Reducing Refractory Period Post Orgasms & Boosting Results In Bedrooms

The refractory period is a state of recovery phase after orgasm, after which many men fail to have an additional orgasm. Learn how to reduce it and take more benefits in the bed.

Were it not for the refractory period that we face as men; sex would be so much better… for both parties involved.

Reducing Refractory Period Post Orgasms & Boosting Results In Bedrooms
How to reduce Refractory Period and improve results in the bedroom? Shutterstock Images

Premature ejaculation would not cut sex short, being that a man would be able to finish quickly, and just continue on… this would lead to more orgasms, both in women and men. Erections would be much more dependable.

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However, due to the refractory period, after an ejaculation, the vast majority of men see a complete disappearance of their sex drive and a penis that does not want to comply.

But imagine if there were no refractory period or at least a refractory period with less of an impact on our sexual arousal?

Luckily, the male refractory period can be naturally reduced — and even eliminated — allowing men to be better performers in the bedroom and providing women with more satisfaction.

The Arousal-Blunting Cloud Known As The Refractory Period

Refractory kicks

Refractory kicks

Once the refractory kicks in, a cloud smothers our male sexual energy. Our penis is limp, and our mind wants to think of anything else other than sex. A pizza is much more exciting at this point than a naked woman.

And in many cases, you may have an unsatisfied partner in bed, and even though you may feel guilty, deep down you feel you just don’t have it in you to go again.

So the idea is to cut through this cloud, and allow your arousal to thrive… and with a bit of research, we can find a path to getting rid of the refractory period’s bullying of our sexual performance.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Dopamine and Adrenaline – Two Mortal Enemies To The Refractory Period

Riding bicycle

Riding bicycle

Dopamine and adrenaline[1] are said to shorten the refractory time after an ejaculation, while excess serotonin can make the refractory period worse.

Luckily, there are ways to improve both our dopamine and adrenaline production. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by exercise[2], mainly cardiovascular activity:

  • Riding bicycle
  • Running/Jogging
  • Swimming
  • Playing sport of your choice

Anything to get the blood circulating and dopamine-producing. The longer you can perform outside of the bedroom, the longer you can perform inside the bedroom.

The dopamine will help to keep the arousal in mind, and mental energy and positivity to continue after ejaculation, and the cardiovascular activity will support improved erectile function.

In my early 20’s I used to bike to college on a near-daily basis, which was a couple of miles distance in both directions. During this time period, I was able to have multiple ejaculations without going soft… a near non-existent refractory period.

And this was something I was unable to do in my teens, so it was definitely the increased cardio activity and not the fact that I was young, that provided me with the dopamine levels and circulation to pull this off.

Even if unable to reach multiple ejaculations, upping your cardio activity will help to weaken your refractory period.

And if on SSRI’s, a class of antidepressants that increase levels of serotonin in mind, consider reducing your dosage.

Taking Advantage of Adrenaline — And Your Erotic Imagination — To Get It Up For Another Round

Erotic imagination

Erotic imagination

Adrenaline is also thought to reduce the refractory period. Adrenaline can be produced[3] in response to a stressful stimulus, when the fight or flight response kicks in, or any mentally exciting event.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Horror movies can set off an adrenaline rush, as can action thrillers. Competitive games and sports really kick adrenaline into high gear. And of course, real-life scenarios that create the fight or flight response… but you will most likely want to avoid those.

Knowing that getting mentally excited helps to kick-start adrenaline production, and adrenaline can help boost libido and erectile function to overcome the refractory period, then find ways to get mentally excited, even if not feeling it at the moment.

What gets you most aroused mentally about your partner? Only you know that answer… concentrate on what that is until some excitement enters your system, and can jump-start your sexual arousal.

(Interesting note: increased adrenaline levels can also increase your sexual attraction[4] to someone, from a visual standpoint.)

Getting your partner to provide some physical stimulation can make you become mentally and physically aroused, even if not feeling that way at the moment. The feeling follows the fact.

Make Sure Testosterone, Your Male Sex Hormone, Is In Full Swing – Let Your Mind & Body Support the Cause

Lift weights

Lift weights

Without sufficient testosterone[5] to fuel your libido and erection, you may be doing all of this for naught.

With healthy T production, you may have ejaculated, but you still have some sex drive in you… and an erection backs it up. Just give it the good old adrenaline kickstart.

Testosterone can easily be increased with a doctor’s prescription for TRT, or can be improved naturally by following some guidelines:

  • Reduce waistline / excess stomach fat
  • Sleep 8 hours a night
  • Reduce stress (cortisol production)
  • Lift weights
  • Eat a balanced diet of protein, fats and carbs (don’t cut out fats and carbs, they are essential)
  • Absorb some sunlight / Vitamin D supplementation

Luckily, all of the above pointers fit in well with each other. By increasing your cardio, you’ll reduce your body fat, which will improve testosterone production, which will help you sleep better…. And so on and so on.

Or Erase Your Refractory Period All Together With The Male Multiple Orgasm

There are different ways to have multiple orgasms as a man.

First is to have multiple ejaculations, which was mentioned above. Increase your cardio, especially prolonged cardio, and mentally PUSH after you’ve ejaculated to stay aroused and keep on going for another one.

However, if you subscribe to the Taoist line of thought that excessive ejaculation can weaken a man (and there actually is some science behind[6] the “storing up semen increasing testosterone” theory), then you may want a “cleaner” method of having multiple orgasms.

The Taoists frequently used a male multiple orgasm[7] technique which involved holding back ejaculation during orgasm. By separating these two nearly simultaneous events, the refractory period does not occur.

This allows a man to have multiple dry orgasms, and continue penetrating with a hard erection for as long as he’d like.

In order to refrain from ejaculating during orgasm, you need to strengthen the PC muscle with Kegels (on your off time, not during sex). Then during sex, right before reaching ejaculation (the millisecond before), clamp down hard with a kegel / pc squeeze.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

When done right, you’ll keep your erection, but remove all the built-up arousal that leads up to orgasm, and you can continue to the next orgasm, where you repeat the process.

It’s not the easiest technique to learn, but once fully mastered, it is a powerful addition to any man’s sexual repertoire.

Defeat the Refractory Period, and Get Rid Of The Limits On Your Sexual Performance

Now that you know ways to weaken the refractory period, and a couple of powerful methods of eliminating the refractory period altogether, you will be a much stronger performer in the bedroom.

Following the steps in this guide, such as improving your cardiovascular activity and boosting your testosterone production, will also provide you with benefits to your life outside the bedroom.

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