Is Yoga Beneficial For Increasing Testosterone Levels?

We all know that Yoga has many advantages, but can it also help you boost your testosterone levels? The amazing benefits of yoga are detailed in Consumer Health Digest.

      According to some estimates, about 4 out of 10 men older than 45 have low testosterone.

      Is Yoga Beneficial For Increasing Testosterone Levels?

      The problem also affects 2 out of 10 men over the age of 60, 3 in 10 men older than 70, and 3 in 10 men who are older than 80. As you age, it is natural for testosterone levels to decline and this process is associated with various symptoms ranging from lower libido to weight gain and loss of muscle mass.

      Fortunately, you can increase testosterone levels in numerous natural ways and while some of them are well-known, others aren’t. For instance, you probably didn’t know yoga can help you with this problem, right? Here’s how practicing yoga can lead to a testosterone boost.

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      Yoga and Testosterone

      Yoga is an ancient practice that uses physical, mental, and spiritual practices to improve one’s overall health and wellbeing. Doing yoga requires proper breathing techniques and different postures whose difficulty varies from very simple to complicated ones.

      Of course, when you start practicing yoga you do the easiest movements first and gradually take on the more complex ones.

      Regular yoga practice is associated with these benefits:

      • Improves flexibility
      • Muscle strength
      • Improves posture
      • Protects bones and joints
      • Increases blood flow
      • Strengthens the immune system
      • Improves heart health
      • Relieves stress, and so much more
      Yoga Increases Info

      Yoga Increases Info

      It is not uncommon for people to assume that yoga is reserved for women only. When you’re reading about yoga in magazines or some websites, you usually come across photos of women doing some yoga posture.

      But, the benefits of yoga extend to men as well. In fact, it can be beneficial for a man’s reproductive and sexual health.


      *All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

      A study published in the International Journal of Yoga showed that this ancient practice has the potential to control and improve testosterone secretion.

      Moreover, adopting a regular yoga practice can also improve the quality of sperm, promote prostate health, ward off prostate diseases, and it is a natural way to address mild erectile dysfunction.

      In adult men, yoga promotes virility and sexual energy not only through testosterone production but also through improved circulation, sexual arousal and desire.

      These findings only emphasize the need for further research on this subject to get a detailed insight into the relationship between yoga and testosterone production and men’s reproductive or sexual health in general.

      How Can Yoga Increase Testosterone Levels?

      The relationship between yoga and testosterone levels requires more studies and research, that’s obvious, but it is estimated that various factors play a role here. The ancient practice can help you improve levels of this essential hormone in different ways, and they are mentioned below.

      Relationship Between

      Relationship Between

      Stress Management

      One of the most well-known benefits of yoga is its ability to help you manage stress. According to the Harvard Health Publications, yoga appears to modulate stress response systems and improves your mood and functioning. Why is this important? When you are stressed, levels of cortisol (stress hormone) increase significantly.

      The evidence suggests that cortisol has a negative impact on levels of testosterone in your body and vice versa. Practicing yoga helps you relax, manage stress, and prevent the rise of cortisol levels. As a result, more testosterone is free to do its “job”.

      Attention: Low testosterone can lead to weight loss, sleep deprivation and stress; to avoid these you can find out the test booster pills on the market which help you to maintain the testosterone levels.

      Weight Management

      Lower testosterone levels are strongly associated with weight gain. In fact, a growing body of evidence confirms that weight loss is an effective strategy to increase the levels of this hormone. This is where yoga steps in!

      In one study, participants who were assigned to the yoga group marked a significant decrease in BMI, waist circumference, hip circumference, lean mass, body water, and total cholesterol.

      Also, yoga proves to be effective for weight management and prevention of obesity and health risks associated with extra weight.


      *All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

      Therefore, yoga can benefit testosterone levels by helping you lose weight and prevent gaining it back.

      Better Sleep

      Better sleep

      Better sleep

      Unfortunately, the rates of sleep deprivation keep increasing in the US which is why this problem became a public health concern.

      Lack of sleep dramatically decreases testosterone levels and it is needless to mention that sleep deprivation leads to stress and increased cortisol production.

      That said, a national survey found that more than 55% of people who practice yoga regularly also report they sleep better. In one study, yoga helped participants achieve good sleep and improve the overall quality of life.


      Yoga is a practice with remarkable benefits on the physical and mental health of every individual.

      Besides the well-known effects of yoga, there are many others still waiting to be discovered. For instance, yoga helps improve men’s reproductive and sexual health.

      This practice can increase testosterone levels by helping men lose weight, sleep better, manage stress, and other mechanisms that require more research.


      Sam Kramer, MS, RD, CSSGB, LDN, CISSN

      Sam Kramer is a Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, Six Sigma Green Belt Certified, and Certified Sports Nutritionis

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