How Erectile Dysfunction Increases With Age?

Q: I am 48, from the last few months I feel that I am not able to get an erection during intercourse. Is it due to my increasing age? Am I suffering from any kind of sexual problem (Erectile Dysfunction) or is it normal with age of 48? If it is an ED problem then how it be cured?
Expert Answer

Erectile dysfunction (ED) refers to a condition where a man is unable to attain and maintain an erection. It becomes more common as you get older but sexual dysfunction doesn’t symbolize aging. Majority of men with this condition often find it difficult to discuss with their doctors. ED could be a signal that you have an underlying medical condition being the reason why campaigns call for open dialog for patients suffering from this problem. It could mean that you have blockages in your blood vessels or suffer nerve damage as a result of diabetes. Most victims of ED regain their health through medications nd lifestyle changes.

Is Age The Factor Behind ED?

How Erectile Dysfunction Increases With Age?

There is a great misconception that ED, also referred to as impotence, is an unavoidable condition that stems from aging. At no any age can erectile dysfunction be referred as a normal condition and neither is it typical for a man to lose erectile function completely because of being aged. Both physical and psychological factors can lead to ED with no respect to age. Cases of young men in their 20’s have been reported in the US and across the globe.

Facts About ED

  • 2% Reported First Experiencing ED Before The Age of 40: ED according to studies showed an increasing trend with age. 2% of males below the age of 40 claimed to have had at least one instance of ED.
  • 4% Reported First Experiencing ED Between The Ages of 40 to 49: Studies indicate that males in this age bracket suffered from occasional difficulties in achieving and maintaining erections.
  • 26% Reported First Experiencing ED Between Ages 50 to 59: With an advance in age, the number of ED cases rose significantly to over a quarter of male population in the US.
  • 40% Reported First Experiencing ED Between Ages of 60 to 69: The high prevalence of ED was attributed to atherosclerosis which accounted for between 50% and 60% of those afflicted. About 35% to 50% were suffering from diabetes or other vascular problems.

How ED Can Be Cured?

Lifestyle changes including smoking cessation, regulated alcohol intake and exercises are of great importance when it comes to dealing with erectile dysfunction. However, this might call for strict measures and the benefits may take longer to appear than expected. You should consider reaching out for the treatment options whose efficiency is reflected by their immediate action. Medication pills are recommended by the FDA and works by increasing the blood flow in to your penis. Majorities are not aphrodisiac in nature and erection can only be achieved through stimulation. Commonly used medications for treating ED include Virectin, Cialis, etc. They work in different modalities and the duration of their effects varies. You may have to discontinue their use once your condition improves.

What Expert Says?

Abraham Morgentaler, MD Treating Sexual Dysfunction in Men, says that most men with cases of ED exhibit some sort of psychological manifestation and that the origin of this condition is organic. He adds that men who suffer some kind of sexual problems lose interest and will often avoid sex. When ED becomes apparent, there must be some stressors in play at that moment. Abraham adds that when you notice the onset of the problem, you start observing yourself when having sex, which takes away your ability to have normal erections.


It’s now clear that with age, chances of suffering from ED increases from a number of factors including underlying medical condition. Some medications used in the treatment of an illness can as well contribute to ED. The good news is that there is no need to worry since health experts have come up with treatment medications for ED. There is always the need to consult with your physician before indulging in ED treatment pills. This should be emphasized if you have a special medical condition or on other medications.

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