Everything You Need To Know About Low Testosterone Levels

Men can experience a range of symptoms if the testosterone level decreases more than it should.


Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is important for sexual and reproductive development.

Everything You Need To Know About Low Testosterone Levels
Testosterone - an anabolic steroid and primary male sex hormone. Shutterstock Images

The testicles are responsible for the production of testosterone in the male.

Whereas the ovaries in women are responsible for the production of the same hormone but in small amounts.

At the puberty stage, the amount of testosterone levels starts to increase until the early ages of 30 years.

This hormone is important in the stage of sperm production. It is also believed to behind sex drive.

Furthermore, it plays a role in the mass of muscles and bones, how fat is stored in the body of men, and the level of production of blood cells.

It also has an effect on a man’s mood.

In summary, testosterone is responsible for all male sexual traits.

Testosterone is a form of androgen that is mainly produced by the testis in cells known as Leydig.

The presence of inadequate levels of testosterone leads to infertility in men.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

This is because testosterone is responsible for the development of full-grown sperms.

Despite the fact that it is a hormone found in the male. It is also responsible for bone density, muscle strength, and sex drive in females.

Although, be warned that a high amount of testosterone in women may lead them to display male characteristics like infertility and to be bald.

The pituitary glands and the brain is responsible for controlling the level of testosterone.

The moment the hormone is released it travels through the bloodstream to perform its functions.

What is the Role of Testosterone?

1. Responsible for Decrease of Fats in the Body

They play a significant role in the regulation of fat metabolism, glucose, and insulin.

As the level of testosterone decrease, the ability of the body to control glucose, fat metabolism, and insulin decrease.

This causes fat to start accumulating.

The most annoying part is that the increased fat tissues may lead to a decrease in the level of testosterone because it is responsible for the conversion of testosterone hormone to estrogen.

The description mentioned above can serve as a reason why obese men low testosterone levels and elevated levels of estrogen.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Research suggests[1] that if you break the cycle of the low levels of testosterone hormone and increase body fat, you will make a proper sequence of loss of fat and spark an increment in the level of testosterone.

2. Responsible for Healthy Blood and Heart

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Blood is pumped to the other parts of the body with the use a heart that is healthy.

Making provisions for organs and muscles with oxygen required for optimal performance.

Testosterone hormone is in charge of the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow.

Low levels of testosterone may lead to a risk of cardiovascular ailments. Can testosterone replacement therapies help to treat heart diseases? [2]The findings are neither in support nor against the idea.

Thus the findings tend to be mixed up.

Small scales studies[3] that were conducted in the early 2000s had findings that men diagnosed with a heart ailment and took testosterone therapy were able to improve their condition slightly.

For example, the increase in the distance they used to walk by 33 percent.

A similar study concluded that hormone therapy made arteries that were healthy widen although no effect was seen on angina-related pain.

A large-scale study was done recently on 83,000 men [4]found out men who their level of testosterone was reversed to an optimal level, 24 percent were not likely to be diagnosed with a heart attack.

Whereas, 36 percent of them were less likely to get affected by stroke.

3. Increases the Mass of Muscles, Fat, and Bone


Vital role of testosterone in muscles, fat and bones enhancement. Shutterstock Images

It works by mainly growing the muscle protein production [5]in the body. The increased muscles become strong too.

Testosterone acts as the main hormone that is responsible for muscle enhancement.

This hormone helps to increase neurotransmitters which later leads to the growth of tissues.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Furthermore, it communicates with DNA nuclear receptors to assist in the synthesis of protein.

Generally, testosterone leads to the increase of hormones responsible for growth.

The hormone is responsible for the increase in bone density. It also instructs bone marrow to produce red blood cells.

Men with a low level of the hormone are likely to have instances of breaks and bone fractures.

Testosterone is responsible for fat metabolism[6].

Thus it aids men to burn fat efficiently.

A drop in the levels of testosterone can lead to body fat increment.

4. Hair and Skin Changes

As a boy transitions to man testosterone is responsible for the growth of hair in the armpits, puberty area, and on the face.

At some point, hair can grow in the chest, arms and legs. Men who have low levels of testosterone may at times lose hair on their body.

Although therapy for the replacement of testosterone may be recommended.

It comes with its side effects, for instance, the introduction of acne and enlargement of the breast.

