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Male Sexual Disorders – Digging Deep Into the Problems: Causes & Treatments

In this article, we are going to discuss Male sexual disorders. Read about the different kinds of sexual issues we had to deal with.

Overview of Sex and Sexual Problems

Male sexual problems are not among the rare problems seen among men. In fact, male sexual problems are some of the most common problems that are experienced by men. What is so bad about these problems is that men are not even willing to talk about these problems with doctors and sexologists.

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When the problems are not countered at the right time, it will bring a lot of problems in the future. Around 18 million men, as per the report[1], are diagnosed with an erectile dysfunction (the most common male dysfunction) in the United States. And, the survey[2] reveals that around 6 out of 10 couples are not satisfied with their relationships.

One of the most common reasons for an unsatisfied relationship is an unsatisfying sex life, and one of the most common reasons for unsatisfied sex life is male sexual dysfunction. It’s not only men who are affected by male sexual problems; it’s their partner as well.

Both husband and wife desire an awesome sex life. If a male partner is suffering from a male sexual disorder, it’s obvious that he will not be able to perform on the bed with his partner, leading to a miserable sex life for both partners.

What are Male Sexual Problems?

Sexual problems can be seen among men of any age group, race, and nationality. Sexual dysfunction can be defined as an inability to perform sexual activities in a normal way. The standard of satisfying sexual activity may differ from person to person, but there are some set standards for what is a normal sexual function.

Sexual dysfunction can affect many aspects of a person’s life, and these sexual dysfunctions may also be the first symptom of many other physical problems or some psychological problems.

The Physiology of Sexual Function

The coordination of various parts of the body is required for performing sexual activity. The sync between hormones and neurological paths is needed for an optimum sexual desire.

In order to maintain a strong erection and maintain your sexual performance, your penile nerves, blood, and vessels must be intact.

In case of orgasm, this thing is not completely understood, but it also involved coordination between nerves and muscles. The physician must check out all the possible problems in different systems of a person while he/she is seeking out for the cause of a sexual dysfunction.

Male Sexual Problems


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Male Sexual Problems

The Diagnosis of Sexual Problems in Men

The physician starts off his/her evaluation of patient history. The patient is asked to bring forward his medical, physiological, and sexual history, so that the physician may understand a bit about various medical and physical problems that are faced by the patient in the past.

After understanding the patient history, the physical asks the patient to go through a thorough physical examination to see if there are some other problems that are recently seen in the patient. This physical examination and history are important because there are many different causes of male sexual problems.

There could also be a case where a patient’s partner may provide some useful information to the physician to get some important insights about the patient. During the time of diagnosis, the patient needs to have an interview with the physician.

There could be some really awkward questions that could be asked by a physician, but the patient needs to answer all the questions in a correct manner to help himself and the physician to understand the problem. Both the physician and the patient must try to keep a good relationship with them for better communication.

Some of the questions that might be asked by a physician could be about the sexual frequency, the frequency of sexual relations, satisfaction or the quality of sexual intercourse, no. of sexual partner, and some other nonsexual-related complaints of the patients.

The patient needs to go through a complex physical examination where his pulses in his legs along with his external genitalia (perineum, penis, and scrotum) along with their reflexes are tested.

The evaluation of nocturnal erections may be possibly conducted with a nocturnal tumescence test. The tests of penile blood vessel functions and nervous system function may also be conducted to find out the possible causes of sexual dysfunction.

What are Some of the Major Sexual Problems Seen among Men?

Major Sexual Problems

Major Sexual Problems


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

When we discuss sexual dysfunction among men, we are talking about a broad topic of sexual dysfunction. To understand sexual problems among men, we need to break the topic down into many different subtopics. To break down this topic into many different subtopics, we need to dig deep into different types of sexual problems.

In this part of this article, we will take a look at what are some of the most common sexual problems that are faced by men. The most common sexual problems seen among men are:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Ejaculation problems
  • Low libido or complications related to sexual desire
  • Problem with orgasm

These are the four common sexual problems that are very common among men. It’s important for you to note that a man can be diagnosed with more than one sexual problem at a time. So, do not assume that only one sexual problem is seen at a time.

