Magic Menopause – A Remedy To Ease Menopause Symptoms & Balance Hormones!

Menopause is a stage of life for women. Most women who reach a certain age experience the symptoms of menopause and in some cases, these symptoms can be severe and disrupt their ability to work and perform certain tasks that they are usually able to perform without any problems.

Magic Menopause – A Remedy To Ease Menopause Symptoms & Balance Hormones!

The first sign of menopause is usually a change in period cycles, which can be followed by numerous symptoms, such as hot flashes, night sweats, a reduction in libido, vaginal dryness, headaches and mood swings.

Magic Menopause is a webinar by a woman’s health expert, Doctor Anna Cabeca. The webinar explains how menopause works and offers women who are going through these stages solid advice on how they can reduce these symptoms and keep menopause from taking over their lives.

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Even though the symptoms of menopause can be unpleasant at times, managing the life-altering condition and turning it into a positive aspect is not impossible. Whoopi Goldberg, an award-winning actress, told Contact Music: “I’m up, down, hot, cold, I’m all over the place”. She also stated, “It’s wonderful and liberating”.

Tracey Emin, a recognized artist, found menopause to be quite disrupting. She told The Guardian: “It is a nightmare, an absolute nightmare. It’s horrible.

And I don’t look like that kind of person; you don’t put menopause on top of my heat, it doesn’t associate with me”. Many other celebrities have talked about their experience during menopause and some of them were able to use this stage of their life to renew themselves, rather than look at it as a negative part of their lives.

3 Steps for Creating Hormone Harmony Webinar

The “3 Steps To Creating Hormone Harmony” program is an online-based webinar that is hosted by a renowned gynecologist, Doctor Anna Cabeca.

The doctor has gone through the stages of menopause herself and she understands how women feel when the symptoms start to appear. It can be a devastating part of their lives, but with the right techniques and proper education, she believes that women can turn this stage of their life into a positive time.

The focus of the webinar, as the name suggests, is to create the perfect balance between hormones that affects a woman during menopause in order to relieve the severity of the symptoms and to go through this stage in a happier mood.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

  • The first hormone that will be discussed is a hormone that contributes to fat storage. This hormone is the culprit that often causes women who are going through menopause to pick up weight, especially in their abdominal area. The doctor will explain how this hormone works and why women tend to pick up weight even if they follow a balanced diet and exercise plan. She will also explain how a woman can take control of their weight.
  • The second hormone that is discussed in the webinar is the one that causes mood swings in women that go through the stages of menopause. The hormone is often referred to as the “fight or flight hormone” and can put a significant amount of additional stress on a woman’s life. The doctor will explain how women can maintain this hormone to help reduce the mood swings and stress levels that are associated with menopause.
  • The last hormone has an impact on bonding and love. When levels of this hormone are high, a woman tends to feel less stressed and happier. It can also help the woman stay close to her partner and other people in her life during menopause.

“Access and Pricing”

Access and Pricing

Since the program is a webinar, it is available on the internet and no time-consuming deliveries need to be made.

Any woman that is interested in the webinar can visit the website and enter their email address to reserve a spot for themselves. After registering, Doctor Anna Cabeca will contact the customer and advise them on the next timeslot for the webinar.

They can then enter this date and time into their calendar to remind themselves when they need to attend the webinar. One of the best features of the “3 Secrets For Creating Hormone Harmony” program is the fact that attending the webinar does not cost anything.

Most programs like this one have expensive price tags attached to them that make it difficult for many women to find answers to how they can better deal with their menopausal symptoms. Since this webinar is completely free, any woman can register and attend it.

The only requirement is a device that is connected to the internet – such as a laptop or tablet.

How Does Menopause Affect Women?

Menopause can cause a number of changes in women, with weight gain, hot flashes and mood swings being among the most common. It is also possible to experience night sweats, feel anxious and/or irritable.

Many women complain of pain during sexual intercourse, as the hormonal imbalance leads to vaginal dryness. The need to urinate more often is another change associated with menopause.

From a psychological point of view, this change can lead to feelings of low self-esteem.

How Does Menopause Help Women To Balance Hormones?

Menopause is a transitional period and one defined by hormonal imbalance.

However, as one enters menopause and the body adapts to the new changes, the hormonal balance is re-established.

If this does not happen, there are hormonal supplements that can be taken – these can replenish the hormone levels and ensure that one feels better overall.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Final Words

Menopause is part of life and cannot be avoided. It is a stage that every woman needs to go through if they live up to a certain age.

Unfortunately, the symptoms can sometimes be overwhelming and have a negative impact on certain abilities of the woman. The Magic Menopause program has been developed specifically for women who are experiencing these symptoms.

The webinar explains the function of hormones in menopause and how women can bring these hormones into balance to ease their symptoms. As you have seen, Magic Menopause can help you make the transition into this new stage of life easier.

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