Hope you have an idea of how a man with enlarged breasts may look, not so good at all.

They also may lead to small skin irritation.

The topical gel can help solve the irritation side effects.

Although, there is a need to be extra careful to avoid skin contact with others since it can transfer testosterone to other individuals.

5. Sexuality

At the age of puberty, a rise in the level of testosterone leads to the growth of the testis, pubic hair, and penis.

Hair and muscle growth while the voice is starting to deepen.

Increase sexual desire accompanies these changes.

Men with low levels of the hormone are at high risk of showing no interest in having sex.

Sexual activities and sexual stimulation are responsible for making the level of testosterone rise.

In case an individual stays for long without having sex the level of the hormone may drop.

A reduction in testosterone may lead to erectile dysfunction too.

If a man falls in love, the level of testosterone will reduce. Whereas the level of testosterone in women will increase.

Speculations suggest that men with less level of testosterone are likely to stay in a relationship than those with more testosterone levels.

6. Central Nervous System

It helps in controlling testosterone and sending signals with the use of chemicals and hormones that are released into our blood.

Hypothalamus available in the brain is responsible for informing the pituitary gland on the amount of testosterone that should be released to pass signals to the testis[7].

Testosterone influences specific traits, for instance, dominance and aggression.

Furthermore, it assists in sparking competition and boost of self-esteem.

The level of hormone increases if you take part in activities that are competitive.

It may lead to an increase or a decrease in its level.

The presence of low testosterone leads to a reduction in self-confidence and motivation.

It can also result in sad feelings or reduce your chance of concentrating.

It even may lead to a lack of sleep and a decrease in your body energy.

Although you should note that testosterone is one of many factors that affect your traits.

7. Prevention of Diseases

Having optimum level of testosterone level has some health benefits that can guard your body against diseases and infections.

Individuals with low testosterone levels have high chances of getting diabetes type 2.

Also, they are at a high risk of death.

This is according to Dr. Spencer Nadolsky[8].

It may happen due to lower insulin sensitivity secretion of low testosterone.

And increased atherosclerosis because of reduction in insulin sensitivity and lipid changes that are not conducive.

What are the Reasons for Low Testosterone Level?

Having low testosterone is a situation where the hormone is under produced in both men and women.

Below are some reasons as to why testosterone level may be down:

You are consuming a lot of junk food

The modern world provides us with a quick meal in case you feel hungry.

The readily available meals are junk foods, and we end up overeating instead of taking a decent meal.

Junk food has bad ingredients that affect testosterone production.

The impact is not yet determined by how it directly affects the creation of the hormone.

Although, we can agree that junk foods are easy to digest and it a source of calories.

In such a scenario, men tend to consume more calories than the required amount.

Consumption of a lot of calories makes men gain fat thus affecting the production of testosterone.

To put it straight, if you have excess fat stored in your body, there will be an increase in estrogen and cortisol production and the amount of testosterone production will have to reduce as a response to the effect.

How to fix
1. Avoid consumption of refined carbohydrates at all
2. Reduce alcohol intake (alcohol reduces hormone production, and most of the drunkards tend to take low quality food after drinking which also affects the creation of progesterone)
3. Eat an adequate amount of red meat; it contains saturated fats that help in the production of testosterone.
4. Eat an adequate amount of vegetables rich in fiber

You avoid weight lifting and getting fit

It is one of the effective ways of producing sufficient testosterone. Lifting heavy items makes your body to make a respond by increasing the output of testosterone.

Weight lifting causes your muscles to grow and adapt by developing them to be stronger and bigger.

In this case, it is advisable for you to eat carbohydrates and proteins to help in fuel recovery although on a hormonal level.

Testosterone is also a significant player in the healing of your body and the process of building muscles.

Weight lifting also helps in anger control.

Testosterone triggers anger as an emotion and when you decide to control it by hitting the gym two things may take place;

  • a)Your body will respond by increasing the level of the production of testosterone( anger act as stimuli)
  • b)Your anger will reduce because you now have an outlet to relieve your aggression feelings

How to fix
Move to a gym and start weight lifting. You don’t need to lift a heavy one just start slow and have control over your body.

Dependence on testosterone replacement therapy

Most people who suffer from low testosterone levels tend to depend on the replacement therapy[9].

