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Eat These Foods To Boost Sexual Stamina

Foods Increase Sexual Stamina

How Foods Increase Sexual Stamina?

Believe it or not, your diet can significantly affect your performance during intimacy.

In keeping with the old adage, “you are what you eat,” research has proven that certain foods can significantly affect our lovemaking habits. Although these foods do not directly interact with our reproductive system, their nutritional ingredients may stimulate or repress a variety of processes within the human anatomy.

Just as it has been shown that diet can affect the hormonal balance of both men and women, so can our food choices influence our sexual stamina and libido.

We’ve included the information below about some of the most common foods that can be used to increase sexual stamina.

Fortunately, several of these foods can easily be incorporated into daily eating habits, due to their general abundance and relative affordability.

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That being said, if you currently suffer from other medical conditions, it may be worth discussing these nutritional choices with your preferred medical professional prior to making any significant changes.

For those who do decide to enjoy these particular foods, happy cooking!



The chemical compounds within blueberries have been proven to promote circulation and improve blood flow throughout the body, including to the genital region.

Because of this, many people consider the blueberry to be a naturally occurring form of common erectile dysfunction medications.

Blueberries can easily be incorporated into desserts and snacks, and are relatively affordable, making them one of our top choices for inclusions on this list!

Raw Oysters

Raw Oysters

Oysters have been shown to contain high levels of zinc, which is vital for sperm and testosterone production in the body.

For men who may be suffering from reduced testosterone levels, be it due to aging or other conditions, raw oysters can help counteract these medical issues.

With an increase in testosterone often comes an increase in libido, allowing men to fully embrace their sexual desires and enjoy increased stamina.



The L-Arginine compound found within peanuts is commonly considered a powerful booster for sexual stamina in men.

Peanuts are also an excellent source of healthy fats, making them an ideal choice for men who are interested in changing their diet both for sexual and general health reasons.

Peanuts can also be fused into a variety of dishes and snacks, making them a powerful all-around choice!



Allicin, a chemical compound found within garlic, has been observed to increase blood flow to the genital regions.

Men who consume garlic on a regular basis may find themselves with increased sexual stamina.



Bananas contain an enzyme called bromelain, which has been linked to increased male potency, libido and stamina.

Additionally, bananas function as an abundant supplier of B vitamins, which can help increase overall energy levels in the body for both men and women.



The Phenylethylamine and Alkaloid chemicals found within chocolate are commonly referred to as ‘endurance boosters,’ and can be used to help men increase their sexual stamina.

Additionally, the consumption of chocolate prior to sexual activity has been observed to increase pleasurable feelings for both men and women, making it an excellent “all-around” choice for spicing things up in the bedroom.



Figs are known to be high in amino acids. As amino acids are the building blocks of our body’s hormones, men who eat figs may experience higher levels of testosterone, boosting both their libido and sexual stamina in the process.



In similar fashion to bananas, eggs are an excellent source of B vitamins, which can provide much needed energy during sex.

Additionally, B vitamins have been shown to help in the hormone balancing process.

As our hormone levels can significantly affect our desire and capacity for sex, incorporating eggs into your diet can help ensure that you’re ready for passion when the time is right.



As stated previously, oysters are a zinc-heavy resource that can quickly boost testosterone, semen and sperm levels in the body.

In addition to oysters, one of the more common seafood items that can be used to boost sexual stamina is shrimp.

Date Palm

Date Palm

Date palms include an abundance of naturally occurring minerals and chemicals that reinforce a wide range of natural functions occurring within the body.

Date palms have been observed to increase sexual stamina in men across a wide spectrum of age.



This seemingly innocuous food has been observed to increase the male body’s production of androsterone, which can increase arousal levels in their female counterparts.

Because of this, celery is highly recommended for those looking to increase both their own stamina and the passion levels of their sex life in general.

Although some of these foods may be easier to find than others, each presents its own unique advantages; Still, if you are looking for some supplements to increases the sexual stamina, then Nugenix can be an option.

If you’re ready to ramp up your sex life, now’s the time to get started! Good luck!

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