Does Weather Have Any Impact On The Sexual Stamina Of Men?

Sexual stamina means the prolongation of one’s ejaculation. This is an essential matter for a married couple because of the satisfaction that both desires can depend on it. If a man has low sexual stamina, he ejaculates faster than his wife, then there will be no sexual gratification-the woman will be disappointed. In many cases, this such problem is the cause of separations and divorces-worst, it can be a factor for extra-marital affairs on the part of the woman.

Fortunately, there are treatments such as a male enhancer called Testo Rev for low sexual stamina. The problem is sometimes, men are not that open when it comes to their sexual problems. If only they know that there are cures for their dysfunctions, they might have rushed to the doctor the first day they saw a minor sign of the problem.

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Can Weather Affect the Sexual Stamina of Men?

The most important thing in any disease is to know its cause in order to treat it. That’s why doctors do diagnostic tests in order to hit the source of the problem.

In the case of low sexual stamina, you also have to know the factors that can cause it in order to know the best treatment. It can be low testosterone level, abuses like drug addictions and alcoholism, smoking, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, or other medical conditions such as diabetes or low blood pressure. But there are uncommon causes that sometimes are taken for granted. One of which is the weather.

Yes, you read it right. The weather can also cause low sexual stamina. How? Well, it’s actually a logical one. The changing weather can alter the mood. It varies, of course, with every man. Some would like the cold breeze of winter but some might experience the winter blues. It’s the same way with sexual stamina.

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Sexual stamina is driven by sexual desire. If that libido is absent, then the ejaculation might become too fast or too slow-so slow that it might never get out at all. If a man has a thing with extreme weathers, it might affect his sexual desire-and thus, his sexual stamina. So if you are asking whether the cold breeze or the hot air can result to low sexual stamina, the answer is yes.

Now, after knowing the causes, what’s next is the treatments for low sexual stamina.

Just as mentioned above, when you know the cause, you’ll know the treatment. If the cause of your premature ejaculation is low testosterone level then eat foods and take supplement that can enhance it. According to Zytenz Reviews, it may help to increase testosterone level. There are also natural supplements that can increase that level. If your problem is your lifestyle, like too much drinking or smoking, then quit these things-change your lifestyle. If your problem is psychologically like anxiety, low self-esteem, depression and the like, then talk to a therapist.

Now, if your problem is the weather, then it’s a good thing to talk to a therapist too or a doctor that specializes in a person’s mood.

Whatever your problem is, just always remember that in order to know the treatments for low sexual stamina, you have to know what causes it.


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