Theoretically, it may sound like the ideal solution.

All you need to do is rub creams, take pills, and kaboom!

Your testosterone levels are back to optimum levels.

The truth of the matter is, it is not that simple to make your hormonal level back to normal.

In fact, many of the individuals who go through therapy have low levels of testosterone production.

Furthermore, their lives don’t change.

In fact, the idea that their body is receiving testosterone from other sources makes the natural production of testosterone decrease drastically.

At the start of the therapy, many individuals report they feel “manly.”

Accompanied by a lot of aggressiveness, sexually aroused, and have constant urge to work out.

Some even follow the mentioned desires.

Those who didn’t follow the said urge their problems escalated until they need to increase the dosage.

How to fix
Consult with your doctor to find a way to slowly reduce the amount of testosterone you receive while you still work to increase the testosterone level naturally.

Some may advise taking you out of the therapy or some oral pills like testogen in case your testosterone levels are far from getting to normal.

After talking to your doctor, he may recommend the listed ways to trigger an increase in the level of testosterone production.


Some specific treatments may result in low testosterone levels and the need for replacement therapy for the hormone.

Some of the prescriptions are those used in the treatment of:

  • Diabetes type 2
  • High blood pressure
  • Chronic pain
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease(GERD)
  • Hypersensitivity

How to fix
When you are sick with the ailments mentioned above.

At a point, you can lack a choice but to go through the treatment.

You should be fully aware of the side effects of the prescription you will be given.

For example, before you start testosterone therapy, there is a need to discuss all medical conditions you are undergoing and seek out information as to whether the therapy affects the medication.

In regards to the given prescription, there must be an alternative medication that cannot lead to a decrease in the level of testosterone.

What are the Healthy Levels of Testosterone?

The range to consider testosterone level normal is wide.

The average range falls between 300-1000 nanograms per deciliter.

The normal free testosterone level is between 9-30 ng/dl.

In the diagnosis of low T, numerous factors are considered.

Most people believe testosterone will reduce drastically as age catches up with you.

Below is a chart of a study done from 1996 that display the average total and free T levels of men from age 25-100 years old.

Age Number of Subjects Total Test Stand. Dev. Free Test Stand. Dev. SHBG Stand. Dev.
25-34 45 617 170 12.3 2.8 35.5 8.8
35-44 22 668 212 10.3 1.2 40.1 7.9
45-54 23 606 213 9.1 2.2 44.6 8.2
55-64 43 562 195 8.3 2.1 45.5 8.8
65-74 47 524 197 6.9 2.3 48.7 14.2
75-84 48 471 169 6.0 2.3 51.0 22.7
85-100 21 376 134 5.4 2.3 65.9 22.8

Doctors say that age is not a factor when we are talking about low testosterone levels.

Furthermore, researches showed that some doctors do not understand that in each case of low T, there is a reason that must be investigated by intensive history and laboratory to find the primary cause.

The testosterone level problems are sometimes brought by neurologic complications like a traumatic brain injury.

The level of testosterone that can be considered healthy can vary from an individual to another.

What is good for one person can be low to another.

Also, the total level of T can be at a good level, but free T can be low thus leading to low T symptoms.

Therefore it is a good thing to check both free and total levels of testosterone.

What are the Signs you have a Low Testosterone Level and How to Deal with Them?

Low Testosterone Level

Must observe the signs of Low Testosterone Level to find correct preventive measures. Shutterstock Images

At the mention of term testosterone, the wordings sound like they are related to the testis.

This can confuse you to think that the testis only releases the hormone and it’s only found in men, you are wrong.

Women need testosterone too.

It is essential for women’s sexual health and they can be affected if it decreases in amount.

Below are common signs of reduced testosterone in individuals;

a) Less interest in having sex

It is the fastest way and the common effect that shows you are low on T.

Most of the patient that visit urologists always complained about not having an appetite for sex.

Also, men with low testosterone are known to have less masturbation with few or no sexual fantasies and dreams that are erotic.

Do not forget that brains play a significant role in sexual desire.

In fact, the amygdala has testosterone receptors.

Testosterone fits in the brain and lights them in case of arousal sessions.

In case you lack it, you will miss the arousal process.

The lack of sexual appetite leads to problems with erection.

