Vitamin D3 Dosage – Minimum Amount To Maintain Testosterone Levels In Men

The optimal level of vitamin D3 is vital for maintaining testosterone levels in men. Find out how much vitamin d3 you need to take every day.

The human body needs a daily supply of certain substances to stay healthy. Without an adequate supply of these substances, the body may become weak and be more prone to develop certain diseases. Some of the most important substances that the body requires are known as nutrients – more specifically, vitamins and minerals. There are a variety of vitamins and minerals that we need to consume each day, and they all have their own function in the body, working together to ensure all the systems found in the human body are functioning properly.

Vitamin D3 Dosage – Minimum Amount To Maintain Testosterone Levels In Men
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Amongst these nutrients lies a particular vitamin that has been shown to possess beneficial effects on the testosterone levels circulating in the male body. The vitamin we are referring to is vitamin D – or, as it is known in supplement form, vitamin D3. In this post, we will discuss vitamin D in more detail – including what it is, the functions it has in the human body, and, of course, how it is connected to testosterone in the male body.

What Is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D

Vitamin D

The National Institutes of Health explains that vitamin D is classified as a vitamin that is fat soluble. The vitamin is found naturally in only a small number of foods; thus the vitamin is often added to some foods to help the general population obtain an adequate daily supply of this particular nutrient. This vitamin is also sometimes called the “sunshine vitamin” due to the fact that exposure to the UV rays emitted by the sun helps the body produce vitamin D.

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When consumed, vitamin D needs to go through two processes before it can be properly utilized by the human body. The substance is first sent to the liver, where it is processed and turned into a substance called calcidiol, or scientifically known as 25-hydroxyvitamin D.

After this process has been completed, this newly converted substance is sent to the kidneys, where it is converted into calcitriol, or 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D. Only when the vitamin is converted to calcitriol can it be used by the human body.

Why Vitamin D3 Is Important?

When buying supplements to increase the intake of vitamin D, you will often notice that these supplements contain a compound classified as “Vitamin D3”. This is a particular type of vitamin D that is also called cholecalciferol. According to Everyday Health, scientists now believes that vitamin D3 is the best choice when utilizing a supplement to increase levels of vitamin D in the human body.

Cleveland Clinic reports that one of the primary functions of vitamin D is to assist with the absorption of calcium in the body. Together, these two nutrients have the ability to make bones stronger and to keep bones healthy. Another important function of this vitamin is its inhabitation of parathyroid hormone release. Parathyroid hormone is a type of hormone that causes bones to become weak, brittle, and thin, as the hormone absorbs bone tissue.

Additionally, vitamin D also acts upon the immune system and helps to keep the body’s defensive system in check. The vitamin also plays a role in the maintenance of healthy muscle function. Some studies have also provided evidence that vitamin D can assist with the prevention of breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer, as well as assist with the treatment of certain diseases, including hypertension, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and heart disease.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

While these are all excellent points to prove the importance of vitamin D3, we also want to note that some people have turned to vitamin D3 for testosterone. To provide a description of the efficiency that vitamin D3 has for testosterone production, we should consult a study was conducted on this particular topic.

The study we would like to reference was conducted by the Medical University of Graz in Austria, and published on the US National Library of Medicine. A total of 54 men were participating in the clinical trial, all of whom were nondiabetic and overweight. A deficiency in both testosterone and vitamin D was observed amongst the male participants.

After the participants took a vitamin D supplement that was provided to them for a 12-month period, a significant increase in vitamin D levels was observed in their bloodstream. In addition to this finding, the scientists that conducted the clinical trial also found the testosterone levels of the male participants to be considerably higher than it was prior to the start of the study.

How Much Vitamin D3 Per Day?

Now that we have discussed the effectiveness of vitamin D3 for increasing levels of testosterone, we should turn our focus to the most appropriate dose of vitamin D3.

Different studies that have tested the effects that vitamin D3 has on testosterone levels used different amounts of vitamin D3, so it is quite difficult to determine a specific vitamin D3 dosage when a man wants to utilize the nutrient to treat their testosterone deficiency.

Apart from the fact that different doses were utilized, we also need to mention the fact that it is important not to consume too many vitamin D3 supplements on a daily basis. While a deficiency of vitamin D3 may contribute to lower testosterone levels and lead to many other symptoms, too much of this vitamin in the body can also be harmful to the wellbeing of the human body.

Too much vitamin D3 is also referred to as hypervitaminosis D or vitamin D toxicity. While rare, it should still be a concern amongst men who wish to obtain extra vitamin D supplementation per day for more testosterone. Mayo Clinic explains that hypercalcemia, which refers to a calcium buildup in the bloodstream, is the primary concern for this condition.

Weakness, kidney problems, and a frequent urge to urinate can also develop.
Anabolic Men studied the results of multiple clinical trials that tested the effects of vitamin D3 supplementation on testosterone. After their analyses, they found that the most appropriate amount of vitamin D3 to consume on a daily basis for men who are suffering from a low testosterone level seems to be approximately 3332IU.

This amount has been shown to boost testosterone levels by an average of 25% in men who have testosterone levels that are considered lower than normal.


Testosterone is essential for male health – this hormone does not only contribute to a better sex drive but also helps to maintain strong bones, physical strength and contributes to many other bodily functions in men. Low levels of testosterone can cause numerous symptoms to develop that could cause havoc on a man’s life, such as fatigue, which could lead to a reduction in productivity and other problems.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Scientific evidence suggests that supplementing the male body with approximately 3332IU Vitamin D3 daily can cause testosterone levels to increase without the utilization of testosterone replacement therapy. On average, this vitamin D3 dosage could cause a 25% increase in testosterone levels. While vitamin D3 is beneficial for men with low levels of this sex hormone, it is important not to consume too much vitamin D3 as vitamin D toxicity could cause unpleasant adverse reactions to develop.

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