In the upcoming parts of this article, we will take a look at every single sexual problem that is seen among men in detail.

Low Libido and Problems Regarding Sexual Desire in Men

When we look at the world around us, we may observe that men are basically hungry for sexual intercourse. They usually have a greater sex drive than their female partner. However, there is a chance that men can suffer from low libido, and i.e. lesser desire to have sexual intercourse.

According to the study[3], the level of testosterone among men starts to decline after the age of 30. Testosterone is the hormone that plays a crucial role in maintaining an optimum level of sex drive in men. However, a problem of low libido among men is not only seen in older age men but is also seen among young men.

It’s a condition where a man has a reduced sex drive or a completely vanished sex drive. This also varies from what sexual satisfaction a person receives after having sexual intercourse. Libido is a brain and hormonal phenomenon.

Causes of a Low Libido

Some of the major causes of a low libido are:

1. Low Testosterone

A low testosterone level in the blood is the most common cause of a low libido. This hormone is mainly produced in man’s testicles. It’s responsible for stimulating sperm production and for the development of bone and muscle mass.

If the level of testosterone in the body falls beyond the optimum level of testosterone needed in the body, a man is considered as a person with low testosterone, and a low testosterone could lead to low libido.

2. Medications



There are certain medications that could lower the level of testosterone in the body, which can lead to a low libido. For an instance, the medications for blood pressure like ACE inhibitors may obstruct in ejaculation and erection process.

If you’re suffering from a low libido just after the consumption of these medications, you should consult a doctor and opt for alternative medications.

3. Smoking and Alcoholism

You must have heard about the adverse impacts of smoking and consuming alcohol on your lungs and liver. However, the impacts of smoking and alcohol are not just limited to your lungs and liver. If you’re suffering from a problem of low libido, smoking and alcoholism are somewhat responsible for that.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to carry on with cigarettes and drinks, or you want a healthy sex drive. There are many programs that could help you get rid of your smoking and drinking habits.

4. Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

Restless Legs Syndrome is an uncontrollable urge to move your legs. The study[4] has shown that the men who are struggling with this order are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction and a severe case of RLS may even lead to impotence.

5. Depression

Depression is more than just a normal sadness. This mental disorder can affect all aspects of a person’s life. The people who are struggling with depression experience a lack of interest in many things of life and that includes sex.

The problem of low libido could also be the side effect of antidepressants, especially serotonin reuptake inhibitors. If you’re experiencing a lack of sex drive after consuming your antidepressants, you should consult with a doctor about your problem.

6. Chronic Illness

Human beings are not immune to illnesses. There are many types of chronic illnesses that could affect the life of a person. If you’re suffering from chronic illness, you are most likely to put sex as the least priority.

A chronic illness, such as cancer can even lower the production of sperm in your body.

7. Sleep Problems

The study[5] shows that a person struggling with sleep deprivation often experience lower testosterone in the body. It’s a necessity for every person to get enough sleep to have an optimum level of energy in the body. A healthy sleeping habit can enhance the overall health of a person.

8. Stress

Stress is a part of our everyday’s life. The high level of stress can disrupt our hormonal balance, which can often lead to a low libido.

How to Treat the Problem of Low Libido?

The treatment method that is recommended for the problem of low libido strongly depends on the causes of low libido. Here are some of the ways to treat the problem of low libido.

1. Healthier Lifestyle Choices

So much depends on your lifestyle choices, which is the reason why you should be very careful in choosing your lifestyle. There are many changes that can be done to your lifestyle, which can greatly enhance your sex drive.

The first task for you is to opt for a better diet. There are plenty of foods that can improve your sexual performance, and there are also foods that can hamper your sexual health. Avoid foods that are bad for your sexual health and add more foods to your diet that can improve your sexual health.

