Male performance enhancement has become a massive industry in just the last few years, often thought to be attributable to the fact that men are becoming more willing to talk about problematic areas of their sex lives. In the past, men often considered themselves less worthy when problems like erectile dysfunction start to affect their performance in the bedroom. This then often led to anxiety and depression, as well as added stress to the man’s life.

Today, however, most men know that they are not alone when they start to experience these types of symptoms thus encouraging them to talk openly about their problems – not only with their partner but also with their health care providers. This can often help them overcome their problems and restore their natural abilities in the bedroom.

While pharmaceutical interventions have helped a lot of men fight against the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, as well as many other sexual problems and health issues that can affect men sexual is also known that these treatment options can come with side-effects that can be unpleasant in many cases.

Not wanting to risk it, many people are now starting to turn toward a more natural approach when it comes to alleviating the symptoms they are experiencing. Such an approach may assist with improving erectile function and sexual performance, without the risk of developing side-effects.

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Male Sexual Dysfunctions: What You Should Know

In this post, we are going to share 15 of the best herbal supplements that men can turn to when they need a boost in the bedroom, whether it is to help them achieve better erections or help them last longer, without the need for obtaining treatment from a healthcare professional, which often includes the utilization of pharmaceutical drugs that may, as it is commonly known, cause side-effects.

Before we proceed with announcing the most effective herbal supplements that can be used for these purposes, however, we first want to provide our readers a quick overview of male sexual dysfunctions, including what they are, the types of male sexual dysfunctions, talk about the particular symptoms caused by these dysfunctions and more.

As the name suggestions, a male sexual dysfunction refers to any particular disorder that has an effect on a man’s sexual function. Erectile dysfunction is considered to be one of the most common disorders men experience when it comes to their sexual function, affecting at least 52% of men over the entire world to some extent, as reported by Cleveland Clinic[1].

This male sexual disorder refers to a condition where a man is unable to have intercourse properly due to the inability to have an erection or the inability to retain an erection.

Ejaculatory Issues

Ejaculatory Issues

Erectile dysfunction is not the only male sexual disorder that can cause a significant impact on a man’s performance in the bedroom. According to Medline Plus[2], other conditions that are also worth mentioning include:


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

  • A low libido or a loss of sexual desire, which reduces or eliminates the man’s interest in having sex.
  • Ejaculatory issues, which may cause a man to ejaculate too quickly during sex, take too long to ejaculate, or cause the man to be unable to ejaculate at all during sex.
  • Low stamina and energy levels, which can have a considerable impact on a man’s sexual performance as the man would be unable to maintain a constant pace of sexual intercourse due to him becoming tired and not having enough energy or strength to continue.

What Causes A Man To Experience These Symptoms?

Numerous factors have been linked to an increased risk of a man experiencing problems in the bedroom. A lot of these factors do not directly affect the man’s sexual performance and function, but rather cause certain adverse effects within the man’s body that leads to problems arising with his erectile function, ejaculatory control, or other areas that contribute to adequate sexual performance.

Many diseases have been linked to erectile dysfunction, including heart disease, depression and blood vessel conditions. Depression is somewhat of a complicated cause since it has been linked to a higher risk of erectile dysfunction, but erectile dysfunction may also contribute to the development of depression symptoms. Certain medical conditions can also cause a man to experience reduced libido and poor stamina.

A stressful life and emotional problems, such as issues with a relationship, may also contribute to certain sexual dysfunctions, including erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory problems. In addition to these potential causes, it is also important to understand that certain types of medication may also have an effect on a man’s sexual function thus leading to fatigue, poor stamina, weak erections, and improper ejaculatory control.

How Are Male Sexual Dysfunctions Usually Treated?

Male Sexual Dysfunctions

Male Sexual Dysfunctions

Even though sexual dysfunctions among men can be inconvenient and even cause them to experience emotional symptoms, most of these disorders can be treated successfully.