Doctors suggest that though it will indirectly have an effect on plumbing that takes place in making your penis to stay hard.

b) Shrinking of your muscles

The optimum level is responsible for building your muscles.

By producing and putting together proteins in order block to form a lean mass.

In case you have a drop in your testosterone levels your body turns into the catabolic state; thus breaking the muscle tissues instead of building them.

The first time you may start to notice that you may push less weight at the gym.

After a few weeks of low testosterone level, you will lose your muscles.

In a Japanese study[10], men who have low testosterone levels (free) is a measure on the amount of hormone present to link to the receptors had triple to double the risk of loss of muscle with aging as compared to individuals with normal levels of T.

c) Your penis can be reduced in size

Studies showed that with inadequate testosterone flow in penis tissues, testicles and scrotum can shrivel[11].

This may result in your penis length to reduce.

Your balls shrink too and conform to half the size they used to be.

Testosterone therapy may not bring back the testicular volume.

Although your penis may reclaim its lost glory, as a matter of fact, it may increase the size of the penis to boys with smaller ones by an inch or half.

This is according to an Indian Journal of Urology.

d) Growth of potty belly

Visceral fat is abdominal fat responsible for forming near your organs.

They are responsible for increased instances of heart disease and diabetes.

If a man is suffering from low T, this increases the activity of catalyst known as lipoprotein lipase.

The compound is responsible for building blocks known as lipids to visceral fat cells and plump them upwards.

e) Faulty Memory and Brains

According to doctors, men with low T tend to have difficulties in memory and thinking.

In a 2015 Australian study[12] it was found out that men with low T had a decline of over five years got a drop in their scores in tests that were taken on memory and mental function of their brains.

Also, the amygdala, an area of the brain that is vital for attention and memory just like the cerebrum also has testosterone receptors.

In case there is not enough amount of hormone to be pumped into the same receptors, the cells in your brains are limited to perform regularly.

f) Change in mood

Side effects of low T like weight gain and sexual dysfunction can cause changes in your mood.

Although a direct effect of low T on your mood can also be observed.

Endocrine journal research suggests that 23% of younger men diagnosed with low T are met with situations of depression as compared to 5% of normal young men with normal levels of T.

Doctors say that the testosterone receptors that are empty in the brain can be the leading cause of mood change or responsible for the depression you may be experiencing[13].

He also notes that mood disorders can start a vicious cycle.

Depression can end up shrinking your testicle’s ability to make testosterone and worsen the problem.

g) Your bones become weak

Bones are living tissues, they are frequently broken down and rebuild.

In case the level of T drops your bones will break down faster as compared to the rate the body can build it up.

At this point one can be at risk of the low density of bones, fractures, and osteoporosis.

h) Risk of a heart attack

The effect of testosterone on the heart has made to the emergence of a lot of controversies among experts.

For instance, some believe that low levels of T are linked to heart-related problems.

To support the statement is a study[14] from the UK which found men with low Testosterone levels were at a higher risk of succumbing from heart disease than men with normal T levels.

The reason may be because testosterone can aid in opening up blood vessels leading to the heart thus allowing blood to flow easily.

Other studies suggest that testosterone therapy done on older men with heart conditions can increase the risk of cardiac arrest or stroke[15]. Experts believe it can thicken blood by building a clot.

Doctors say that it can be the extra testosterone may be lifting levels of T too high.

Thus in case you are a T therapy candidate there is a need to first talk to a doctor about its benefits and risks.

What are the Testosterone Boosting Foods?

Testosterone Boosting Foods

Herbs, vitamins, dairy products, and foods tend to enhance testosterone levels. Shutterstock Images

It is advisable to combine your medical treatment with food that will increase your testosterone for better results.

Zinc and Vitamin D are the primary nutrients that are important to a diet of a low T man.

Below are some of the recommended foods to achieve a higher T:

a) Tuna

It has a lot of Vitamin D nutrients that are linked to testosterone production and living longer.

Furthermore, it is rich in protein, but with low calories, also it is heart-healthy.

You may either choose to consume canned or fresh.

Although eating it while fresh is a better way to boost your T levels naturally.

One serving of tuna is enough to provide for your daily needs for vitamin D.

In case tuna is not your favorite, you can consider another fish source to get vitamin D like sardine or salmon.

