The Risks of Hormone Therapy

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HRT or in other words Hormone Replacement therapy is considered safe and effective by many women, for the treatment of menopause, without having an idea of what risks are exactly associated with it. For years it HRT was opted as an option for menopause treatment, and is still opted by women but the percentage of women opting for this treatment has gone down.

For years HRT was assumed to cut down the risk of heart disease, but according to recent studies conducted, the fact is in contradiction to this. It is known to actually raise the risk of certain heart diseases. According to recent research studies the dose and type of HRT and the duration and commencement of it play an important role in determining the risk level of heart diseases.

The second most important risk is heart stroke. As per researches women taking HRT have a risk of heart stroke. Though the risk is small, yet highly dependent on the health history of woman taking HRT and even the timing of HRT.

After stroke come Blood clots. There are huge chances blood clots with HRT. This kind of a condition is specifically true for women, who are already at risk of this condition prior taking the HRT treatment. It is said to be more prevalent in women with history of such condition, yet it may be small for some.

Last but not the least come this risk of Breast Cancer, which is well known by women and they are also aware of it. Women having HRT treatment for more than 5 years are at this risk. Different types of HRT treatments have different risk levels and Combined HRT has a much increased risk of breast cancer as compared to the estrogen concentrated HRT.

The Risks of Hormone Therapy

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