5 Best Foods and Drinks to Avoid During Menopause

Best Foods and Drinks to Avoid during Menopause

There are foods and drinks that we have grown to like. We indulge in them and busk in their sweetness and their being good to our taste. We feel good when we partake of these foods and even share them with others during special occasions. We could even know the unpleasant effect that these kinds of food have on our bodies but we choose to indulge just a little and before long, their effects become apparent. They creep in on us and surprise us with such big words as cancer, menopause and many other unpleasant diseases.

In this article we focus on the ‘best’ foods and drinks that every woman needs to be careful with for the sake of their menopausal experiences. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Please take heed to the following five foods and drinks that have been known to affect the intensity and timing of menopausal symptoms. In addition have the necessary discipline to say no to your appetite as often as possible so that you have a healthy lifestyle that will stand the taste of menopause and the symptoms thereof.

Research has shown that there is an easier way to deal with menopausal symptoms; healthy lifestyle. It is less costly, convenient and with little or no side effects. Lifestyle changes have been known to reduce* night sweats and hot flashes among other symptoms. Part of this life style change is not to use the following foods.

Baked Foods

Baked foods are rich in saturated fats and also contain simple sugars. The saturated fats and simple sugars give the baked foods good taste that appeals to many women. Unfortunately saturated fats and simple sugars exacerbate menopausal symptoms. The situation could be much worse in the cases of animal fats and diets that are high in cholesterol levels. Margarine made from vegetables could be slightly better. Examples of backed foods include cakes, muffins, cookies, and pies among others. It is good that a woman takes these kinds of foods sparingly. You could choose to replace them in your diet with natural foods that are have low fat and low sugar foods.

Caffeineted Drinks

Good coffee makes for the best drink in the morning while many crave for an ice-cold coke would do for the afternoon. While the two are really liked by many, they are known to aggravate menopausal women. Caffeine-laden drinks are known to increase* hot flashes. They not only trigger the hot flash episode, they also increase* the intensity of each episode. Those addicted to menopause are better of using caffeinated drinks in moderation. The addicts could try to lessen up their addiction by continually reducing* their caffeine intake until they can finally quit or survive on just one cup per day.

Salty Foods

A high level of salt in a menopausal woman can be very futile to her health. Women with low estrogen levels are at risk of having more water retained because of the high sodium levels in the body. With more water retained in the body, the menopausal woman is at an increased of straining of the heart, bloating, drive up blood pressure and lead to edema.


Alcohol consumption greatly endangers the health of its users. For menopausal women particularly, alcohol increases* hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness and migraines. For alcohol addicts, it is important that they make a decisive effort to overcome the chains of alcohol in their lives. For other women in general, alcohol has brought untold sorrow to women’s life. We may not discuss all other effects within this article but one among the many of the detrimental effects of alcohol is the fact that alcohol uses could have early menopause. Early menopause comes with both physical and emotional challenges to the woman. To avoid this, it is important to get rid of alcohol.

Spicy Foods

Spices can be very tempting at least for the great women cooks. But again it is the same spicy food that easily triggers hot flashes, and night sweats. Especially during dinner times, women should use spices sparingly and have their dinner mild. Apart from menopausal effects, spices have a general negative effect on individual’s health. It affects the heart, and liver.


The above five categories of foods can easily be replaced in the diet to the woman’s advantage. More natural foods enrich the woman’s health together with her family and prepares her for the menopausal stage.

As the above foods are dropped from a woman’s diet, the woman could consider incorporating other healthful foods in her diet that bring relief to her. An example of such food is soya; there has been research going on the effect of soya in relieving menopausal symptoms. There are women who have claimed relief of menopausal symptoms with the use of soya. Therefore take time to find out what is healthy for menopause and what is not.

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