The next thing for you to do is to be involved in regular workouts. Being involved in regular workouts can enhance your overall health. And, there are also some specific exercises that are very effective in improving your sexual performance. Stay away from regular smoking and drinking and get enough sleep.

These are some of the changes that you can adopt for better sexual health.

2. Shift Medications

There are some medications that could adversely impact your sex drive. If you’re on some kinds of medications that are impacting your sex drive, you should immediately consult your doctor and seek out alternative medications.

3. Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Only the people who are severely struggling with a very low level of testosterone in the body should opt for this treatment method. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is the treatment method in which the testosterone is often replaced. There are many benefits and drawbacks of this therapy.

4. Counseling

Many men often counter with low libido due to their own personal problems and stress or conflict with their partners. The problem of low libido can be solved with thoughtful counseling with a counselor.

Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual dysfunction among men with millions of people of different age group being affected by this problem worldwide. It’s a sexual dysfunction in which a man cannot achieve a strong erection or hold on to an erection for penetration.

With that said, the prevalence of erectile dysfunction varies among different age groups. The report[6] shows that older people have a higher risk of an erectile dysfunction in comparison to younger groups of people.

There are three types of erectile dysfunction seen among men, and they are:

  • Erectile dysfunction caused due to tactile stimulation
  • Dysfunction caused by a mental stimulation
  • Dysfunction experienced while sleeping

What are The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

There are plenty of causes of an erectile dysfunction. However, the causes of an erectile dysfunction can be broadly divided into two categories, and they are:

  • Physical causes
  • Psychological causes

In some cases of an erectile dysfunction, it may be caused due to the combination of both physical and psychological causes.

Physical Causes of An Erectile Dysfunction

Here are some of the physical conditions that can lead to an erectile dysfunction:

Psychological Causes of an Erectile Dysfunction

The brain has a crucial role to play in triggering various physical events that lead to an erection, which often starts with a feeling of excitement. There are plenty of things that can obstruct the sexual feelings, which can degrade the erection. Here are some of the psychological causes of an erectile dysfunction.

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  • Anxiety, Depression, or any other types of mental disorders
  • Relationship problems, conflicts, or other similar problems
  • Stress

What are The Treatment Methods for Erectile Dysfunction?

Like in the case of low libido, the treatment methods for an erectile dysfunction depend on the causes of your dysfunction.

Knowing the root cause of the problem will ensure that you are getting the right treatment for your condition.

And, the treatment method that is suggested for the problem also depends on the severity of erectile dysfunction. Here are some of the treatment methods for erectile dysfunction.

1. Oral Medications

So far, oral medications have been proven to be an effective method for treating erectile dysfunction. Some of the oral medications that are used for the treatment are as follows:

  • Sildenafil (Viagra)
  • Avanafil (Stendra)
  • Tadalafil (Cialis and Adcirca)
  • Vardenafil (Staxyn and Levitra)

All the four medications that are mentioned on the list enhance the nitric oxide effects—a natural chemical that is produced by your body for relaxing the penis. This helps in enhancing the blood flow to help you get a firm erection.

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However, you should keep in mind that just consuming one of these tablets will not automatically lead to an erection. Sexual stimulation is required at first for the release of nitric oxide.

Other Medications

In addition to oral medications, there are some other medications that could be prescribed to the patient. They are:

  • Alprostadil (self-injection)
  • Testosterone replacement
  • Alprostadil urethral suppository

2.Penis Pumps, Implants, and Surgery

If medications are not able to treat your erectile dysfunction, your doctor may suggest different treatment methods. Here are some of the treatment methods that could solve the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Penis Pumps
This pump is also known as a vacuum erection device. It’s a hollow tube that is either hand-powered or battery-powered. This tube is placed over a man’s penis, and then the pump is utilized for sucking the air out to the pump.

When the air is sucked out of your penis, it allows the blood to flow to your penis, which helps in achieving an erection. After achieving an erection, you can remove the tube.

