Sex Life of Middle Aged Men

Men's physical bodies age as they get older, they experience weakening of sexual desires and erectile dysfunction due to lower testosterone.

Sexual Issues of Middle Aged-Men

As men get older, their physical body ages as well. This affects how they perform their daily tasks since their strength and stamina begin to deteriorate. One aspect of their life that’s most affected by aging is their sex life. With the deterioration of health, several changes in their sexuality are experienced. As they reach middle age, they will observe sexual issues that they might not have encountered during their yesteryears.

Sex Life of Middle Aged Men

Sexual Issues that Middle-Age Men Face

The most common sexual issues of middle-aged men are weakening of sexual desires and erectile dysfunction. As opposed to their sexual performance during their 20’s or 30’s, middle-aged men are likely to experience lesser sexual desire as they enter their forties. Most men have lower testosterone level at this stage.

They are also likely to experience several medical conditions as products of the unhealthy lifestyle in their earlier years. As a result, their sex drive and libido deteriorate. It is also noted that men in their middle age have lesser morning erections and when they do, it is likely because they need to pee.

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Erectile dysfunction is one of sexual issues of middle-aged men. ED is a sexual dysfunction wherein men are unable to produce erections hard and long enough to perform a satisfying sexual encounter. It is said that men in their 40’s begin become prone to this dysfunction due largely to a drop in their testosterone level, stress, and drugs. Men who are managing their medical conditions by taking medications may erection problem due to the abnormal blood flow to the genitals.

Men in their middle-age are likely to observe lesser sensation while ejaculating and the penis returns to a flaccid state almost right after ejaculation.

Addressing Sexual Issues among Middle-Aged Men

Regardless of their age, men will always have the impulse to prove their masculinity through sex. However, to keep up with this impulse and to avoid the embarrassment brought by sexual problems, there is a need for a lifestyle age to get back to a healthy condition.

Here are Some Lifestyle Changes that they need to take:

  • Quit smoking.
  • Avoid alcohol.
  • Lose weight.
  • Consider Counseling.

Vices such as smoking and heavy drinking can cause several health complications that can ultimately affect sex life. In order to improve blood flow for harder erections, men need a healthier bloodstream. Alcohol and cigarettes will not only block blood flow but will also weaken their immune system.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Men also have higher chances for a better sex life if they lose weight.
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Maintaining a Healthy

weight means feeling much lighter to function at an optimum level.

Some men may also face psychological challenges that are affecting sex drive. Depression and anxiety can cause erectile dysfunction. In this case, men may need to turn to counsel in order to know how to deal with these problems and improve their overall health.

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Some people may consider sexual issues of middle-aged men as a normal phase of life. However, they really don’t need to suffer as much if they observe a healthy lifestyle and positive life disposition. Looking for better sexual life; Number of users reviewed on Nugenix, click here get to know more about Nugenix Reviews


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