Effective Ways that Will Help You Lose Weight During Perimenopause

This article dives into the world of women and answers important questions related to their health. Today’s main question is – how to lose weight during perimenopause? Although this is the center of attention in today’s article, you will also find answers to many other questions that are directly or indirectly related to the “main event”.

Effective Ways that Will Help You Lose Weight During Perimenopause

What is Perimenopause?

Perimenopause is a period in every woman’s life where she is making a natural transition to menopause. When a woman reaches menopause, which is normally after the age of 40, she becomes infertile.

In UK for an example, the most common age of women who made their full transitions to menopause, is 51 – which is shown in this research.
Before we continue to the main part of the article which will answer the main question – what is the best way to lose weight during perimenopause? – we must answer some other, frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Possible to Lose Weight During Perimenopause?

It is definitely possible. There are certain factors (you will see them below) that make your weight cutting difficult in perimenopause. Although it’s harder, there are many tactics that you could use, and this article will show you the best ones.

2. Is there Need for Hormone Therapy?

HRT (short for hormone therapy) is basically replacing your lost estrogen levels. It is using estrogen and progesterone to treat common and normal symptoms of menopause.

Women can undergo a hormone therapy if they are experiencing hot flashes or even pain that’s going over the “normal limit”. Of course, it is necessary to talk to your doctor before you choose anything. There are benefits of hormone therapy but there are also risks.

3. Why is estrogen Important?

Estrogen is a hormone that makes the uterus ready to receive a fertilized egg, strengthens the bones, raises good cholesterol in your body and controls the quality of your skin.

Tips to Lose Weight During Perimenopause

First of all, let’s see why this period may represent a challenge for you if you want to cut down your weight.

  • Hormone Change – Estrogen levels decrease with age, which leads to increased fat storage.
  • Decrease of Muscle Mass – Again, due to age muscle mass will begin to decrease. Another factor is lack of physical activity.
  • Lack of Sleep – According to researches (1 and 2), many women tend to have trouble with sleeping.

This is what you should consider if you are trying to cut off that weight.

1. Calorie Intake

This one is no secret. It doesn’t matter if you are in a menopause or not, the rule is – In order to cut weight, you must be in a caloric deficit. Being in a caloric deficit means that you should burn more calories than you are taking.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

This will work, however, will it last?
Research has shown that this could only be a temporarily solution at best, if you are trying to cut down weight while in menopause or perimenopause.

You see, if you have restricted your calories, your muscle mass might start to drop down rapidly. We have already learned why muscle mass is an important factor here.

So What should you do?
Well, based on the previous research, you should cut down the portion of the food you are eating, not the calories. What I’m trying to say here is that you should take less calories but that change should NOT be drastic.

Simply watch the portion of the food you ate before, cut it down a bit and don’t really focus on dropping your calories to a low level. That will not help you.

2. Diets You Should Try

Low Carb Diet
Low-carb diets have proved their worth and their importance over the years. In recent studies, it was shown that one woman in her perimenopause actually lost 9.5 kg just with low-carb diet itself.

Vegetarian Diet
Vegetarian diet has also shown great results in a recent research. Plant based food bring so much to the table. There are many plant based foods that represent an excellent source of protein and vitamins.

Vegetarian Diet

3. Quality Sleep

Like we already saw before, sleep is one of the reasons why cutting down weight might be difficult for you.
Falling asleep before 00:00 means so much to our organism. In sleep we regenerate. The bare minimum of hours you should be sleeping is 6, the recommended number is 8.

People who have trouble sleeping have higher levels of the ghrelin hormone. Gherlin hormone is also known as the “hunger hormone”, meaning that the more you have it, the more it will make you eat. That’s exactly what we are trying to avoid here.

This simple correction may represent a big difference in your quest for weight loss.

4. Working out

It goes without saying that working out is an excellent way of losing extra weight. It can and should be implemented in your lifestyle both during and after your menopause. By committing yourself to your workouts, and those workouts don’t have to be that frequent or exhausting, you will not only build up a stronger, better looking body, but also other aspects that go with it.

Working Out

Good diets will follow that lifestyle as well, therefore, you will definitely lose unnecessary weight.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Working out is an excellent way of preserving muscles and maintaining them strong, which is proved in this research.

5. Stress Relief

Another big factor that will make a difference in your perimenopause is stress. Stress is common in that period of a women’s life, however, her ability to reduce it may be crucial even in weight loss.

There are many different tactics that can help you with this like: daily mantras, yoga, psychotherapy or medication.

Stress is a trigger. It starts in your head, affecting your psyche, and later on it can manifest in your body creating all sorts of health problems. That’s why it is overlooked very often. People forget the fact that stress isn’t just something that’s happening inside of your head. It is a silent killer.

Other Tips to Lose Weight During Perimenopauese

Other valuable tips are:

  • Eating foods that are high in soluble fiber
  • Drinking green tea
  • Trying out “mindful eating”
  • Increasing protein intake

And that would be it. The rest is up to you. After sticking with these tips for a while you will definitely notice some results. Note that they might not come as soon as you think. Good things take time so keep up with it. Persistence is one thing I didn’t mention earlier, but it may be the biggest reason why you failed or succeeded in this.


These 5 points are crucial in your quest on how to lose weight during perimenopause. Normally, you should be trying to implement every single one in your lifestyle or as much as you can.

Cutting down weight even in this period of life is possible. Believing otherwise will only destroy your chances of making it happen.

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