The erection will last longer with this method, but there could be an instance of a bruised penis, which is a side effect of this treatment method.

Penile Implants
This treatment method comprises surgically placing devices into both sides of a man’s penis.

These implants might consist of either bendable rods or inflatable rods. Inflatable rods allow you to control when and how long you would want to hold an erection while malleable rods help you keep your penis firm, but makes it bendable.

Penile implants are hardly recommended due to the complexities of this treatment.

3. Exercises

Exercises Done

Exercises Done

The people who are involved in regular workouts have a better health condition in comparison to those who do not exercise at all. The recent study[7] has found that regular exercises, especially moderate and vigorous, can improve the condition of the patients struggling with an erectile dysfunction.

There are plenty of exercises to choose from. You can search for them on the internet. However, it’s recommended that you consult with your doctor for a well-designed exercise routine as a part of your treatment.

4. Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicines include any other types of treatment methods beyond conventional treatment methods. There are many natural supplements that claim to improve your sexual health and erectile function.

Some top-quality supplements may deliver the results that they promised; however, it’s always a wise thing to check the reviews and consult with a doctor before purchasing the supplement on the internet.

The doctor will give a red or a green flag to a supplement after checking out the ingredients that are used in the supplement and by checking out your current health conditions.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued several warnings against many herbal Viagra, as they contain many harmful ingredients that are not listed on the label.

There is confusion regarding dosage as well when it comes to an herbal supplement for treating your problem.

Here comes the end of the discussion regarding erectile dysfunction.

Premature Ejaculation: Causes and Treatment Methods

Premature ejaculation is an annoying sexual dysfunction that can ultimately drain all the sexual pleasure from the sex life of the couple. This dysfunction is the most common ejaculatory disorder seen among men.

The ejaculation problems consist of the abnormal discharge of sperm, prostatic along with seminal vesicle fluid via the urethra. There are basically three types of premature ejaculation that are observed among men, and they are:

  • Premature ejaculation: An ejaculation after no or a minimum sexual stimulation.
  • Retarded ejaculation: An ejaculation long after a physical stimulation
  • Retrograde ejaculation: A condition with orgasm without ejaculation, and it’s also referred as a dry ejaculation.

What are the Causes of Premature Ejaculation?

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

The exact causes of premature ejaculation are still not known. However, there are some highly likely causes of premature ejaculation, which can be both psychological and biological causes.

Psychological Causes of Premature Ejaculation

The sexual intercourse is not a purely physical thing. The mind of a person has a huge role to play in a sexual intercourse. Due to some psychological causes, a person may not be able to get hold of his ejaculation, and they are:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Early sexual experience
  • Depression
  • Too much stress about premature ejaculation
  • The feelings of guilt that push a man to finish the intercourse quickly
  • Poor body image

Some other causes of premature ejaculation could be:

Biological Causes that could Lead to a Premature Ejaculation

There are numerous biological factors that could contribute to a premature ejaculation, and they are:

  • Inherited traits
  • Abnormal hormone levels
  • Inflammation or a penis and urethra infection
  • Abnormal level of neurotransmitters

How to Treat Premature Ejaculation?

There are various methods used for treating premature ejaculation. A patient must understand that it takes a bit of time to find the right combination of treatment methods to help the patients overcome premature ejaculation. Here are some of the common treatment methods of premature ejaculation.

1. Behavioral Techniques

There are cases where taking some simple steps may help in overcoming premature ejaculation. The simple steps may include masturbating an hour before intercourse, avoiding intercourse right away and focusing on other sexual play for some time, and so on.

2. Pelvic Floor Exercises

Specific Exercises

Specific Exercises

The pelvic floor exercises are some of the specific exercises that help in strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. The weak pelvic floor muscles could be the reason for premature ejaculation in some cases.

There was a study[8] conducted among the lifelong patients of premature ejaculation to see the impacts of pelvic floor exercises on them.

The results obtained from the study were very positive and encouraging for the people that are suffering from premature ejaculation. There was an improvement in the condition of lifelong patients after regularly performing premature ejaculation.

