Updated: 2021, Jun 14

How Mobile Phones Are Causing Erectile Dysfunction?

One of the most frequent causes of erectile dysfunction is the use of mobile phones. What role does mobile phone radiation play in erectile dysfunction? Take a look around.

Are you worried about the chances of you suffering from Erectile Dysfunction in the near future? Are you wondering if there is anything that you can do in order to decrease the chances of Erectile Dysfunction?

How Mobile Phones Are Causing Erectile Dysfunction?
Cell Phone Radiation Cause Erectile Dysfunction. Shutterstock Images.

Maybe you have heard or read somewhere online that cell phone radiation is listed as one of the most common causes for this serious yet very common problem nowadays.

Well, whatever the reason that brought you to our article is, we are here to explain it! Before we proceed to explain the stories about mobile phones being listed as common causes for Erectile Dysfunction, let’s review what this condition really means and how serious it is.

Erectile Dysfunction, also known as impotence, is represented as an inability to maintain an erection during intercourse. There are different causes for this condition – e.g. heart disease, stress, obesity, hypertension, diabetes and etc.

But, do mobile phones really take part as causes for this common condition among men? Find out in our article!

Our Thoughts on Mobile Phone Radiation as Cause for Erectile Dysfunction

For a long time now, there have been many rumors about the danger of mobile phone radiation. It is no secret that mobile phones have been listed as one of the most common causes for a serious condition as Erectile Dysfunction is.

But the question remains – are those rumors true? Well, it is one thing to have a theory, but it is a whole other thing for that theory to be proven! Well luckily for us, we succeeded in finding a study that could help manage our thought on this topic.

A study published in the Central European Journal of Urology succeeded in proving this so-called theory by presenting a direct link between mobile phone radiation and Erectile Dysfunction and although there is a need for further researchers on this topic to be done, the results are pretty frightening.

Cause for Erectile Dysfunction

Cause for Erectile Dysfunction


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

There were 30 individuals – 20 individuals who were suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and 10 individuals with no sign of Erectile Dysfunction.

The study resulted in the results showing that the group of men, who were affected with Erectile Dysfunction, have been using their mobile phones for a much longer period of time compared with the group of men who had no sign of Erectile Dysfunction.

The founders of this study consider this as a small sample and in order for this theory to be fully proven there is a need for a bigger sample – a bigger number of people to take part in this study.

However, this study is frightening enough for those who have read it to make them consider a significant distance apart from their mobile phones.

What can you do?

Mobile phone radiation has been considered to cause a decrease in sperm count, sperm mobility, and changes in sperm morphology.

In fact, these findings are the ones that caused the rumors to spread in the first place. We understand how mobile phones can take such a big part of your life.

Just take a look around and you will see a number of people currently using their mobile phones! But, is it worth it?

We are not saying that you would need to forget about your mobile phone completely but leaving it switched off during the night and decreasing the time that you spend using your phone can really make a difference by decreasing the risk of not only Erectile Dysfunction but for a number of other problems as well.

We know that most of the men choose their pockets, especially their front pockets, as a place to leave their mobile phones throughout the day.

Another thing that you could do is to at least leave your mobile phone in your back pocket and away from your genital area.

We leave you to think about this topic on your own after reading our article and the study that honestly frighten us!


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Mobile Phone Radiation

Mobile Phone Radiation


Maybe you have heard or even experienced Erectile Dysfunction, either way, the fact that this is a serious condition remains.

This is not only a serious condition, but it is also a very common condition among men. Being a serious and common condition as it is, you need to do everything that there is to decrease the risk and forget about your phone for a couple of hours a day could really make a change according to a study that we recently read online.

You may be familiar with the rumors spreading around that cell phone radiation is listed as a cause for Erectile Dysfunction, among other problems, but the fact is that this is no longer just a rumor!

Although there is a need for further researches to be done on the same topic, we think that this article speaks for itself as the results are frightening enough!

All that you have to do are a few changes for a healthier life in return. Do not hesitate to change your everyday life!



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