10 Alternative And Effective Exercises To Boost Testosterone Levels

From our expertise, we will explore alternative and successful exercises to raise testosterone levels in this article. Read all on how we can increase testosterone levels.

The Booster Hormones: Testosterone

Testosterone is a vital hormone produced primarily in the male human body by the testicles. It accentuates the sexual development and appearance in men. Besides building muscle mass and bone mass, high levels of testosterone boost sperm production which enhances the sexual drive in men. However, testosterone production tends to decline with age.

10 Alternative And Effective Exercises To Boost Testosterone Levels
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If the testosterone count is below 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) it is a sign of low testosterone count in the body. Testosterone is both androgenic and anabolic in nature, the former being a steroid and the latter enhances growth and development of the muscles.

Keeping the testosterone level high improves physical and sexual energy and boosts body strength and stamina.

The Bane called Low Testosterone Count

Post 30 the testosterone count in men[1] tends to decline by 1% every year. Infections, obesity, hormonal disorders are the common causes of low testosterone count in men. Testosterone deficiency often breaks down the bodily functions in men. Some common side effects of declining testosterone count is as follows- Low testosterone count decreases the sexual drive in men and causes orgasm trouble[2].

Tiny molecules called nitric oxide power erection. The release of testosterone triggers molecule production. Low testosterone count, therefore, leads to improper erections.

The prostate, seminal vesicles, and testicles together release the sperm-containing liquid for ejaculation. A good supply of testosterone regulated between 1.5 to 5 cubic centimeters ejaculatory volume is therefore vital. Low testosterone count leads to diminishing production of sperm fluid.

Low Testosterone count

Low Testosterone count

Low testosterone count may even lead to partial numbness in the penile area.

Low testosterone count makes the body catabolic hence breaking down muscle tissue.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

If the penis lacks proper testosterone flow then the tissues in the scrotum, penis, and testicles tend to shrivel.

The imbalance between testosterone and estrogen causes gynecomastia[4] which is enlargement of breast tissues.

To balance the testosterone levels you can take try the below exercise accompanied by a male enhancement pill. Catch out like Noxitril Review, which are readily available on internet, may help you out.

Workout the T Cells

Testosterone production in the body regulates a couple of interlinked factors like sex drive, orgasm, energy and stamina. Strength training therefore is vital for battling stress, fatigue and declining testosterone count.

A combination of intense workout, heavy resistance, and stress training gives the body a great hormonal surge vital for testosterone production. Try these 10 exercises to improve and increase the testosterone count in the body:

1. Sprint

Sprint training is ideal for burning fat and calories, it helps in building muscles and increases the metabolic rate. It is one of the most proven methods for increasing the testosterone count.

The Conditioning sprint workout burns lactic acid and works out the lung as hard as the muscles. Try a 200-meter sprint with a rest period of a maximum of 3 minutes and repeat 3 rounds. Agility triangle is another intense form of sprint training besides flat sprints on the jogging path and running tracks.

2. Squats

It promotes body-wide muscle building. Additional muscle gain, in turn, helps the body to burn calories. It helps in pumping more fluids into the system and delivers nutrition to all tissues.

For low libido, squats are an ideal exercise. It not only boosts testosterone but increases blood flow to the penis area. Repeat 2-3 sets of squats with 20 repetitions in each set.

3. Deadlifts



It is a multi-jointed exercise that utilizes all the major large muscle groups in the body. It is more effective than curls and extensions therefore it peaks the testosterone levels.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Try the Barbell deadlift as it increases muscle strength and overall size. Restrict each session to 25 lifts and repeat 5 sets. Keep the rest period brief for best results.

4. Bench Presses

It promotes both muscle and strength building. Bench pressing effectively increases muscle size and aids fat loss. It also elevates the body’s natural production of anabolic hormones. Bench press focuses on increasing upper body strength. You can try various variations of the bench press like- barbell, incline, and dumbbell bench press.

5. Dips

This exercise targets the chest, shoulder, triceps, and back. It is a compound exercise that helps in developing the major muscle groups. Dips are a very flexible exercise and it does not require specific skills or techniques. It releases huge amounts of testosterone vital for sexual virility.

6. Surya Namaskar

This sun salutation exercise revitalizes the body and mind. If done as a fast-paced exercise it serves for a great cardiovascular workout. It increases metabolism and strengthens the bones and muscles.

It is an exercise for the whole body and it comprises of 12 yoga poses. It targets the various muscles and increases the testosterone count in the body.

7. Pull ups

They are essentially squat for the upper body. A high intensity pulls up enhances neuromuscular coordination. Pull-ups are tough as it requires multiple muscles to work in conjunction. Anaerobic exercises with short rest periods turbocharger the body’s H.G.H and testosterone production.

8. Swimming



The biggest benefit of swimming is that it works out the entire body by building endurance, strength, and tones the muscles. Swimming is psychologically beneficial as well; it boosts the mood and reduces stress.
It helps to maintain a regulated weight and keeps the heart rate under control. Ensure swimming at a moderate pace as overworking or intense swimming tends to deplete the testosterone count[4]. Try swimming 3-4 times a week for 20 minutes.

9. High-intensity interval training

This training accelerates weight loss and improves aerobic and anaerobic endurance. The best machines for HIIT are a treadmill, step mill, stationary bike, jump rope, and stair master. The brief periods of recovery improve the fitness level.

Warming up before the workout is necessary to prepare the muscles. The intense exercise builds lean muscle in the body which in turn increases the number of hormones[5] responsible for muscle growth. It fosters the process of quick calorie burn and slows down the aging process as well.

10. Olympic lifts

Olympic weightlifting aims at explosive strength training. It mainly comprises of ‘clean and jerk’ and snatch. It increases power and improves jumping ability. It helps fat reduction and aids muscle building thereby improving body composition.

These lifts facilitate excellent static flexibility. For best results use higher rep ranges. Olympic weightlifting increases both anaerobic power and endurance. This, in turn, increases the sprinting performance and performance of other high-intensity workouts.

Push Up the Hormones

Push Up the Hormones

Push Up the Hormones

Testosterone is a vital steroid hormone in men which helps to build lean muscle mass and bone density. Low levels of testosterone adversely affect ones sex life perpetuating risk of depression and obesity. With increasing age, the testosterone count in men tends to decline.

Besides medicated treatments, natural diets and exercise too can increase the testosterone count. Testosterone plays a cognitive role in boosting libido and improving cardiovascular health. Unlike aerobics and moderate exercise short intense exercise increases the testosterone levels and prevents its decline.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

For elevating testosterone levels you should focus on high-intensity workouts which use more muscles and triggers the circulating testosterone count.

A full-body workout with a dynamic warm-up is a prerequisite for boosting the testosterone. In order to optimize the T levels focus on compound exercises concentrating equally on training both the upper and lower body besides lifting heavy weights. A higher level of testosterone increases body strength and sexual prowess. Many positive Magnum Plus reviews have been reported regarding the effectiveness testosterone booster without any testosterone replacement therapy

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