One can aim for 3 sets of pelvic floor exercises, 3 times a day to get started with pelvic floor exercises.

3. The Pause-Squeeze Techniques

The pause-squeeze technique is another simple technique that is commonly suggested by the doctor to deal with premature ejaculation. The beginning of sexual intercourse starts with sexual stimulation.

When a man starts to feel the urge to ejaculate, the female partner is told to squeeze the top of the penis and maintain it for a few seconds till an urge to ejaculate disappear.

This technique can be repeated as many times as possible. Repeat this technique and continue to have sexual intercourse for as much time as you want.

4. Condoms

The sensitivity of a penis can be decreased with the help of a condom, which can help in delaying premature ejaculation. There is a special “climax condom” that is found on the market.

This condom contains numbing agents, such as lidocaine and benzocaine. These are made up of thicker latex for delaying ejaculation.

Some of the examples of this type of condoms are Durex Performance Intense, Trojan Extended, and Lifestyles Everlast Intense.

5. Medications

There are medications that could help premature ejaculation patients overcome their condition. Some of the medications that are recommended are:

Oral Medications

Although these drugs are not recommended by the Food and Drug Administration, these medicines have been found in delaying ejaculation.

These medications could be prescribed either for daily use or on-demand. Here are some of the oral medications that could help patients.

  • Antidepressants
  • Analgesics

1. Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors

Topical Anesthetics

There are anesthetics creams and spray that is found on the market, which contains numbing agents, such as lidocaine, prilocaine, benzocaine, and so on.

These products are used 10-15 minutes before having sexual intercourse for reducing sensation and delaying ejaculation.

However, the topical anesthetics have some side effects, such as decreased sexual pleasure, loss of sensitivity, and so on.

6. Counseling

Counseling Given

Counseling Given

This approach of treatment is needed when a patient is having a problem with his relationship.

The session with an experienced counselor can reduce the anxiety and they could suggest better ways of coping with the stress.

The sexual dysfunctions can make you lose the feeling of closeness with the partner, which can often lead to unwanted anger, stress, shame, and so on.

Both partners could be frustrated with this problem of premature ejaculation due to the deprivation of not having a satisfying sex life. The time spent with a counselor or opting for sex therapy can show positive effects among couples that are facing this problem.

Disordered Orgasm

The final male sexual problem that I am going to explain is a disordered orgasm. This is a sexual problem that obstructs a man from reaching orgasm, even after adequate stimulation.

This problem is one of the poorly understood sexual problems among all other previously mentioned male sexual problems.

What are the Causes of Disordered Orgasm?

Like many other male sexual problems that are stated in the above sections of this article, a disordered orgasm is also a result of either physiological or psychological causes.

We will discuss both in detail in this article.

Psychological Causes of Disordered Orgasm

The majority of people suffer from disordered orgasms due to some psychological causes. According to the survey[9], anxiety is the no.1 cause of a disordered orgasm.

Performance anxiety is not always related to the duration of intercourse or staying power. This anxiety may be there among men due to various reasons other than these two reasons.

The men could be very worried about willingness to have sex or a state of sexual arousal. These reasons can lead to a vicious anxiety cycle among men. There are some other psychological causes of disordered orgasm that are relatively short-term, such as stress. Stress is often self-correcting.

Some other psychological causes could be the negative attitude towards sexual intercourse that may have been developed from childhood. There is a strong relationship between sexual abuse and disordered orgasm.

The boredom and the unsatisfied married life can also be the reasons for this problem.

Physiological Causes of Disordered Orgasm

Physiological Causes of Disordered Orgasm

Physiological Causes of Disordered Orgasm

There are also many physiological causes of disordered orgasm. Although it’s true that only a few percentages of men suffer from disordered orgasm due to physiological causes, it’s better to know about them for being aware of the causes.
Here are some of the physiological causes of disordered orgasm:

  • Spinal cord injury
  • Hypertension
  • Medications
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Hormonal problems
  • Chronic pain
  • Diabetes

How to Treat Disordered Orgasm?

