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What Future Does the Male Birth Control Hold?

Why do women suffer from the burden of prevention if men are equally responsible? It's no longer! Discover what is the future of the control of male birth.

For several decades, women have been subjected to ensuring that they prevent themselves from unplanned pregnancies, by using various contraceptives such as patches, the pill, and coil among many others. On the other hand, it’s been nerve-wracking research for the male counterparts for years. But we are raising our hopes up that soon we get a remedy.

What Future Does the Male Birth Control Hold?
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So can the Men be Hopeful for Male Contraceptives

Absolutely yes. It’s been centuries since people have been hoping for male birth control, this can be traced back to as early as the 1950s at least. When researchers and scientists were discussing hormonal women contraceptives, they were hoping the same for the men, explained Lloyd. Even though they didn’t research it at the time.

A greater percentage of men were excited and promised to take the male birth control if it were available. It was a very fabulous unbelievable estimate of 75% of men hoping for this, says impressed Lloyd. This meant that when the issue of family planning would arise, both men and women could offer to take part in it.

Coming up with male hormonal birth control in the near future can be great news since the most common and up to date form of controlling unplanned pregnancies in men has only been the use of condoms, withdrawal or pulling out and vasectomy. The rest of the other male contraceptives are still being tried out.

Male contraceptives

Male contraceptives

A study was carried out several years ago in 2008 by Francis K Githinji who is an online dating expert, he gave hopes on a possible future of male birth control penetrating the markets. At the time the following were the contraceptives on trial.

  • Adhering; this is male birth control that was meant to interfere with the formation of sperms in the testes, by preventing the cells from developing to the formation of mature sperms.
  • Blockage of the developing sperms using direct ingestion of a pill or through injection of the medicine into the body, while being keen not to interfere with the levels of testosterone. This method ought to have no to very minimal side effects because regulating hormonal changes could severely affect one’s physical activities and the body generally.
  • Androgen-progesterone; which at the time was still on trial too but around 2016 about 320 men from various countries were selected to try out the contraceptive. This trial and error technique received a lot of critics, some saying that the method could result in cases of unplanned pregnancies, therefore, it wasn’t advisable since most of the men reacted well to the drug.

Androgen-progesterone was meant to control the hormones and chemical changes that help in sperm formation, growth, and development. This trial test was carried out in animals such as rats but they exhibited no toxic deposits or reactions from the contraceptive.

The 320 men from the different countries also showed mild side effects like acne, mood swings and depression. Common side effects experienced by the women who used the female contraceptives as birth control. This raised a lot of complaints from the women’s side because normally men are meant to be stronger than women yet the contraceptive was terminated early due to the effects above, effects that women have been dealing with ever since.

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Looking into the Future of Male Contraceptive

A research study conducted in October 2016 on this issue shows that a male pill is upcoming and it’s going to change most things. Says Aaron Hamlin, Executive director of the Male Contraception Initiative.

She notes that some of the male birth controls coming to include;

  • vasalgel, which is a non-hormonal contraceptive set to flood the American markets in 2018-2020. A single injection could go up to four years and most men will love it, research shows. It can make it to bestselling male birth control since it’s predicted to reduce back pain risks, an occasional matter with vasectomies.
  • Gendarussa, this too is non-hormonal. It’shypothesized to work in a manner to prevent the ability of sperm to fertilize the egg. It already has support from clinical trials.
  • Clean sheets pill, this right here operates in a way that permits orgasm while inhibiting ejaculation.

Researchers are still making new trials, many of them being non-hormonal. Which is great since avoiding hormones ensures no side effect.


This generation is an error of fast technological advancement. People come up with ideas and inventions day in day out, there are also very many educated people who can come up with million-dollar ideas on male contraceptives.

So despite patiently waiting for the vassalage, gendarussa and clean sheets pill among others to be released into the markets, and whether or not they will too be terminated for any reason, men can be assured of getting their dreams fulfilled someday.



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