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Green Tea Leaf Mood Swings

Lisiana Carter

Green tea leaf has been spotted in the hands of countless celebrities over the last few years thanks to its numerous health benefits. Just replacing sodas with green tea is enough to help improve your health on its own, but for women going through menopause taking a green tea leaf supplement can offer even more benefits that make it well worth looking into. Mood swings in particular can cause a lot of problems during menopause, and there is a good bit of evidence that the use of green tea leaf could help alleviate those mood swings and improve one’s overall ability to cope with menopause.

Green Tea Leaf Mood Swings

First, it’s worth taking a closer look at the main cause of those mood swings that are so prevalent during menopause. Basically, they’re caused by hormonal imbalances that occur in the body during menopause. The ovaries reduce the amount of estrogen that they produce and as a result the neurotransmitters in the brain don’t function the way they should. As the hormonal levels fluctuate, mood swings occur since different hormones are triggering different neurotransmitters.

Green tea leaf has been linked to an increase in mood and a stabilization of mood swings. A recent study, for example, found that there was a huge increase in happiness among those suffering from depression when green tea was used. It actually had a big impact on their well-being even when compared to traditional antidepressants. Since depression and anxiety are two big aspects of mood in menopause, green tea leaf stands out as something well worth trying.

Additionally, studies have found that green tea leaf can help reduce overall mood swings. The specific mechanism of action for this isn’t completely understood, but the early tests show that it’s well worth using if mood swings are a common problem in one’s menopausal life.

Finally, green tea leaf can help combat other symptoms of menopause which all add up to create those mood swings. Issues like insomnia, hot flashes, and headaches can all accompany menopause and will also often lead to added stress. Severe sleep disturbances and regular hot flashes can easily increase irritability and make mood swings more frequent and more severe. And studies have found that green tea leaf can promote less stress, better sleep patterns, and reduced hot flashes. In other words, it can reduce the menopause symptoms that make your mood swings even worse.

There’s no doubt that green tea leaf is one of the most beneficial herbal supplements on the market today. Using it can help stabilize mood, overcome stress, and increase one’s overall well-being during menopause. If you’re serious about combating menopause this is one of the best herbal supplements you can add to your day. It’s safe, side-effect free, and inexpensive. And best of all, it really does work wonders on your body and mind.

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Expert Author : Lisiana Carter (Consumer Health Digest)

Lisiana Carter, PhD in health is a health expert. Who has studied numerous health topics and manage to beat menopause and colon health naturally. She is contributing to since 2011.

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