Menopausal Women – Side Effects and Symptoms Menopausal Women Experience


Women often have a gut feeling that lets them know when they are starting to enter menopause. However, not all women have that gut feeling, which is why it is important to know what the side effects and symptoms of menopause are. Educating yourself on the side effects and symptoms that menopausal women experience can help you know when and if you have started to enter menopause. Here is a close look at some of the most common side effects and symptoms that menopausal women experience.

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Menopausal Women

Menopausal women will often start to experience early symptoms of menopause. These symptoms and side effects will usually start long before a woman has actually entered menopause. The length of time menopausal women experience early symptoms and side effects will vary from a few months, to several years. The most common early side effect or symptoms of menopause is a change in menstrual cycle. Menopausal women will start to experience dramatic changes in their periods. These changes can include having a lighter or heavier period than normal or even occasionally skipping or missing periods. Another common symptom of early menopause is experiencing brief episodes of hot flashes.

While irregular periods and hot flashes are common early symptoms of menopause, menopausal women can also experience several other early symptoms. Vaginal dryness or a dramatic thinning of the vagina can also occur as a result of the body’s ovaries shutting down. Bladder irritability or incontinence can also happen to menopausal women as a result of the ovaries shutting down. Other side effects and symptoms of menopause that can happen to women include insomnia, fatigue, hair changes such as the hair becoming extremely brittle or thinning, extreme dryness of the skin, and emotional changes including depression, anxiety or mood swings.

The side effects and symptoms of early menopause are very similar to those of actual menopause. This can make it difficult for menopausal women as they are unsure exactly when they have entered menopause. However, regardless of if the symptoms are a sign of early menopause or actual menopause, there are certain things menopausal women can do to relieve these side effects and symptoms. Treatment for menopause can include hormone replacement therapy, the use of alternative treatments, and the use of antidepressants for mood or emotional changes. While there is no cure for menopause, there are ways that menopausal women can relieve the bothersome symptoms and side effects of menopause.


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