Updated: 2022, Apr 20

Natural Tips For Women on How to Lose Weight During Menopause

Menopause is a time with many challenges, but one of the biggest obstacles can be the difficulty in losing some excess weight.

Menopause is an essential period in a woman’s life span when menstrual periods are permanently stopped. As they are no longer able to bear children, the process occurs occasionally from ages between 49 and 52 years. This duration has both negative and positive aspects which can bring a great chance in a woman’s physique and body structure. There are many useful ways to lose weight during menopause naturally for which there is no need to follow any medical treatments. Menopause is known as the time of great change as women mark the end of their reproductive years. When searching for the visible consequences of menopause, we have found that some women have faced issues such as irritability, depression, and anxiety.

Natural Tips For Women on How to Lose Weight During Menopause

During this phase, most of the women tend to gain weight due to a rapid change in hormonal behavior. Perimenopause is the factor that proceeds towards menopause as estrogen production inside ovaries tend to decrease. Around this time frame, it is quite impossible to lose weight and maintain your body figure. In fact, most of the women start to put on excess fat during perimenopause which usually starts about 10 years before menopause. So, if you are worried about increasing weight during menopause time period, we hope this article will reveal best methods to stay fit and slim naturally.

Why does Menopause Make it so Hard to Lose Weight?

Menopause can bring permanent changes to your body structure. As this process favors fat development throughout the body, there are higher chances of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome. According to the latest medical research, women who are in the phase of menopause are more likely to develop cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. Weight loss usually occurs due to loss of muscle tissue and body fluid which can result in body weakness as well. During the early years of menopause, women might experience irregular periods, and vaginal dryness, night sweats and sleep problems as well.

Along with the factors explained above, metabolism rate tends to slow down which results in consequences such as thinning hair, dry skin and loss of breast fullness. As menstruation cycles vary for each woman, most of them might face irregularity in their periods before they end permanently. Although menstrual periods during menopause will skip and return after each month, they are also shortened for a certain time frame. Due to hormone fluctuations and varying levels of estrogen, fat storage is increase resulting in loss of muscle mass as well. Moreover, other factors such as inadequate sleep and increased insulin resistant are also the main consequences of weight gain.

How to lose Weight during Menopause Naturally?

During the menopause cycle, women might also have to face restlessness and weakness. Although the body tends to develop more fat, muscles eventually become weak and start to lose energy. With different natural ways to lose weight during menopause, women can ensure a healthy lifestyle without following any medications. Firstly, women need to focus on their routine diet and calories intake. As your body does not burn calories on its own, the effect can be noticed with increasing weight. Although it can be very tempting to follow a diet plan of low calories, this is the easiest and safest way to be followed.

According to the latest medical research, we have found that lower levels calories can cause the loss of muscle mass and eventually decline the metabolic rate as well. Furthermore, less intake of energizing food can also lead to bone weakness and chances of osteoporosis. Ensuring a healthy lifestyle can be helpful in maintaining a strong physique and reduce the rate of muscle loss as compared to your age factors.

Here are some useful aspects to be followed by women who have approached their menopause period:

  • Make your bones stronger
  • Bones are the most important part of our body structure which need to be cared properly. Medical experts advise that women who have approached an age of 50 and above must increase their daily calcium intake from 1000mg to 1200mg. As menopause lessens the amount of estrogen hormone, this makes a huge effect on bones strength and movement. Ensure an adequate intake of milk in routine followed by other calcium rich foods and supplements. For women who are eating more dairy products, they are advised to choose low dairy products with fewer calories.

  • Avoid sugar
  • It is common for all women to be affected by adverse effects due to consumption of sugary foods. Keep a control over your appetite and choose any eating item after proper research. Purchasing vegan sweets and goodies can be a great idea in this regard. An increased sugar level can also lead towards long term health problems can a rapid increase in body fat. Consuming high fiber foods will deliver best health benefits and protect your body from weakness caused due to menopause.

  • Consume as much water as possible
  • For women who have approached the menopause period, their body might become adversely affected by dehydration problems. Even a short-term dehydration can make you feel sluggish and tired. In addition to natural fiber rich foods, drinking more than 10 cups of water each day is recommended by medical experts and nutritionists. Just prepare your water drinking schedule and get rid of excess fat without taking any medical treatments or supplements.


    *All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

  • Routine exercise and workout
  • During menopause, women need to focus on regular workout and exercise. It can help in making bones stronger, reducing fat and development of strong muscles. Although extreme training and weightlifting is certainly not recommended, focusing in light exercise can deliver best results. As muscle mass tends to decrease due to hormonal changes, experts advise that women who have approached an age of 50 must also perform aerobic exercise and strength training.

  • Have a peaceful sleep every night
  • Nothing can match the comfort and relaxation of a night’s sleep. For achieving a healthy body during the menopause period, women need to sleep longer in order to stop the development of excess fat. Although some of them might face difficulties in sleeping due to hot flashes, other physical effects caused due to estrogen deficiency can boost stress and headache as well. Getting a behavioral therapy or an acupuncture can reduce hot flashes and deliver relief to your body. Fortunately, women who regularly perform yoga or exercise find it easier to sleep and relax during menopause.


    Menopause brings a huge change in a woman’s life as their bodies experience a physical change and an end to the menstrual cycle. As this period is known to bring excess weight and fat to your body, following some useful methods as explained in this article will deliver amazing results. Although losing weight is not an easier task, women need to focus on their diet and exercise routine in order to remain slim and smart.

    Focus on your health as menopause also weakens bones and reduces muscle mass as well. Along with consuming a low-fat diet, make sure your body does not get dehydrated and lose energy. So, if you are a woman who is finding the tips to lose weight during menopause naturally, we hope the methods and techniques described in this article will deliver amazing results. However, you need to be patient if you want to lose weight during menopause naturally.

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