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About Testosterone-Boosting Supplements

Dietary supplements are products that are specifically formulated to provide recommended daily values of different nutrients or to supply the body with non-nutrient chemicals which are thought to have a biologically beneficial effect.

Major Pros and Cons of Testosterone Boosters Supplements You Should Know
Testosterone Supplement Pros and Cons.

According to the National Institutes of Health, a vast majority of the US adults takes one or more dietary supplements on a daily basis [1]. Testosterone boosters are together with vitamins, minerals, and Omega-3 fatty acids the most popular supplements nowadays.

Since the popularity of testosterone booster supplements keeps growing, one must ask whether they are really beneficial. This post has all the answers, scroll down to learn about testosterone boosters pros and cons.

What is a testosterone booster?

Testosterone boosters are supplements created to increase testosterone levels in the blood. Unlike synthetic hormone, these products are formulated to support the body’s natural production of testosterone and prevent its conversion to estrogen.



*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

The hormone testosterone plays a big role in a man’s body; it regulates sex drive, production of red blood cells, fat distribution, bone mass, muscle strength and mass, production of sperm, among other things. As men age, levels of this hormone start to decline but many factors like an unhealthy lifestyle can speed up this process and induce a plethora of symptoms ranging from weak sex drive to problems with erections and increased belly fat.

In order to manage this problem and ensure the body’s production of testosterone is healthy, many men opt to take dietary supplements rather than undergo hormone replacement therapy which is associated with different, potentially serious side effects.

Below, you’ll find more about the pros and cons of taking testosterone and useful information about its side effects.

testosterone booster pros  and cons

testosterone booster pros and cons

Testosterone boosters pros

Testosterone-boosting supplements have a multitude of advantages. Here is the basic rundown of the most important pros of using these products.

1. Natural formula

Unlike some prescription drugs, testosterone boosters are all-natural. They contain vitamins, minerals, herbs, plants, and other natural ingredients whose benefits for testosterone production and male sexual or reproductive health are well-documented.

Due to their natural ingredients, these products fit perfectly into a holistic approach toward sexual performance and overall health. That’s why men who don’t like taking “regular” pills don’t have anything against the supplements.

2. Convenient

No prescription is needed for testosterone boosters; which means a man doesn’t have to make a trip to the pharmacy in order to buy the product.

This is particularly useful if we bear in mind that men tend to be reluctant to talk about their health problems, especially testosterone and other subjects, with other people. Nowadays, it’s easy to purchase some testosterone booster online and get it discretely delivered to your address.



*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

3. Function in harmony with the body

As mentioned above, testosterone supplements are created with the purpose to help the body produce a sufficient amount of the essential hormone. As a result, they work in harmony with the body, unlike testosterone injections that some men also use.

4. Stronger erections

The evidence indicates that testosterone levels are linked to the strength and quality of erections, and low testosterone could contribute to erectile dysfunction. These erectile dysfunction supplements designed to boost levels of this vital hormone have shown potential in helping men improve their erections. [2].

It is not uncommon for men to report their erections are stronger, harder, and more long-lasting after the regular consumption of testosterone boosters.

5. Bigger muscle mass

Growing body of evidence confirms that testosterone increases muscle mass by enhancing muscle protein synthesis. Regular intake of testosterone boosters can help men increase muscle mass and define them, one of the most common body goals that men have [3].

In fact, many bodybuilders and athletes take testosterone supplement to improve the size and strength of their muscles in an entirely natural manner.

6. Budget-friendly

An amazing advantage of testosterone boosters is affordability. It is entirely possible to find an ideal product for every price range. Regardless of how much money you want to spend on a supplement of this type, you can easily find an adequate product.

Thanks to the internet, you can get your supplement delivered from different states and some manufacturers also have free shipping options.

7. Money-back guarantee

You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on supplements that don’t work. What’s amazing about testosterone boosters is that they are covered by the money-back guarantee.

In fact, almost every manufacturer allows customers to return their product within 14, 30, 60, or 90 days and get a full refund.



*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Testosterone boosters cons

Testosterone booster’s pros and cons are, indeed, numerous, and below you can see some of the most important disadvantages of these products.

1. Not all products are genuine

Not all products are the same and while some testosterone-boosting supplements are effective and safe, others aren’t that harmless. That happens because some manufacturers use the fact that the FDA doesn’t regulate the production of supplements to use potentially dangerous ingredients.

Instead of natural ingredients, they may use chemicals that are found in some prescription drugs. That’s why it’s always useful to research the brand and see whether they’re reliable.

2. Free sample, not so free after all

A vast majority of manufacturers offer free samples to their customers. Sure, a free sample sounds practical. You get to try out the product and see whether it works before placing the order.

That being said, in most cases ordering the free sample automatically enrolls you in the auto-shipping program where they send you monthly supplies and charge your credit card. It’s easy to navigate your way around this problem.

Go to the Terms and Conditions tab and read the rules, where they usually explain how free samples work.

3. Online only

Although online shopping is a popular way of buying products today, some men are more old-fashioned and prefer getting their supplements in stores.

You can get testosterone boosters in every drugstore or pharmacy, but some products are available online only. This can be a disadvantage for men who find an ideal product online but can’t go to the store and buy it.

Are testosterone boosters safe?

One of the most common questions about these products is whether they are safe or not. Generally, testosterone-boosting supplements are safe and there is a minimal risk of side effects.

Testosterone booster’s side effects include acne breakouts, sleep problems, kidney damage, mood swings, anxiety, and aggressive behavior. Users of these products report they have never experienced some side effects.

The low risk of adverse effects is primarily due to the all-natural list of ingredients. That being said, you should still consult your doctor before buying them especially if you have some health condition or you’re at a higher risk of developing it.

Men (or women) who take medications shouldn’t use these supplements before asking their doctors whether there could be some interactions.

What are the side effects of taking testosterone?

Testosterone boosters are considered as a safer alternative to testosterone injections and other synthetic forms of this much-needed hormone.

Side Effects of Testosterone

Side Effects of Testosterone Boosters

For example, taking testosterone can induce seizures, trouble breathing, headache, slurred speech, blurred vision, temporary blindness, weakness in arms and legs, sudden and severe inability to speak, gum irritation, and many others.


Testosterone supplements are widely popular nowadays and millions of men use them to support the natural production of the hormone or achieve somebody’s goal at a faster rate.

Of course, testosterone boosters’ pros and cons are numerous, but it is safe to say the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Make sure you do your research and only buy products made by reputable brands.

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