There are multiple ways to treat various sexual dysfunctions, but the treatment options available to a man would depend on the particular problems they are experiencing in the bedroom, as well as what may be the cause behind the symptoms that are making it difficult for them to please their partner in bed.

When an underlying cause is identified, the treatment plan compiled for a man experiencing sexual difficulties will first aim to treat the underlying causes that are contributing to his poor sexual function. For example, when his testosterone levels are low, a healthcare professional may recommend testosterone replacement therapy.

Should the man be suffering from a condition that causes a restriction in his blood vessels, then this would be targeted through his treatment plan as healthy blood flow, which an erection highly depends on, can only be achieved with healthy blood vessels.

In some cases, a doctor may also prescribe certain types of medication to a male patient experiencing symptoms of sexual dysfunction to provide them with a faster solution to treating the problem.

For men experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction, numerous options are available,like Ageless Male but the most popular is being Viagra. WebMD[3] explains that Cialis, Stendra, and Levitra may also be given as alternatives to Viagra to some men, depending on their health status and medical history.

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Top Herbal Supplements For Improved Male Function

A large number of men have had successful results when using pharmaceutical drugs to help them treat the underlying causes within their body that are contributing to the sexual problems they are facing in the bedroom.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Unfortunately, those who have also been given Viagra or another ED drug to help them gain more rigid erections often find that these drugs cause many side-effects and are often not worth the risks. With this in mind, men are looking for ways they can experience improved sexual performance without the numerous side-effects that a pharmaceutical approach would cause them to experience.

This is where natural supplements come in handy. These supplements help the body in numerous ways to improve erectile function, offer better ejaculatory control, provide a boost in libido, and, of course, also help them achieve higher levels of endurance and energy so that they can continue performing without experiencing fatigue or running out of energy.

Let’s look at some of the best herbal supplements out there that can be used to help a man achieve an improvement in their sexual function, as well as potentially help them combat common male sexual dysfunctions that might be getting in their way of pleasing their partner (and themselves) during sex.

Maca Root Powder

Maca Root Powder

1. Maca Root PowderMaca has become a popular natural substance to be used by both men and women, not only to help them out in the bedroom but also to aid them in other areas of life. The most significant and promising benefit of maca, as reported by The Maca Team[4], is the potent effect it has on the male libido. Maca also improves fertility, energy, stamina and may assist with regulating hormone production.

2. Vitamin C – Vitamin C is an essential vitamin the human body needs daily to survive. While we all know that vitamin C makes the immune system healthy, few people are aware that vitamin C might also make your sex life healthier. Express UK[5] reports that vitamin C has a positive effect on blood vessels, which may increase blood flow to the penis thus providing relief of symptoms related to erectile dysfunction.

3. Zinc – Zinc is another essential nutrient that plays several crucial roles in the human body and is classified as a trace mineral. This nutrient also has a role in the production of testosterone. It has been found that men suffering from testosterone deficiencies can benefit from zinc supplements if their zinc levels are also on the low side.

4. Magnesium – Similar to Zinc, magnesium is also a mineral that has vital functions in the body, some of which goes as deep as a cellular level. Magnesium has also been linked to better testosterone production. Magnesium may also help to reduce muscle aches and possibly reduce fatigue, both of which can be problematic during sex.

5. Selenium – Selenium is both a mineral and a very powerful antioxidant that has numerous benefits to contribute to the human body. This mineral helps improve heart health inadequate levels. Poor heart health has been linked to erectile dysfunction and reduced sexual performance thus Selenium might be useful amongst men suffering from heart problems, as well as issues with their sexual performance.

6. Boron – Boron is a cheap mineral that is often overlooked by men trying to boost their testosterone levels, either to experience an increase in libido or better physical performance. According to Anabolic Men[6], boron has a significant impact on testosterone production and also reduces levels of estrogen.



