How To Stop Menopausal Weight Gain?


Weight gain is a common occurrence during menopause, but by taking the right steps it certainly doesn’t have to be.

Dealing with the different physical and psychological effects that menopause can have on one’s body is often difficult. The combination of issues like migraines, hot flashes, and mood swings is enough to frustrate many women. Another issue that commonly accompanies menopause is the dreaded ‘middle age spread’ – a bump in weight gain that occurs as menopause sets in.

How To Stop Menopausal Weight Gain?

This weight gain often occurs in the abdominal region, too. While the majority of women gain their weight in their hips when they’re younger, once menopause occurs and the various changes to the body have taken place it becomes apparent that the something else is happening. The weight settles into the abdomen, which can not only cause various health related issues, but can also cause appearance and self-esteem issues.

It’s not impossible to prevent menopausal weight gain, however, and with just a few simple steps women can prevent the middle age spread and keep the figure they want. Here are some of the keys for doing just that.

  • Exercise – This is one of the obvious ways to stop menopausal weight gain, and most women will roll their eyes when they see it on this list, but the fact is that if you’re not moving enough and staying active, you’re not burning the calories that need to be burned in order to keep you trim. Simply put, you need to exercise regularly. Not only will this help reduce your waistline and prevent weight gain, but it will also add a good deal of energy to your life and keep you feeling great as you go through menopause.
  • Eat Smart – This is the other obvious answer to menopausal weight gain, but it’s still something that needs a closer look due to its importance. Basically, menopausal weight gain is an issue that can be managed in many cases by avoiding fatty or sugary foods, eating smaller portions, and eating smart. Fruits, vegetables, fish, and other lean meats are well worth adding to your diet and the results of eating healthy will reach to nearly every aspect of your menopause health – not just the weight gain.
  • Find Support – Friends and family can certainly have a big impact on your efforts to fight menopausal weight gain, but if you’re eating because you’re depressed you may need to get counseling to combat the issue. Menopause can often trigger emotional issues, and getting help when you need it is a big part of successfully reducing your chances of gaining weight.
  • Stay Active – This isn’t to say exercise, which is covered above, but instead it means to find a hobby – or several. If you’re bored, that boredom often triggers hunger. Just finding a couple of hobbies and keeping your mind engaged is often enough to help reduce the weight gain and prevent the middle age spread.

Just because you’re going through menopause, that doesn’t mean that you have to gain weight. These simple steps can have a big impact on your ability to avoid the middle age spread and stay at a healthy weight throughout this phase of your life.

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