Get Erection with Erectile Dysfunction

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Published: Jun 13, 2014 | Last Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Get Erection with Erectile Dysfunction

Most men get this condition every now and then but it becomes an issue when one is unable to maintain an erection that can sustain sexual intercourse. This can cause the man to have a low self-esteem and it can lead to major problems. The steps that can be taken by the patient in order to get an erection include both natural treatments and conventional ones.

Open Up About The Problem

The patient is encouraged to talk to the doctor about the problem. The doctor will then prescribe oral medications that help to get an erection. These drugs include sildenafil, vardenafil hydrochloride and tadalafil that act by relaxing the muscles that help in controlling of blood flow in the penis. This leads to an increase in the blood flowing through the penis therefore causing an erection.

Use of Prostaglandin E

Patient is also advised to use a synthetic form of prostaglandin E. prostaglandin E is a hormone that is produced in the body and helps in relaxing the muscles that are found in the penis therefore promoting an increase in the blood flow. Alprostadil is a synthetic form of prostaglandin E that can be used by the patient to treat an erectile dysfunction. The synthetic form of prostaglandin E is usually available in two categories:

  • One form can be injected in the base of the penis using a fine needle.
  • The other form can be inserted into the urethra and this comes in the form of a suppository.

Therapy Using Testosterone

The patient is encouraged to get a therapy that uses a testosterone. This sex hormone is found in males and is used in maintaining the strength of bones and muscles. This mode of treatment is usually used in patients who suffer from hypogonadism where the body produces inadequate amounts of testosterone. This condition may lead to erectile dysfunction and the patient is advised to talk to their doctor who will assist them in getting therapy to replace the hormone. The amount of testosterone in the body usually declines with age and it starts when one is 30 years old and this continues with increasing age. The symptoms that show that an individual has reduced testosterone levels are reduced libido, difficulty in maintaining an erection, low self-esteem and difficulty in concentration. The patient presents with reduced mass of the muscles and an increase in the body fat.

Avoid Stressful Conditions

The patient should avoid stressful conditions and factors that are likely to distress the mind. Psychological factors that are likely to increase the chances of getting an erectile dysfunction include depression, anxiety, stress and fear of sexual non-performance. The patient is encouraged to relax the mind and this can be done by partaking in relaxation activities. The activities that can be done to relax the mind include yoga, taichi, meditation, walking or going for a massage to relieve muscle tension. The patient is also encouraged to balance between rest and activity and ensure that they do not overwork the body.

Acupuncture Treatment

It is advisable for the patient to get an acupuncture treatment. this mode of treatment is commonly used by Chinese where tiny needles are inserted into meridian points of the body. This method helps in the treatment of symptoms that underlie a condition. Research has shown that the method is effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This is usually in the treatment of erectile dysfunction caused by psychological factors. The theories that are behind this mode of treatment show that the body is made up of patterns where energy flows through and that the balance of this energy flows should be maintained. The disruption that may occur to the flow of this energy is likely to cause illness in the body. The patients who opt to use this mode of treatment should ensure that they are able to get a qualified acupuncturist and that high levels of hygiene are maintained when performing the procedure. This is to prevent introduction of microorganisms to the body using the needles. The needles being used should be sterile and the area where the procedure is being done should be clean.

Stop Smoking

The patient is encouraged to stop smoking because this is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction. A report that was issued by the mayo clinic showed that chain smokers are more likely to get erectile dysfunction as compared to the men who do not smoke. This is because cigarettes contain nicotine that causes restriction of the arteries and veins that supply blood to different organs in the body including the penis. This causes reduced blood flow through the penis resulting to an erectile dysfunction. Patients are encouraged to quit smoking not only because of erectile dysfunction but also because of other diseases that include the cancer of the lungs. To quit the habit, patients are encouraged to join support groups where they are given someone who will be accountable for them. This helps them to ensure that they are following through with the plan of quitting. These patients have to make their own conscious decision to quit the habit for the plan to be effective. It is important for them to identify the factors that trigger the habit in them and avoid them. This can be friends, certain activities or stressful conditions.

Seek Counseling

The patient is encouraged to seek the help of a counselor where they are able to express their fears and concerns. The patient can attend sex therapy sessions together with their partner or they can also go alone. It is important for the patient to improve their communication on issues related to sex with their partners. The patient needs to explain to their partners the issues that are affecting them so that they can get moral support. The patient should get a therapist who will help them to make sexual expectations that are realistic and help them in decreasing tension. The patient is also encouraged to seek help in other areas of life that may be contributing to increased stress. This includes stress in the working environment, marriage issues, depression and cases where the patient has a chronic condition.

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