Male Libido: How to Increase it?

A man's strong desire for sex is called libido, reduced levels of libido are caused by various factors like aging, stress, poor diet, and exercise.

What Is Male Libido?

Have you ever felt like your arousal levels have been notably increased or reduced? This “instinctual” feeling is actually the result of a variety of chemical process, many of which are related to the balance of hormones, or chemical messengers, within the brain.

Male Libido: How to Increase it?

This particular element of the human physiology continues to be studied by doctors and medical professionals due to the enormous power these chemicals have over a variety of physical and psychological processes.

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A man’s desire for sex is often commonly defined as his “libido.” Men who desire sex more than what is considered to be an “average” level have an increased libido, while those who desire sexual intimacy less are often defined as having a reduced libido.

How Does Aging Affect Libido?

As men progress into their 40’s and 50’s, it’s not uncommon for libido levels to decrease drastically, due in large part to natural reductions in testosterone levels that are endemic to the aging process.

Sexual “peaks” can often be interpreted as the highest possible libido levels during a man’s life, while a decline in sexual desire is commonly considered to be a decrease in libido.

What Factors Can Decrease Libido?

Outside of the natural aging, process, one of the most common issues that can affect libido levels is stress.

When individuals of either gender experience periods of prolonged stress, it’s not uncommon for their body to respond by releasing “stress hormones,” some of which have been shown to have detrimental effects on libido.

Libido levels can also be reduced by a variety of unhealthy lifestyle choices, including poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of sleep or substance abuse.

As libido is directly linked to testosterone, men who consume excessive levels of alcohol on a regular basis will most likely experience reduced testosterone levels and, therefore, reduced libido levels.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

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How Can Libido Be Increased?

Studies have shown that male libido levels can be enhanced using a variety of both natural and medicinal processes.

For those who wish to avoid using prescription medications, doctors will often recommend a series of lifestyle alterations, one of the most important of which is exercise.

Regular exercise, even in short durations, has been proven to boost testosterone levels in men of all ages.

For those who are approaching their 50s, exercise has been shown to help counteract the loss of sexual desire and stamina during the aging process.

Increasing Libido Through Nutrition

In addition to physical activity, libido can be increased through a variety of foods. The importance of a balanced diet cannot be emphasized enough when discussing possible solutions for reduced libido.

Medical professionals and nutritionists can recommend an array of powerful food products that can help men increase their sexual desire and libido levels over time.

Increasing Libido Through Hormone Balancing

For those who would prefer to pursue medicinal treatments, one of the most common solutions for increasing libido levels is through hormone balancing, specifically involving the testosterone hormone.

A variety of non-invasive hormone therapies have been created specifically for men who may be suffering reduced testosterone levels as a result of any number of tangentially related medical issues.

Hormone therapy such as this is often prescribed for men who may be experiencing reduced libido due to aging. That being said, individuals should always discuss their specific medical problems with a professional before actively pursuing therapy options due to the inherent risk of potentially serious medical problems.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Increasing Libido Through Psychological Treatments

For some men, reduced libido levels may be occurring on a “case-by-case” basis,” a situation which may occur as a result of potentially negative feelings related to the specific individual in question.

Couples therapy programs have been developed that are designed to remedy these issues, allowing relationship partners to resolve their specific problems in a non-confrontational, supportive environment.


Although both medical and natural remedies are available for those wishing to maximize their libido, it’s always important to first understand one’s motives for pursuing such treatments.

For some men, libido enhancements using hormone therapy can prove to be as potentially unhealthy as it is “beneficial.”

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Through an honest assessment of one’s desires and wishes, an individual can learn more about their specific reasons for pursuing libido altering treatments and their desired “end result.”

Typically, doctors offer a variety of informational and educational resources for men who wish to learn more about their available options.

For those who believe that an improvement in libido levels is an important facet of their health, increased awareness can be particularly invaluable.

Regardless, approaching these topics with an open mind and responsible outlook can help ensure optimal results, regardless of which particular treatment method is eventually decided upon.

If you’re interested in maximizing your libido, we wish you the best of luck!


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