What is the Relation Between Anorgasmia and Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a psychological issue and also wreaks psychological issues to the female partner. A man may not be able to achieve an erection due to mental stress, depression, anxiety; he may even find his partner not sexually attractive anymore. The partner then may think that she is not appealing enough to arouse her man and can suffer insecurity which is, well, a psychological issue. If a man is really turned on by her partner, however, the problem then becomes a matter of sexual gratification where the man cannot sustain his erection long enough to sexually satisfy the woman.

However, men are not only the ones who suffer from sexual problems; there are women who literally seem incapable of reaching orgasm. This sexual issue is termed anorgasmia.

Mental Conflicts

Anorgasmia and Erectile Dysfunction

The bad thing about women with anorgasmia is that a lot of women seem to have this kind of condition. This problem like male erectile dysfunction is usually psychological in nature as well. Some issue between the female and his male partner seem to trouble her mind. This could be any kind of issue – financial, trust, religious or even another man that the woman constantly is interested in.

If female anorgasmia stems from male erectile dysfunction then that problem can easily be addressed male enhancement products. The point is if the female is not aroused she may suffer from anorgasmia.

Primary and Secondary Anorgasmia

Primary anorgasmia is a condition wherein the female never ever experienced an orgasm. Secondary anorgasmia is your present inability to achieve an orgasm which implies you’ve had this experience in the past.

Proactive Solutions for Male with Erectile Dysfunction

If a partner’s anorgasmia is due to your erectile dysfunction or ED, then you can easily remedy this by going through male enhancement techniques among others. You can also take testosterone pills, toxin release and libido enhancement products. Penis enlargement techniques can also repair your ED problem. Wise partners understand that to get the optimal sexual experience it is imperative to make their partner as satisfied as themselves, if not more satisfied.

Women can address anorgasmia proactively as well by utilizing vibrators, reading erotic or sexually arousing literature and eating a well-balanced diet. You can masturbate as well if that can help you achieve orgasm. During sex, some women can reach orgasm through oral sex. Satisfying sex for women is more of a mental experience than a physical one.

If you have anorgasmia, then you can consult with your doctor to address this problem. You can go to a psychologist or a psychiatrist to analyze the cause behind the symptom which anorgasmia is and when you identify the causes, you can take the right steps to address them. Anorgasmia can also be the result of taking too much medication. Antidepressants can cause this problem and if you are certain that they do, then try to replace them with sex pills like Volume Pills which are more safe and effective.

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