the only thing that is affected. I-Cool may also assist with immunity. This is crucial as menopausal women have a declining immune system function, according to research.[3]

This black cohosh-free supplement primarily reduces night sweats and hot flashes without the use of hormones, soy, or allergens. Clinical testing has been done to verify that I-Cool is effective for aging, menopausal women. It is said that I-Cool is safe even for those with a sensitive stomach.


  • Vitamin E – Prevents further free radical damage to the skin.
  • Biotin – Assists with brittle nails, hair regrowth, and enzyme function.
  • Genistein – Great for cardiovascular health, delaying the onset of breast cancer, and bone health.
  • Fish oil – Assists with hair, skin, nails, and proper production of hormones.



*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

3. Amberen

The makers of Amberen claim it is #1 among natural best menopause supplements without soy on the market. Amberen works to naturally restore hormonal balance by boosting energy, relieving soy for menopause hot flashes, and so much more.

In fact, the product is made to address 12 symptoms of menopause in an entirely natural manner. The brand carried out three clinical trials which showed that no side effects have been reported by women who used the product. Amberen contains the following ingredients:

  • Ammonium succinate – Blocks the activity of free radicals and prevents damage caused by them.
  • Calcium – vital for nerve- Signal transmission, bone-tissue formation, blood clotting, and muscle contractions.
  • Magnesium – takes part in about 300 processes in the human body, relaxes muscles, improves bone and heart health, maintains blood pressure.
  • Zinc – Strengthens the immune system, necessary for normal growth and development, vital for DNA synthesis.
  • Glycine – Involved in processes regulating brain-cell activity.
  • Vitamin E – Powerful antioxidant, promotes general cell function.

4. Profemin

Profemin is a dietary supplement created to help women experience soy products for menopause relief. What makes this product stand out is the natural formula that contains three ingredients only. The patented blend of ingredients makes Profemin a safe, natural, and modern health solution for any woman. The product is formulated to relieve symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, cold sweats, aches and pains, vaginal dryness, fatigue, mood swings, and trouble sleeping. Three ingredients found in Profemin are:

  • Angelica gigas – Used for gynecological health.
  • Phlomis umbrosa – Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.
  • Cyanchum wilfordii – Improves circulatory function.

5. Remifemin

Remifem is a product that has been around for 60 years, which is amazing. The product is produced to treat hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and irritability. Bearing in mind it is estrogen-free, the supplement is a practical solution for women who don’t want to take products that contain hormones. Besides being one of the menopause supplements without soy on this list, Remifemin is also free of artificial coloring and flavoring, and it doesn’t contain preservatives. Instead of a blend of different ingredients, the supplement contains black cohosh only.


Remifemin supplement

Are There Other Ways to Aid with Menopause Symptoms?

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health[4], there are other alleged means for helping with menopause. This includes acupuncture, yoga, hypnotherapy, meditation, custom-mixed bioidentical hormones, and phytoestrogens and herbs. However, many of these methods have not been proven to work.

But with the clinical research of several menopause supplements on the market, these have been proven effective. Additionally, many menopause supplements are simple in their procedure. These products often work to replenish the necessary vitamins and minerals in the body.

Many of these supplements also have the power to naturally and safely provide hormone balance. As a result, menopause supplements may have the capability of relieving different intensities and progression of menopause symptoms.

To ensure a certain menopause supplement is right for you, be sure to do the proper research. Specifically, find a product that is relevant for your type and level of symptoms. If one supplement does not provide results, you may require a different product.


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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.


Many women dread the symptoms of menopause, which most often begins around age 45 to 55. After all, the effects of the beginning stages of menopause can last anywhere from a few months to a whopping four years. Others may suffer for up to a decade in extreme cases. While it’s true that not all woman knowingly suffer during such a time, others do.

But with the use of a best menopause supplements over the counter for support, women may be able to relieve the harms of all stages of menopause. Sometimes it isn’t enough just to eat healthily, rest frequently, and exercise. Getting the right vitamins and minerals to aid with the hormone changes of menopause is important.

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