Men who are struggling with the problem of disordered orgasm should consult a doctor to discuss their problem. The doctor may ask you to conduct physical examinations. If physical problems are there, there would be solutions provided by a doctor to treat your problem.

If your problem is caused by some psychological problems, you may want to have an appointment with a qualified sex therapist or a sex counselor for sex therapy treatment. This therapy is based on homework, which addresses different types of relationship issues and sexual activities.

Communication training is also an important element of this therapy. The therapist will emphasize relaxed interactions and playful discussions among couples to eliminate the pressure to perform sexually to some extent.

The assignments that are assigned by sex therapists will gradually solve the problems that are seen among men.

Can We Stay away from Male Sexual Problems before We Experience Them?

The male sexual problems are truly annoying, and you must have realized it by now after getting to know about different types of male sexual problems.

If you’re among the men who have not yet experienced any types of male sexual problems, it’s good for you. Even if you’re among men who are currently struggling with a male sexual disorder, you may still find this section of this article valuable.

It’s because the tips that are mentioned in this article will improve your sexual health, and it will also reduce the risk of you being diagnosed with some other sexual disorders.

Here are some of the things that you can do to reduce the risk of male sexual problems in your life.

1. Avoid Cigarettes, Alcohol, and Other Recreational Drugs

Avoid Cigarettes

Avoid Cigarettes

There are many young men who believe that smoking, drinking, and doing drugs make them cool.

However, it would not be so cool when you won’t be able to perform sexually with your partner. In fact, it would be very embarrassing for you, and it could even lead you to misery.

Staying away from cigarettes, alcohol, and other recreational drugs will allow you to stay away from all the harmful effects of these things on sexual performance and sexual desire.

Not to forget that these harmful substances can degrade your overall health, so you will also be staying away from the risks of many other diseases.

2. Regular Health Checkups

There is no assurance that you are free from all the medical conditions if you do not check your physical health on a regular basis. A complete health checkup will help in ensuring that you’re in good shape.

And, it will also help you tackle the problem early in your life if you come to know about it.

Controlling blood pressure, diabetes, and your cholesterol level can greatly reduce the risk of a sexual disorder, as these factors have an influence on blood flow to different parts of the body.

3. Discuss Side Effects of Medications before Consuming them

It’s very important for a person to know about the foods and medicines that they are consuming on a regular basis. There are many side effects of different medicines that doctors prescribe to their patients.

Some patients may experience the side effects and some may not experience the side effects. If you start to experience sexual problems after the consumption of some specifically prescribed medicines, be quick to talk to your doctor.

You need to quickly shift to alternative medicines to avoid further damage from the medications.

4. Do not Hesitate to Communicate

Burying your thoughts and problems can lead to stress and relationship problems.

Feel free to discuss your problem with your partner to reduce the risk of many psychological problems that could lead to male sexual dysfunction.

5. Healthy Diet and Regular Workouts

Lastly, opt for a healthy diet plan and be involved in regular workouts to enhance your overall health. A person who has a healthy lifestyle has a lot lesser risk of sexual disorders in comparison to those with a poor lifestyle.

Healthy Diet and Regular Workouts

Healthy Diet and Regular Workouts


Wrapping it Up

With the study showing that unsatisfied sex life being one of the major causes of divorce, a person must be really serious about their sexual problems.

Remember, you’re not the only person who is dealing with the problems. Sexual problems are very common among people in today’s world.

However, the good thing is that there are many treatment methods available to treat various types of male sexual problems, as I have already explained in the above parts of this article. Instead of running away from your problems, have the guts to face them.

Do not be late to consult a doctor about your sexual problems. The quicker you deal with them, the better your chance of overcoming your problems.

If talking about sexual problems, we can also say that prostate health is also an important issue. so lets keep your prostate healthy by good supplements. But before check this good Schiff Prostate Health Review supplements review.

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