Updated: 2022, Sep 12

9 Sensual Date Ideas to Boost Your Love Life

Do you want to spend a romantic evening with your partner? Consumer Health Digest has curated a list of 9 sensual date suggestions to help you better your sex life.

Long-lasting relationships all have this one, common problem. I can even call it a notorious relationship killer as it destroyed many. That common problem that lurks behind almost every corner in long-lasting relationships is, well, boredom. This boredom that I’m talking about isn’t just simply boredom as we all know it. It carries many small problems with it, packed in one huge coffin. That’s the reason why people tend to get “cold” in their long-lasting relationships.

9 Sensual Date Ideas to Boost Your Love Life
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When you’ve tried almost everything out with that one person and nothing has changed for quite some time, you become a habit to each other. That’s where love slowly but most certainly, starts to fade away. In order to avoid those problems from occurring, you need to change things up a bit, spicy them. Sensual date ideas could be all that you need.

So, with these hot date night ideas, you could bring some of that long-forgotten electricity back.

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Potential Help for Long Lasting Relationships

long lasting relationship

long lasting relationship

Before we get to the main dish, I would like to provide you with some help on “How to get a long lasting relationship to work”. Now, the 9 tips below will help you have more sensual date ideas (it doesn’t matter if you are in a long-term relationship or not), but if you are struggling to make your relationships last, here is what you can check.

There are two things I would recommend reading.

    1) This research, conducted by Australian Institute of Family Studies, which will help you get some tips and understand long-term relationships better through its statistics.

    2) “Love, Sex & Long-Term Relationships: What People with Asperger Syndrome Really Really Want” – a book by S. Hendrickx, which is very well described here.

9 Hot Date Ideas

This part of the article will provide you answers to the most frequently asked questions:

    1. Which is the best sensual date night idea?
    2. Which are the best hot date ideas for couples?

You can try them all, or choose some of your likings. Basically, you decide what’s best for you!

1. Role Play

Role Play

Role Play


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Roleplay is an interesting “sex game” you can play before sex. Many people skip it, not knowing how much fun it can be and how it can change the “love game” in so many ways.
A good roleplay will not only make you both ready for sex like never before but will actually make your sex even better.

This is the power of imagination and creativity. Think of what your partner likes most. What does he/she like watching? Any favorite movie genre? After you’ve figured it out, choose a character that will match both you and your partner. Choose outfits for both of you. You can even take it a step further and make your bedroom also play this “game” with you.

You can either surprise your partner with this, and make everything set for the night, or simply talk to your partner and do the work together. Either way, it will work.

Explore some sex enhancers to make you sex games long-lasting!

2. Dress for Your Partner

Dress for your partner

Dress for your partner

Both men and women like the effort of their companions. We are only human, we like to sense that we are loved. That’s also a crucial part of a relationship. If you make your partner feel that way, you are set for long roads together.

Dressing up has a vital role in it. At the beginning of the relationship, both of you are doing your best to look as good as you can. Later on, when you meet each other better and get more comfortable with one another, you don’t worry about that as much.

Well, guess what – If you forget to dress up nice for your companion (and for him or her only!), your companion will notice it and recognize it as a sign of “getting colder”. Don’t let that happen. This applies especially if you want to spice your sex up a bit. Get out somewhere, dress nice and sexy, and seduce each other all over again.

3. Go to a New Place Every Once in a While

You can both talk about it and decide where to go or where to travel to, however, it would be best if you surprise your partner. Find a place that both of you would want to go to – a place where you haven’t been before – a place that excites you. That should be your next destination. This “move” will bring fun back to your relationship, or improve it.

4. Join a Club Together

Think of something you both like. It can be a sport, a movement, anything at all. Find local clubs or societies, pick one, and join in, both of you. Sharing and enjoying a common interest is also a fun way to make your relationship renewed.

5. Time Travel

This is my personal favorite. Try relieving your very first date all over again. Remember what you were wearing, where you went, even what you were talking about. This is such a nice game that will make both of you laugh and feel like you’re in a movie together. After a “time travel” date, your connection will get even stronger than it was before.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

6. Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage

Massaging each other from time to time is an excellent way of relaxation. The fact that you are getting your stress levels down because of your partner’s massage will help your connection get stronger. To understand what a positive impact a simple massage can have, you can check this research.

A message I’m talking about here is called “Nuru massage”. You can use it every once in a while and improve your sex life as much as you can! It’s an erotic massage. Both of you are covered in oils and massaging each other with only your body.

7. Play Games Together

There are many interesting games you can use to have fun together and have an awesome date. This is a perfect valentine’s day idea for couples. Truth or dare is something that comes in mind first.

8. Shower Together

Shower Together

Shower Together

A perfect way of connecting with each other, once you are comfortable enough, is to take showers together. Not only will it improve your sex life but it will make your date night that much hotter.

9. Do Yoga Together

Do yoga together

Do yoga togetherr

This one is an excellent way to stay home and have fun with your partner. You are both working out, which is excellent, plus it makes things that much hotter. Learn basic yoga movements and practice them together. You can also check sexual yoga positions for couples.


I hope that these 9 ideas helped you a bit and that you will try some of them for yourself. If you do them correctly, they most definitely work! It would be best if you are trying to improve your love life together. Try talking with each other if one of you recognized the problem. Solving it together will also be a perfect way of “reconnecting”.

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