Although, you should moderate its consumption.

An aim of 2 to 3 servings a week is recommended to reduce consuming mercury that is present in seafood.

b) Milk with low fat and has vitamin D

Milk serves as a primary source of calcium and proteins.

Women and children should drink milk frequently for good healthy bones although milk can also make men’s bones to be strong too.

Vitamin D present in the milk can also maintain your testosterone levels.

In case you shop for milk, pick a carton that is vitamin D fortified.

Choose either skim versions or low-fat. Since they have looked like nutrients like that of whole milk and have no saturated fat.

c) Egg yolks

They are rich in vitamin D, although it has a bad reputation on its cholesterol levels.

It has a lot of nutrients than the white egg. The cholesterol present in the egg may help your low T levels.

Although before using it, you should make sure you have no history of cholesterol issues then you can eat one egg on a daily basis.

d) Fortified cereals

In case you have to watch the level of your cholesterol. These cereals are a must-have for you.

Some brands of cereals are incorporated with vitamin D and other nutrients that are healthy.

You should consider including these types of foods in your breakfast to improve the level of your T.

e) Oysters

Zinc serves as important nutrients in the puberty stage.

The effects it provides help keep hormones normal throughout adulthood.

Men who are diagnosed with low testosterone can benefit from consuming zinc.

Oyster is highly rich in mineral zinc that helps increase your low T to normal.

f) Beans

Black beans and white kidney are sources of zinc, and vitamin D.

Baked beans can also give nutrients, but there is a need to combine other sources into your diet.

Beans are rich in proteins that are plant-based thus they are good at protecting your heart health.

Beans offer a lot of benefits to the health of the male hormone.

g) Beef

Some beef parts are an important source of nutrients to boost testosterone, for instance, beef liver is a good source of vitamin D whereas chuck roast and ground beef have zinc.

Although consumption of too much beef is linked to colon cancer.

h) Shellfish

You should occasionally consume lobster or crab to help boost your testosterone.

It contains zinc that is good for your testosterone production.

Research done by National Institute of Health [16]suggests that Alaskan king crab provides at least 43 percent of daily zinc value in every 3-ounce servings.

What are the Myths about Testosterone?

Myths about Testosterone

Testosterone Myths: What This Powerhouse Hormone Can Actually Do. Theproductlawyers.com

a) The testosterone replacement therapy will hurt

The insertion of testosterone pellets is a quick and painless procedure.

The only part that is painful is the injection of a shot of lidocaine to make the area numb.

After the injection the area is numb, and you can’t feel a thing.

b) Testosterone will make you an angry person

This myth originates from abusing steroids that are illegal.

Now there are testosterone boosters that act as organic that have a positive effect on your mood.

Many people who use it report they stay calm and are nicer.

Although, it has been observed that T therapy leads to irritation in some women and increases aggressiveness.

Although, this issue is dose-related and is a short-term experience.

The best remedy is to reduce the dose.

c) Testosterone pellet is harmful

This is not true, the additives used in the T pellets are approved by the FDA, and the procedure for making the pellets is regulated by the State Pharmacy Board.

Furthermore, the distribution of pellets is under the regulations of DEA and State Pharmacy Boards.

It is guaranteed that the pellets are checked and crafted from sources that are trusted for a hormonal replacement that is safe.

d) Women should not take testosterone

This is not true, in fact, testosterone plays a vital role in both women and men.

Although men tend to have high levels of testosterone in their bodies.

The ovaries are responsible for the production of testosterone and estrogen.

They are taking part in the maintenance, growth, and development of the body tissues.

Testosterone is responsible for maintaining mood, sex drive, levels of energy, and bodily functions smoothly in women.

It is also responsible for skin elasticity, energy, and muscle growth.

It also protects women’s and men’s hearts.

The danger is taking it without a doctor’s prescription.

It is indicated to be taken in cases of low sex drive in postmenopausal women

e) It causes an increased heart attack in men

The truth is the hormone help protect the body against prostate cancer, diabetes, heart disease, loss of energy and plaque forming on the brain.

At times some individuals do poor studies and make them public to get publicity.

f) Testosterone pellets are not natural

If yams are not natural then pellets are not too.

Pellets are made from wild soy and wild yams that have a high concentration of any substance.

