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What Causes Low Sexual Stamina?

Low sexual stamina is one of several diagnosable conditions that fall under sexual health problems. Check out the factors that lead to low sexual stamina.

What Causes Low Sexual Stamina?

Believe it or not, low sexual stamina is one of several diagnosable conditions that fall under the umbrella of sexual health and performance problems. Although a number of men choose to disregard their sexual stamina problems out of the belief that these issues are not symptoms of a medically or psychologically related condition.

What Causes Low Sexual Stamina?

That being said, men suffering from low sexual stamina should be comforted by the knowledge that this condition can be easily treated either through Natural exercise or they can check out male performance products like Virectin. Although each individual’s stamina issues are unique, a variety of treatment methods have been developed that can reduce the physical symptoms of this particular medical condition.

In order to determine the appropriate treatment methods for men suffering from low sexual stamina, medical professionals will first attempt to deduce what the cause of the problem may be. We’ve included information about some of the most common factors contributing to decreased sexual stamina below.

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Although medical illnesses may not directly affect blood flow to the penis or hormonal levels, detrimental medical conditions will typically drain energy levels, culminating in decreased physical endurance during sex. As healthy sex places a number of physical demands on both men and women, a lack of sufficient energy for sex can quickly result in decreased sexual stamina.

That being said, men suffering from this sexual performance problem as a result of illness should be confident in the knowledge that their stamina levels will most likely return to normal as their illness recedes.

Drug Abuse

Not only can drug abuse lead to a variety of hazardous and life-threatening medical problems, but it can also significantly affect sexual stamina levels. Depending on the particular drug that is abused, men may experience vascular problems, a loss of energy, and abnormal hormonal fluctuations as a consequence of their destructive habits. In order to remedy sexual stamina problems, men must first confront and rectify their drug dependencies. You can investigate for Testogen Reviews; how it will increase the endurance, stamina, and a gorgeous physique, without any side effects

Low Spirits

For some men, depression is linked to a decrease in testosterone levels. As testosterone has been shown to directly influence male libido, depression may indicate reduced testosterone and, as a result, decreased sexual stamina.

Hormone therapy treatments have commonly been used to treat testosterone deficiencies in men. For those who are experiencing depression as a result of other psychological problems, medical professionals may recommend either convention or sex therapy in order to resolve these embedded mental health issues.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Poor Lifestyle Choices

Both diet and exercise can dramatically affect sexual stamina levels in men. For those who remain relatively immobile and choose to consume low-quality junk food, they may suffer from decreased sexual stamina. Adopting a routine exercise plan and a healthy diet can help men return to their expected levels of sexual stamina at any point in their life, regardless of age.

Mindset Issues

Sex therapists have linked self-confidence and perception to a variety of sex-related issues. For those who have adopted a negative self-image or are insecure about their ability to “perform” during sex, these thoughts can quickly result in sexual stamina issues, as well as an array of other performance problems.

Self-Confidence Problems

As stated previously, men suffering from a lack of self-confidence are more prone to sexual stamina issues than those who maintain a positive self-image. Sex therapists can help men overcome their problems and return to standard levels of performance.

Poor Concentration

For some men, an inability to focus on sex and remain “in the moment” may cause them to experience common sexual performance and stamina issues, one of the most notable being premature ejaculation. Again, these types of psychological issues are commonly studies and treated by sex therapists.

Why Do Men Ejaculate Too Quickly?

Premature ejaculation (PE) is one of the most common sexual problems men experience in the present. The problem is prevalent in young men although the middle-aged are not exempted. In most couples, it’s a common case that calls for immediate action especially if your partner becomes bothered by a lack of sexual satisfaction. According to studies, close to 10% of males experience this condition with over 40% suffering from the same at one time in life. The problem can be triggered by either a physical condition or emotional problems or a combination of the two. Physical triggers include hypersensitivity to the penis, street drugs, and excessive alcoholism among others. Common psychological causes are depression, anxiety, guilt, fear, etc.

What Are Common Ejaculation Problems?


According to statistics, premature ejaculation is the topmost sexual crisis men undergo. It refers to a condition where a man ejaculates soon before, upon, or shortly after penetration. This usually leaves the partner’s emotional needs of sexual satisfaction hanging in the balance. There is no definitive time that a normal sexual act should last.

What a couple considers as an adequate duration for sex could be different in another. Both partners can reach an orgasm a minute after penetration whereas, in others, 20 minutes would be too short for a climax. A situation doesn’t qualify to be referred to as premature ejaculation however short it lasts as long as both partners reach an orgasm. Other ejaculation problems include retarded and retrograde ejaculation. Retarded ejaculation occurs when a man takes notably longer duration to have an orgasm which is often uncomfortable with his partner. Retrograde ejaculation happens when upon reaching an orgasm the ejaculate is pushed back into the bladder instead of coming out of the penis.

How To Overcome From This Problem?

To overcome premature ejaculation calls for an action to be taken. For mild cases of premature ejaculation, there is no point in seeking medical interventions. Distractions during a sexual intercourse could add up the time for having an orgasm. For severe cases, a local anesthetic gel can be used to desensitize the glans of your penis for more in bed. Anesthetic gels are applied an hour or 30 minutes before penetration.
Condoms are also used to lessen stimulation which often leads to premature ejaculation.

Exercises such as the Masters-Johnson method can be effective in severe cases. It involves an application of pressure on the area between your anus and testicles when just about to reach an orgasm. Consider Kegel’s exercise in your battle with premature ejaculation. For psychologically triggered premature ejaculations, use of antidepressants such as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) can be recommended. Cognitive behavioral therapy is also useful in overcoming premature ejaculation. Other curative treatments options for premature ejaculation include pills and supplements like Shark Tank Male Enhancement.

What Expert Says?

Most health experts insist on a regular use of supplements as they are considered effective and safe. There is no need of waiting for the problem to strike. It might be gradual in occurring but can affect your relationship once it strikes like a storm. Include some vitamins or supplements in your servings since they can significantly add up to your time in bed for more sex. Health experts recommend supplements of natural origin since they rarely have serious side effects.

Other than increasing your time in bed, these male enhancement supplements are important for your sexual overall wellbeing. It’s worth noting that the use of supplements in treating premature ejaculation is not a replacement for taking prescribed medicines by your doctor. Consult with your physician about the potential risks of negative interactions while combining supplements with medication to treat PE.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.


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