7. Horny Goat WeedHorny goat weed has been used for centuries by men and women to improve their sexual health. Amongst men, the icariin content found within these plants are able to improve the vasodilation process of blood vessels thus causing more blood to rush toward the penis during an erection.

8. Indian Ginseng – The Indian Ginseng is more commonly known as Ashwagandha, and has powerful aphrodisiac properties, which means this particular ginseng is able to offer a user a significant increase in their sex drive. Additionally, Indian Ginseng also helps to improve fertility, as reported by Daily Nutra[7].

9. Korean Ginseng – Also commonly called Panax Ginseng, this plant root extract has the ability to offer men a considerable improvement in various areas of sexual performance, including erectile function, energy, and stamina, as well as fertility.

10. L-Arginine – L-Arginine is a type of amino acid that converts to nitric oxide in the body, which then causes blood vessels to become relaxed and allow more blood to flow through. This, in turn, supplies the penis with more blood during an erection, which leads to a firmer erection.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

11. L-CitrullineL-Citrulline is a precursor of L-Arginine, meaning that the body converts this amino acid into the amino acid L-Arginine. Thus, the benefits are similar to L-Arginine, but L-Citrulline is considered a more powerful supplement as its bioavailability is better than L-Arginine.

12. Ginkgo Biloba Leaf – Ginkgo biloba leaf is often used as a way to improve mental function in people due to the increased amounts of blood the plant pushes to the brain. Enhanced focus can also contribute to better sex, whereas better blood flow could mean the penis may become harder during an erection.

13. Mucuna Pruriens – Also called the Velvet Bean, this ingredient is often called an aphrodisiac due to its ability to boost sexual desire. This effect is achieved through the L-Dopa amino acid found in Mucuna Pruriends, which is converted to dopamine within the human body.

14. Tribulus Terrestris – Tribulus Terrestris is a flowering plant that has been associated with many benefits. Some reports claim that the ingredient increases testosterone, but there is still a lack of evidence to support such claims. The plant does, however, boost libido and physical performance, which is helpful when it comes to performing in the bedroom.

15. Fenugreek Seed – Quite a popular ingredient in Indian dishes, Fenugreek seeds are known to help both men and women experience an increase in their libido due to their aphrodisiac properties. Fenugreek has also been associated with improved physical performance, which can help a man last longer during sex as well.

Fenugreek Seed

Fenugreek Seed

Maintaining A Healthy Sex Life Through A Healthy Body

As we have discussed, medical treatment options are available for men suffering from sexual dysfunctions or other conditions that are affecting their sex lives, but these often cause unwanted side-effects to develop.

The alternative options, being the utilization of herbs and all-natural supplements, maybe the most appropriate solution to help men get back their optimum levels of sexual performance without putting themselves at the risk of developing the side-effects associated with the use of Viagra and other similar drugs.

In addition to taking natural supplements and including certain foods in their daily diet, men can also greatly benefit from a lifestyle that has been tailored to provide their entire bodies with health benefits.

Two of the most essential adjustments that need to be made would be the inclusion of regular exercise routines in their daily schedule and eating a healthy, balanced diet that consists of all the most vital nutrients required for optimum health can help a man improve their physical well-being and look after their sexual health.

When it comes to adjusting a lifestyle to provide improvements in sexual performance, it is still important for a man to know why they are experiencing particular symptoms. This would help them create a more customized approach to developing the perfect training regimen and daily diet to help them overcome particular health problems they may have developed, which are currently causing them to experience adverse effects in the bedroom.


Millions of men find that their erectile function is starting to become less potent than before and their general performance in the bedroom is also suffering. These symptoms are often signs of sexual dysfunction, but can also indicate underlying medical concerns. Once symptoms appear, it is important for men to attend to the issues they are having – not only to alleviate their problems but also to pin down the cause of what they are experiencing.

There are many approaches a man can take to restore optimum sexual performance or even to improve their current level of performance, ranging from treatment plans administered by a healthcare professional to natural techniques, such as utilizing some of the herbal supplements we have discussed today.

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