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Menopausal Women – Side Effects and Symptoms

Are you waiting to experience that unavoidable period in your life? Yes, we are talking about the period of menopause and yes, we do know all about the symptoms of menopause. Do you feel scared and want to avoid the symptoms that you have been hearing about? Well, unfortunately, there is no way to really avoid all of the symptoms of menopause but you can decrease their intensity quite much if you choose the right ways! Are you interested to find out more about the topic of menopause? Well, you are in the right place!

Menopausal Women – Side Effects and Symptoms

Keep on reading and discover interesting information on menopausal women and everything this change entails. And, remember, the effects of menopause should be handled in a proper manner, as this can help you improve the overall quality of life. Pay attention to the symptoms of menopause and work out the best measures to address them.

The Period of Menopause

As we age, our body follows the process. We might see the wrinkles on our skin and the gray hairs appearing, but we do not really see the internal changes that are happening in our bodies as we grow older. One of the biggest changes in a woman’s life is the period of menopause. Menopause refers to the end of menstruation in a woman’s life as a result of the hormonal changes that occur. When the menstruation stops permanently, naturally it means that every possibility of future pregnancies disappears as eggs are no longer released into the ovaries to be fertilized. The hormonal changes refer to the decreased production of estrogen and progesterone – the two main hormones in women. But, the lack of menstruations is not the only symptom of menopause. Let’s see what are the other symptoms of menopause!

The Symptoms of Menopause

Most of the symptoms you are experiencing are in “perimenopause” stage – the stage which occurs shortly before you experience the period of menopause. Most of the women actually go through the period of menopause without any major symptoms and complications. The symptoms affect not only the reproductive system but a lot of other body parts as well – e.g. your bones, breasts, metabolism, skin, hair, brain and etc.

Experiencing Menopause

We already mentioned the main symptom – irregular periods until you no longer experience menstruation. What are menopause symptoms are you aware of? Do you know that over 70% of the women experience hot flashes and night sweats during the period of menopause, as the most common menopause symptoms? Let’s review all of the other menopausal symptoms!

  • Hot flashes

    – Considered to be the primary menopausal symptoms, besides irregular periods, hot flashes are among the most common symptoms. Hot flashes are explained as a sudden feeling of heat all over the body. You might even experience redness of your face and sweating of the body. Hot flashes can occur with different intensity – from mild to strong.

  • Night sweats

    – are another menopausal symptom. Night sweats occur as a result of strong hot flashes that cause sweating of the body in the middle of the night that usually wakes you up.

  • Vaginal Dryness

    – The walls of the vagina normally produce a moisture that keeps the vagina protected and healthy. This production of moisture is controlled by the estrogen and progesterone, but since their production is decreased during the period of menopause, naturally the production of moisture can decrease as well. Vaginal dryness commonly occurs along with the feeling of itching and burning in the vagina, especially while urinating.

  • Insomnia

    – Another common symptom among women during menopause. You may experience trouble to fall asleep or stay asleep, mostly because of the occurrence of night sweats and hot flashes.

  • Changes in the libido

    – Due to the many physical changes that you experience during menopause, you may experience changes in your libido and decreased libido.

  • Mood changes

    – Another major symptom are the mood changes that occur due to the hormonal changes in the body. Depression, irritability, and sudden mood changes are few of the most common mental symptoms that occur.

Mood changes

What you need to understand is that these symptoms are normal. Of course, they could be a hard thing to overcome but that is not something that you cannot do without the help of your doctor. Nowadays there are so many supplements and even hormone replacement therapy that can help you decrease these symptoms. Change in your diet, exercising, yoga and herbal remedies are just a few natural ways that you can use to relief the symptoms you are experiencing!

Are there side-effects of menopause?

While these are not actually side effects, the change that menopause brings can be a little bit bothersome. This is because one will have a difficult time dealing with the emotional ups and downs, hot flashes and other manifestations of menopause. What matters is that you acknowledge these changes and seek out the best measures to keep them under control. And, remember, this is a physiological change and all women go through it.


Menopause – a hard, yet unavoidable period in every woman’s life. Maybe you are among those lucky women who experience just mild symptoms during their period of menopause, or maybe you are among those women who have had enough of hot flashes, night sweats, and insomnia. Getting acknowledged with the symptoms of menopause cannot help you to stop them, but it will sure help you find a way – involving natural remedies or supplements like Pregnenolone Cream to help you get some relief from the symptoms. Every woman should be aware of the potential symptoms that might occur during their period of menopause. Do not hesitate to get informed and ask for help from your doctor about how to overcome the symptoms using the most efficient ways!

Menopausal women go through a period of transition and they need the best solutions to handle the big change. As a woman, it is important to be aware of the effects of menopause and find the best remedies for the experienced manifestations. Always remember that the symptoms of menopause can be successfully kept under control, as long as you resort to the right measures.


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