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Practice These 9 Bodybuilding Exercises To Boost Your Testosterone

Is it possible to boost testosterone levels? Both men are proud of this male hormone. You can increase testosterone by doing these bodybuilding exercises.

Giving your natural testosterone production a boost is a certain way to improve muscle mass and strength. Other less known benefits of elevating your testosterone include easier fat loss, heightened energy, and even a better state of health.

Practice These 9 Bodybuilding Exercises To Boost Your Testosterone
Bodybuilding Exercises To Boost Your Testosterone. Shutterstock Images.

With so many positives to be had from naturally supercharging your testosterone levels, it’s obvious that other than looking your best, it’s worth your while! By changing your diet and the way you train, there can be noticeable differences in testosterone output.

Today my article is going to share 9 anabolics, testosterone fueling exercises that will kickstart your hypothalamic-pituitary testosterone axis into overdrive! 

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1] Deadlifts 

There is no exercise that challenges the human body like deadlifts. The lower body acts as the driving force when the posterior chain has to fight against gravity with every fiber being pulverized by the weight!

Even at full extension once you’ve managed to haul the weight up, the muscles in the arms, back, and core are being worked very hard.

This brutality makes the body suffer to such an extent it decides to create more testosterone. Manufacturing extra testosterone will help move this weight more easily and support recovery, which is why deadlifting is such an anabolic exercise. 

2] Squats

Deadlifts are the most anabolic exercise; squats are a close second. Before you even descend towards the ground with the bar weighing down on your shoulders, just standing there with hundreds of pounds across your shoulders creates testosterone-boosting trauma.

Muscle fibers all the way from your traps right the way down to your calves are challenged to support the weight. As you do your reps, the fibers in your legs become destroyed.

Given the surface area of the thigh muscles there’s a lot of damage to repair, which requires testosterone. Therefore, the body produces more! 


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Kris Team Work

Kris Team Work

3] Decline Bench Press

As a chest-building exercise, the decline bench press is outstanding, it is an exercise which Dorian Yates favors on chest day and wished he did more of them during his bodybuilding career as a 6 time Mr.

Olympia! The angle you press from allows for extraordinary loading to the pectorals, crushing every fiber from the pec major to the pec minor.

This is undoubtedly the strongest angle for loading the bar when bench pressing to go heavy.

This makes the decline bench press highly anabolic, with the lats, torso, shoulders, triceps, and core have to work hard to support the weight. On chest day, to make your testosterone output flourish, bench press on the decline! 

4] Standing Military Press 

Above the head pressing for shoulders can be done in many ways, but standing military press will excite testosterone production like no other. Along with having to lift the heavy weight above your head, there’s the added challenge of remaining stable, keeping your core tight, and even using your legs for stability.

With more dimensions than a regular seated shoulder press, standing military pressing is the way to encourage testosterone production on shoulder day. 

5] Leg Press 

Sometimes squats aren’t always possible to do or you simply need a change. Leg pressing is a great alternative, it also happens to be my favorite bodybuilding exercise for legs. Being on a machine allows you to control the rep tempo and allocation balance to each leg easier than on a free weights exercise.

With scope to make the exercise infinitely more difficult, try going slow on the negative at a 3-4 second count as this can be a perfect testosterone boosting exercise on leg day. Like squats, it’s a multi-joint exercise that causes mass trauma to every muscle fiber in the way. 

Kris Fitness

Kris Fitness


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

6] Bent Over Rows 

Whilst deadlifts are the king of back building exercises for the sheer weight lifted, bent over rows crush the muscles across your back from a different angle. The rowing motion causes mass stimulation across the entire posterior chain, core, delts, and arms.

Even the legs have to work hard to stabilize your body. Whenever the body is subjected to significant stress because of the united effort required to move the weight, the chances of experiencing heightened testosterone increases. Bent over rows is the perfect back exercise for this purpose. 

7] Dips 

This is the pull-up equivalent for the chest and triceps, allowing you to load even more weight to your body weight, should you need it, by using a dipping belt! The deltoids and core will also have to work hard as you dip with added weight, making it a very effective upper body mass builder.

The stress associated with this also induces testosterone production. 



8] Pull Ups 

For upper posterior chain development and arm growth, few exercises can compete with pull-ups. Again, the core also needs to work to prevent you from swinging back and forth.

If you are already strong on this exercise, adding weight using a dipping belt can provide a new dimension to this exercise, making it even more anabolic! 

9] Walking Lunges 

As far as lower body exercises go, walking lunges don’t allow you to lift as much weight as squats or leg pressing, but they can still be a highly anabolic exercise to include in your training regime.

Every major muscle group in the lower body is pushed intensely when doing walking lunges, which are the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and even calves.

These are some of the biggest muscle groups in the human body, which means more damage is created when they’re beaten up.

Additionally, the shoulders and core also work hard when doing walking lunges to support the weight bar held across your back when using a barbell.

Walking Lunges

Walking Lunges


For an exercise to be anabolic and testosterone fueling, it needs to possess the power to damage muscle tissue to such an extent the body has no choice but to create extra repairing ingredients.

One of which being testosterone! It’s important for this information to be relevant that you’re also eating correctly and using the right supplements like Nugenix reviews. The body requires nutrition to increase its capacity to recover after experiencing trauma in the gym. 

  • Eat a high-protein meal every 3 hours
  • Consume enough low GI carbohydrates and some healthy fats  with most meals.
    Supplement with Omegas high EFA (essential fatty acid) and DHA fats.
  • Drink at least 4 liters of water with added HYDRA-CHARGE, which contains five naturally occurring electrolytes from tender coconut water
  • Take RE-KAGED immediately after training, which provides 28g of fast digesting premium quality hydrolyzed whey isolate to assist with fast muscle fibers damage restoration.
  • Supplement with fermented BCAAs and GLUTAMINE 3-4 times throughout the day

These are all things I personally do to help my body recover after annihilating my muscles in the gym. To give yourself the best chances of success, I’d recommend you the same!


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

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