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Erection happens through sexual intercourse or sexual arousal from organs. It is characterized by a penis becoming firmer and enlarged.

How Can Fever Affect Your Erection? – Let’s Find The Reason!
Can Fever Affect Your Erection

It is also an indicator or sign of a sexual stimulation. There are many factors that can affect erection. Included in this is fever.

During times when a man is suffering from fever erectile dysfunction, he would definitely forget about his penis or he would surely don’t mind not getting aroused.

He would only complain about the pain or the discomfort he’s feeling as of the moment.

Fever on Erection

The main effect of fever on erection has not yet been confirmed or proven. Its association on erectile dysfunction is likewise inconclusive until the present time.

Hence, you should not worry too much about can the flu cause erectile dysfunction? But you have to be aware of the fact that it can affect the size of your penis during the time being. It will likely to shrink a bit.

What is Orgasm flu and What are the Remedies for Orgasm Flu?

Orgasm flu refers to a condition whereby after an ejaculation, a man experiences flue like symptoms.

They include fever, running nose, short-term memory, laziness, and stiffness of the joints. It’s quite a humiliating experience in a number of men across the world and researchers have named the condition as post orgasmic illness syndrome (POIS).

The condition is not common and only affects less than 1% of the US male population according to estimates. Some men suffer from orgasm flu from puberty after an orgasm either with a partner or by masturbation.

Symptoms usually strike 20 minutes after sex, reaches a peak on the second day, and then gradually disappears within a week. The severities of the symptoms are often intense which make a man fear from engaging in sexual acts.


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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Find Out The Perfect Reason

Researchers conclude that regular sex not only bring instant pleasure but also increase your lifespan.

In a study conducted at the Duke University, males who had an average of 200 orgasms annually exhibited a trend of longevity and over all wellbeing.

Additionally, regular orgasms are ideal for your body, mind, and soul. They will boost your immune system and help to cope with depression according to health experts.

Other benefits of orgasms include relieving tension/stress, improve your sleep, overcome depression, strengthen muscles, pain reduction, and increase blood flow in your system.

Studies are underway to establish if frequent orgasms can reduce the risks of some types of cancer. Considering the physical health from frequent sex, it would be ideal not to fall short of the 200 orgasms annually recommended by the doctors.

Precaution Needs To Follow

If you suffer from orgasm flu, it is necessary to look for a partner who is not demanding when it comes to bed issues.

She should be a patient and an understanding person for a lasting relationship. Consider spending much time with your partner expressing romantic gestures or giving presents to feel how appreciated she is.

Move out to places, hangouts, or movies to nurture your intimacy. Maintain physical connections and avoid tempting situations for sexual contacts.

You can look for a number of qualities in your partner that makes you admire her and express each whenever she displays one. This will make her realize the efforts you are applying and respond in a kind way.

In reference to Doris Bazzini, PhD, of Appalachian State University, couples who laugh and recalls about their past together feel more content in their relationships.



*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Steps To Avoid This Problem

  • Abstain from Sex: Staying away from engaging in sex is the most effective means of avoiding orgasm flu. However, your partner may need it at some time but should you find another way of keeping her satisfied sexually, the better
  • Avoid recurrent orgasms which can prolong the duration of post-orgasmic recovery period
  • Seek assistance from men’s health sex advisors including a psychotherapist if shame and anxiety are part of the symptoms that accompany your orgasm flu
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Remedies Available For Orgasm Flu

Over the recent past, patients suffering from orgasm flu are being treated through the use of desensitization technique for semen allergies.

You are injected with your own semen which is gradually increased so that you can develop resistance from the allergy. Some patients have been successfully cured through norethisterone hormones which are injected 30 minutes before sex and soon after an orgasm.

You can also abstain from sex until at times when you feel you have time to recover from the symptoms. In patients where the initial symptoms include intense depressed moods, the use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) can be used to alleviate the condition.

Nocturnal and Morning Erections

Because of the fact that a fever does affect your body’s sleeping pattern, you body cannot react to it accordingly.

In addition, fever also affects the function of the body. Hence, you will most likely not have nocturnal and morning erections during fever.

When you are feeling better, you can feel that your body is starting to react to things accordingly again.

Arousal will definitely be felt again. However, it is highly recommended that you maintain your self-control until you are fully recovered. This is due to the fact that ejaculation after sexual intercourse takes a lot of energy you most needed to fully recover.

Otherwise, you will find yourself feeling the discomforts of fever again.



*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Male Enhancement Pill

If you are using or taking male enhancement products, you should not take them when you have fever as it can worsen your situation.

Male enhancement pills can work out well depending on your requirement. However, since you don’t need it for that purpose you an omit taking them and save it until you are completely healed.

Just a quick note though. Be careful on choosing the right male enhancement pill to take as it may entail numerous adverse male enhancement pill side effects. Nothing is more important than ensuring your safety at all times.

Fever can surely affect male erection. This kind of disease has a strong effect on your body that you will not want to think about anything sexual.

However, it is just a normal thing to feel this way if you are suffering from fever. You should not worry about your reduced arousal or erection during these times.

Instead, you have to save your energy and do everything to regain your full health so you can get back to the action!

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