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Foods that will Boost Sperm Count

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Foods that Increase Sperm Count

Although men have been told repeatedly that their sperm count is an important “number” to watch, not everyone knows what these “numbers” mean, let alone their significance or relevance to sexual health. Because of this, it’s not uncommon for both men and women in sexual relationships to experience frustration or disappointment if they are having difficulties achieving a pregnant.

A man’s sperm count is generally defined as the volume of sperm inside his semen per ejaculation. The greater the amount of sperm, the higher probability (typically) that a man will be able to successfully fertilize the female egg, assuming no other underlying problems exist in either party.

Believe it or not, a man’s diet can directly affect his current sperm count. In order to understand why this can occur, we first have to discuss the mechanism through which sperm is created and stored.

The testicles, located inside of the scrotum, are primarily responsible for producing sperm. In order to achieve optimal sperm production conditions, the scrotum may loosen or contract depending upon the external air temperature as well as the body’s internal temperature. That being said, temperature is not the only factor that influences sperm count. The nutritional intake of a man can directly influence the volume of sperm existing in each of his ejaculations.

We’ve compiled a list of common, widely available foods that men can eat to increase their sperm count. Thankfully, the majority of these items can easily be incorporated into other meals or snacks. Although positive results have been achieved by a number of men when consuming these particular items, they are no by means an alternative to a medical diagnosis, assuming men wish to know more about whether or not they have a diagnosable condition.

You can use the information provided below as an excellent starting point for increasing your sperm count. Good luck!

Food No. 1: Oysters

Oysters are an excellent source of zinc, a dietary supplement that has been linked to increased sperm production and fertility in men. Doctors recommend roughly 15mg of zinc a day, which can be obtained in 2 oz. of oysters.

Food No. 2: Dark Chocolate

Included inside dark chocolate is L-Arginine HC, an amino acid that has been observed to significantly raise a man’s sperm count. Thankfully, dark chocolate is a tasty, decadent treat that can be snacked on casually during work or play. That being said, consuming large quantities of dark chocolate can also lead to weight gain, which can adversely affect a man’s ability to gain an erection. Therefore, as with most foods, moderation is highly recommended.

Food No. 3: Maca

Maca, commonly found as a dietary supplement, has been observe to increase both sperm count and sperm motility. Thanks to its relative affordability as an over-the-counter, non-prescription supplement, maca may provide men with the solution they seek for their problems.

Food No. 4: Bananas

A unique enzyme within bananas, bromelain, has been found to increase male libido and sex drive as well as overall sperm health.

Food No. 5: Asparagus

Thanks to the relatively high concentration of vitamin C within asparagus, men can help defend their sperm from oxidative damage while increasing overall sperm volume and motility.

Food No. 6: Walnuts

Featuring a large quantity of omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts have been observed to increase sperm count and overall sexual health. Walnuts have also been shown to improve blood circulation to the genital region, a valuable tool for men looking to improve their sex lives.

Food No. 7: Pumpkin Seeds

Research has shown that pumpkin seeds contain phytosterols, helpful compounds that increase testosterone production and sexual drive in men. Additionally, pumpkin seeds are also an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids, known to bolster sperm count.

Food No. 8: Ginseng

When consumed as a herbal extract, ginseng has been linked to increased sperm production and sperm motility in men.

Food No. 9: Garlic

Garlic contains allicin, an organosulfur compound which has been proven to ramp up sperm production in men.

Food No. 10: Goji Berries

The anti-oxidants inside of goji berries help improve circulation inside of the body, increasing blood flow to the genital regions and boosting sperm production in men.


As can be seen from the examples above, diet can play a significant role in boosting sperm production and overall sperm health in men. That being said, men are advised to consult with their doctor or a fertility specialist if they wish to receive a professional diagnosis concerning any potential medical condition they may have.

In situations such as these, it’s easy for men to refrain from discussing their problems with their partners out of the perceived potential for embarassment or judgement. That being said, an honest dialogue with an intimate companion about these issues can help create a positive, supportive environment for men experiencing low sperm production.

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