Sexual Problems In Male: Causes and Treatments

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Published: Jan 7, 2014 | Last Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Sexual Problems In Male

Introduction To Male Sexual Problems

Although most people consider the topic of “male sexual problems’ to be relegated solely to popular medical issues such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, a variety of additional physiological problems may occur that can drastically affect a man’s ability to engage in healthy, satisfying sex.

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Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for men to completely ignore the symptoms of their sexual problems out of embarrassment or fear, commonly linked to the male perception of “virility” and “masculinity.” Although full disclosure of such issues may be difficult to undertake, the majority of men’s health issues can be remedied or, at the very least, partially corrected through both medical and psychological treatment.

We’ve included information about some of the more common male sexual problems in the article below. Although this is, by no means, a completely comprehensive list, it does provide helpful information about some of the most prevalent sexual health and performance problems affecting men today.

If you believe that you may have one of the conditions outlined below, don’t try to hide it! Millions of men are affect by sexual problems each year, and a significant number of these are able to find the treatment they require quickly and easily. Again, although it might be difficult to approach these problems with a sexual partner, an honest and trusting dialogue will help build bridges of trust that can quickly become a major confidence booster for individuals of all ages.

What Are Male Sexual Problems?

The medical conditions outlined below are some of the most commonly occurring sexual performance disorders occurring in men of all ages.

  • Erectile Dysfunction

    Erectile dysfunction is commonly defined as a man’s inability to maintain an erection long enough to engage in healthy sexual intercourse. The degree of severity of this particular condition can vary widely. While some men are completely unable to achieve an erection sufficient for sex, others may experience difficulties sustain physical arousal during moments of intimacy.

  • Premature Ejaculation

    Premature ejaculation is one of several issued commonly defined as an “orgasm disorder.” Men who suffer from premature ejaculation may find it difficult to receive penile stimulation for extended periods without climaxing. The causes of premature ejaculation can vary widely, ranging from increase nerve sensitivity in the genital region to underlying psychological issues related to male insecurity or relationship troubles.

  • Male Orgasmic Disorder

    As stated previously, male orgasmic disorders include a range of conditions related to problems achieving sexual climax. Interestingly, male orgasmic disorders can be caused by both physical and psychological issues. Men experiencing such problems have often been advised to pursue a wide range of treatment, depending upon the opinions of their preferred medical professional.

  • Inhibited or Hypoactive Sexual Desire

    In similar fashion to the physiology of women, the male body responds to a variety of both internal and external stimuli. One of the most significant internal forces affecting our body’s desire levels is the current balance of hormones within the individual’s body. For men, testosterone has often been linked directly to desired levels. Men who may be suffering from reduced testosterone levels have been observed to lose interest in sex and experience a variety of mood changes.

  • Retrograde Ejaculation

    Retrograde ejaculation involves the expulsion of semen into the bladder as opposed to out of the urethra. This condition is primarily seen in older men who may have undergone a variety of surgeries related to this particular region of the body, including the male prostate.

  • Priapism

    A priapism occurs when blood remains inside the engorged penis for extended periods of time, beyond what is considered a “healthy” duration. Priapism can cause tissue scarring and, in extreme cases, have resulted in penile gangrene.


Some of the other more common sexual problems occur as a result of various external pressures, such as stress, fatigue or interpersonal relationship tensions.

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What Causes Sexual Problems In Men?

The exact causes of sexual problems in men can vary widely, ranging from physical issues inherent from birth to stress-related maladies occurring as a result of detrimental external pressures.

Physical Causes

Some of the most common physical problems that can culminate in sexual health issues included impaired circulation, hormonal imbalances, aging and substance abuse.

Psychological Causes

Feelings of stress and inferiority can quickly result in a variety of sexual health and performance problems. These issues often fall under the professional practice of certified sex therapists, who have been trained to address these issues.

Can Sexual Problems be Cured?

The majority of sexual health and performance problems can be cured in some capacity through either physical or psychological treatments.

Treatments For Sexual Problems In Men

Although some problems require more extensive surgical treatment, the majority of issues experienced by men can be remedied through standard treatment methods, such as prescription medication, topical treatments.

Can Sexual Problems Be Prevented?

Sexual problems that occur as a result of psychological issues can possibly be prevented through active communication with sexual partners and loved one. Fitness and a healthy diet can help men reduce the likelihood of experiencing sexual health problems as a result of physical problems.

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Final Words

It’s important for men to remember that, regardless of how severe their performance problem may initially seem, treatment options may be available.

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