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9 Yoga Poses to Beat Low Sexual Stamina

9 Yoga Poses to Beat Low Sexual Stamina
9 Yoga Poses to Beat Low Sexual Stamina

Yoga has been around for centuries of years and originated from Asia, specifically India. Its popularity has sky rocketed in the western world over the last 20 years due to its numerous benefits. Yoga is a kind of spiritual exercise that connects the body and the mind. It involves a series of difficult poses that relax the mind via meditation and tone the muscles of the body. The result is a feeling of rejuvenation and peace. Yoga can be especially beneficial to the sexual health. Here are the best nine yoga poses to rejuvenate your sex life:

1. Sarvangaasana

This is an intense yoga pose that involves lifting your entire lower body and abdomen straight up so that your entire body can rest on your shoulders and head. It is an inversion pose as the legs will be up instead on the head and the head will be on the floor. Preferably, the hands should be placed on the waist for support. This pose increases blood flow to the thyroid gland. The result is an enhanced thyroid function. The benefits of this include higher levels of energy due to a higher rate of metabolism and deeper breathing to boost oxygen supply to organs systems particularly the loins.

2. Uttanapadasana

This is a simple pose where you simply lie on your back facing up and lift your lower trunk at a straight angle. This pose boosts gastrointestinal function and has been known to even alleviate constipation. The gastrointestinal function is fundamental for health as it is responsible for energy supply to organ systems throughout the body. This pose has been known to be beneficial in increasing the rate of metabolism hence nutrient supply to organ systems.

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3. Kandharasana

This pose entails lying of the floor while facing upwards and slowly lifting your core area upwards such that only the legs and the head remain on the ground. This pose is great at boost sexual function in both men and women. In women, it increases functioning of the ovaries while in men, its boosts sperm functioning and production. Ayurveda experts especially recommend for couples battling with infertility.

4. Paschimotasana

This pose is simple and involves touching your toes and placing your head between your knees while you are sited on your yoga mat. This pose is beneficial in strengthening gastrointestinal function by boosting the rate of metabolism. In men, it can also successfully alleviate problems concerning premature ejaculation by strengthening their core. In addition, it boosts sperm production and makes semen more potent.

5. Goumukhasana

This pose entails siting with your legs crossed, which is the typical initial yoga or meditation pose. After which, both your hands should meet on you back with one arm going over the shoulders while the other passes under the shoulder adjacent to the waist. Once both hands are in contact, they should be pulled apart without letting go. This pose is especially beneficially for patients suffering from a hernia which is a protrusion of internal organs such as intestines and testes from their designated sacs. Since the pose focuses on the mid region, it also strengthens the liver, kidney and respiratory system. Other added benefits include better control of ejaculation in men.

6. Bhujangasana

This pose involves lying on your stomach and merely lifting your upper trunk while your hands are placed on the floor for support. It is especially beneficially for lower back pain as the stretch involves the back muscles. Cervical pain is also known to be alleviated by this pose. Other benefits include premature ejaculation in men as it strengthens and increases blood supply to the core.

7. Dhanurasana

This highly beneficial pose entails lying on your stomach and holding your legs with your hands just above your gluteal region then stretching. This pose has numerous benefits to the back, stomach, and reproductive system. It alleviates back pain, increases the functioning of the stomach and, quite notably, eliminates ejaculation problems in men by strengthening their core.

8. Brahmacharyasana

This pose involves resting your upper trunk on your lower trunk. It resembles a normal sitting position except for the fact that the body rests on the legs which are tucked away under the gluteal region. The pose enhances the working of the testes and digestive system, It has also been known to boost the libido and sexual appetite in people’s whose sexual excitement has greatly declined.

9. Garudasana

This is quite an intriguing pose and could be rather challenging. It entails coiling on the leg on the other leg and balancing on only on the leg, the uncoiled on, while the knees are slightly bent. The hands should also be coiled together. This pose has the highest number of benefits due to its strengthening abilities and the fact that it boosts blood circulating and is quite an invigoration. Its benefits include: alleviating testes and prostate gland problems, beating premature ejaculation and enhancing reproductive and urinary tract function in both men and women.

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All in all, yoga has numerous benefits to diminished sexual stamina. It strengthens the core, enhances blood and nutrient supply to organ systems and enhances deeper breathing. The secret to being successful is doing the poses regularly, in a slow and relaxed rather than frantic manner and use relaxing and deep breathing techniques to enhance the experience.

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