There are no allergens available to the soy and wild yams because the moment the yams are made they seize being part of the soy/yam plant.

They are bioidentical and pure in relation to what our body produces.

g) The pellets will forever stay in my body

The truth is, the hormones are 100% pure thus they get dissolved in your bloodstream after a period of time.

They may take approximately 4-6 months.

What is Treatment for Low Testosterone?

Treatment for Low Testosterone

Recommended Treatments for Low Testosterone. Shutterstock Images

As you age, you should expect to see a decline in the level of your T. Although treatment may be recommended if you have signs of low testosterone.

In case you are a young man with low T, and you are a couple trying to be pregnant. Gonadotropin injection can be recommended in your case.

The injection contains hormones that send signals to the body for the production of more testosterone.

It may lead to increased sperm count. Also, there is an implantable testosterone pellet.

It’s a new treatment that several pellets are put in under your buttocks skin to release testosterone for at least 3-4 months.

Nasal gel and injections may also be considered for other men.

Testosterone supplements

Some low T treatments can come as testosterone supplements.

Although there is no oral supplement for testosterone that is approved to be sold in the US.

There was a particular study that researched the effects of testosterone supplement older men, who have low T at 80milligrams a day.

The study mainly focused on the effects of testosterone on:

  • Cognition
  • Density of bone mineral
  • Lipids
  • The quality of life
  • Function mobility

The research did not see an adverse impact on someone who took two doses on a daily basis.

Although, the T supplement had no important impact on cognition function, and functional mobility.

Although, there was observed the effect on the composition of the body and risk factors of metabolism.

In comparison with placebo, testosterone had the following results:

  • Presence of a decrease in fat mass
  • Increase in lean body mass

Although strong evidence of the safety and benefit of testosterone treatment in elder men is brought forward, it should be avoided for those with severe clinical signs of low testosterone.

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)[17] warns that testosterone supplements should not be used in the treatment of late-onset hypogonadism, although it can be prescribed for a cause that is identified.

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)

TRT can help resolve affected functions for low T. studies indicate that TRT has an impact on hemoglobin levels in blood and strength of the bone and mental sharpness.

The treatment can be given through the use of:

  • patches and skin gels
  • injections
  • Tablets absorbed through gums

Although it has side effects which are;

  • Breast and prostate enlargement
  • Acne
  • Increased amount of blood cell count
  • Breathing difficulties during sleep(rare cases)
  • Increased chances of cardiovascular diseases

A study recently done suggests that TRT gives extra benefit for mortality and stroke for men with normalized levels of TRT.

What are the Supplements for Heart Disease and Prohormone?

Disease and Prohormone

Supplement cab be a way to treat Heart Disease and Prohormone. Shutterstock Images

Prohormones are a collection of steroid that is used for weight loss support and building of muscles.

A lot of prohormone supplements are given to men to heal low testosterone levels. Some of the supplements are Tribulus Terrestris which is a herbal product and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

Although a bill was passed in 2014 to ban anabolic steroids that are designed.

But there is no research brought forward to show that prohormone supplements affect the level of testosterone levels.

Remedies like this can be a risk to health.

The law does not need herbal supplements to be proven to be used.

Thus you should be cautious if you use them. Prohormones can lead to increased testosterone and boost estrogen a female hormone at both times.

They are also responsible for an imbalance in blood cholesterol, reduced levels of cholesterol that are good.

The side effects associated with prohormones prove that they are a dangerous and even poor choice for testosterone boosting since the government doesn’t license them.


Testosterone is a hormone that is supposed to be glorified.

It’s an essential aspect of what makes a male child be men, and with less of it, we succumb.

It is vital for you to go through testosterone level checkups. It will make you more of a better person to both around you and yourself.

Maintenance of optimum testosterone levels is essential, although they will reduce slowly with time.

In case you have symptoms of chronic or severe low testosterone that are observable.

The deficiency of the hormone can be caused by a disease that is active or a condition.

Treatment may lead to side effects that are unwanted thus it is good to balance and expect to receive the importance of T supplementation with the risk of the process of treatment.

Though, low T levels appear with no physical effects and do not need treatment.

After reading the whole story one of the ways mentioned is taking supplements, so if you believe in taking pills check for the theAndro400 review, & decide whether you want to go for the supplement or not.

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