How To Fulfill A Woman’s Sexual Fantasies?

Learn these simple steps that will help men to fulfill women’s sexual fantasies. Increase the level of intimacy, pleasure, and excitement and make it great sex.

What is it exactly about sex that conjures up such a wide array of images, scenarios, and scenes that have been broadly lumped into the category of “sexual fantasy?” The level of intimacy, pleasure, and excitement that are core facets of sexual intercourse have helped propel one of the human species’ most basic functional elements into the realm of legend and myth. On a more practical level, however, it is very interesting to observe how sexual fantasies developed on an individual basis, and, equally as important, what these fantasies are.

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For men, the idea of “fulfilling” their female partner’s sexual fantasies is exciting for a number of reasons. According to the age-old perceptions of masculinity, the ability to “provide” is a core facet of the male gender’s role. Because of this, the assumption could be made that men are responding to their most archetypal duties when attempting to satisfy even the most extreme sexual demands of their partner. Fortunately, studies have shown that the majority of sexual fantasies don’t involve anything too esoteric or extreme.

We’ve compiled a list of simple steps men can take that will allow them to identify and address the sexual needs of their partner. Although the precise nature of the “fantasies” experienced by women will differ, this guide is merely meant to serve as a primer through which certain generalizations can be made.

Step #1: Take Your Time

Men and women occasionally have markedly different opinions as to what constitutes “great” sex. On some level, the distinction must be made between the varying levels of pleasure experienced by men and women during sexual intercourse.

Although vaginal penetration is very stimulating for men, women typically derive more pleasure from clitoral stimulation due to the larger number of nerves focused in this small area. Because of this, men seeking to fulfill their partner’s sexual fantasies would do well to remember that “sex” will involve more than just intercourse if it is to be fantastic. Men should focus on relaxing their partner through massages and prolonged touch.

The importance of foreplay cannot be emphasized enough, here. Men should ensure that their partner has reached a considerable level of physical arousal before attempting intercourse. Not only will this make her more likely to achieve orgasm, it will ensure that the emotional and physical state of the female is primed for sexual climax.

Step #2: Help Her Reach Orgasm

As the majority of sexually active men have already found out, it’s far easier for them to achieve climax than their female partners. This disparity in “pacing” occurs for a variety of reasons. That being said, the fact that women are capable of achieving multiple climaxes in series produces an exciting array of possibilities for men who are willing to take the time to help them achieve this.

Oral sex, stimulation via hand and vaginal penetration are three primary tools that men have at their disposal to ensure their partners are able to achieve orgasm. We recommend that men experiment with a variety of strategies and pacing methods and explore what is most effective on their female partner.

Step #3: Discuss Her Fantasies With Her

Although this may seem obvious, it’s important to mention due to the fact that honest communication of this nature may be awkward or uncomfortable for some individuals out of a fear of perceived embarrassment and shame. Men should make it very clear to their female partners that they are genuinely interested in helping them achieve maximum sexual pleasure and are open to exploring their fantasies.

Although full disclosure of such ideas may be a gradual process, this will eventually allow men to gain a clearer picture into what their women actually desire for.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Step #4: Make Them Feel Loved

One of the biggest attractors for either gender is a feeling of intense emotional connection. Studies have shown that perceived pleasure levels during sex are heightened dramatically when partners feel that they are emotionally connected to each other. By showing your female partner that you are invested on both a physical and emotional level, you can help her experience a beautiful moment of intimacy with you. Good luck!


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