Provia Max Review – Does Provia Max Supplement Really Work?

Provia Max claims to help increase testosterone level and elevate sexual libido, but does it worth buying? Read more in our Provia Max review here.
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What is Provia Max?

Provia Max is an herbal supplement for men which aims to increase testosterone levels and elevate sexual libido. In addition, the product improves circulation in the body which enhances the strength of erections. It also promises to enhance your overall sexual pleasure and libido. Unfortunately, there are few Provia Max customer reviews.

Provia Max
Provia Max

Who is the Manufacturer of Provia Max?

A company called Provia Max manufactures this supplement. They produce and sell male sexual enhancement supplements using organic ingredients, of which Provia Max is their signature product.

This organization is somewhat mysterious in that there is very little information about them online. There’s no Provia Max phone number or Provia Max customer service information.

How Does Provia Max Work?

Provia Max contains organic ingredients which can raise levels of testosterone in the blood. This has the effect of elevating sexual drive, performance, and stamina. In addition, it can assist in building up muscle mass. Harvard Health Publishing has suggested that an increase in testosterone may only help with mild erectile dysfunction.

There are ingredients like L-arginine which can initiate the production of more nitric oxide in the blood, which improves overall bodily circulation. The increased blood flow to the penis could make erections harder and bigger. Ingredients like Muira Pauma stimulate nerve receptors and increase pleasure.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Provia Max is also a healthy product replete with antioxidants that kill damaging free radicals and lower oxidative stress. This improves overall health and strengthens the immune system. A review published in the Journal of Dairy Science discussed the physiological role antioxidants play in the human immune system.

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Provia Max Ingredients – Are They Safe and Effective?

Here are some of the Provia Max ingredients:

L-Arginine – This is an amino acid which causes the release of nitric oxide. This improves blood flow all over the body, including to the penis. The result is harder, stronger erections.

A study published in the Journal of Psychosexual Health examined the key role L-arginine can play in treating erectile dysfunction.

Gingko Biloba – This comes from an ancient tree which is over 200 million years old. There’s some evidence that it can improve blood flow (1), which could help with erectile dysfunction.In addition, many people see it as an aphrodisiac.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

A study published in the Journal of Sex and Medical Therapy found that gingko biloba was very effective in treating sexual dysfunction caused by antidepressants.

Muira Puama – This is a bush that grows in the Amazon. It’s rich in sterols which induce the release of more testosterone. This increases libido, improves sexual performance, and may help build muscle mass.

According to an article published in Translational Andrology and Urology, it stimulates nerve receptors which can improve sexual pleasure.

What Are the Advantages of Provia Max?

  • Provia Max may raise your sexual libido.
  • The product might enhance your sexual pleasure.
  • It could make your erections harder and bigger.
  • Provia Max may help you last longer in bed.
  • The supplement could elevate your sexual confidence.

What Are the Disadvantages of Provia Max?

  • There’s no official website for Provia Max.
  • You may experience side effects like nausea or vomiting.
  • These are large pills which may be hard to swallow.

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Q: How Should You Take Provia Max?

A: The recommended dosage of Provia Max is 2 capsules per day. Do not take more than this dose for any reason, or it could be harmful.

Q: I just got my order I have Provia No2 and Provia Max, do I take them both every day?

A: Remember, it’s always best to talk to your doctor about any sexual health problem that you may be experiencing. If you have sexual side effects from the medication you can ask your doctor if you can change your medication. Your doctor can also help you determine which supplements, if any, might help you.

Q: Is Provia Max Good to Take?

A: Provia Max might be safe to take due to all the natural additives and ingredients used while making the product.

Q: How Much Does Provia Max Cost?

A: At the moment, the only place you can purchase this product is on eBay – and it’s out of stock. There’s no Provia Max Amazon or Provia Max Walmart.

The Provia Max price on eBay is $36.95. Many secondary sites mentioned an official website where you could sign up for the one-month trial offer, but the site doesn’t seem to exist.

Q: What is Provia Max’s Return Policy?

A: As there is no official website, there’s no return policy. If you purchase the product on eBay, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you received the wrong item or if it’s damaged. If you are not happy with the item, you have to ask the seller if they will give you a refund.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Q: Does Provia Max Offer a Free Trial?

A: According to several secondary sources, yes, Provia Max does apparently offer a 30-day free trial. This means you sign up for the trial and get a free bottle.

At that point, you join the auto-shipment program, and every 30 days thereafter they’ll send you and charge you for a new bottle. However, at the moment, there’s no place to register.

One review says, “I tried to order your product but my credit card would not go through. I would love to try this one. I have used different products for years with no result. Would you take my credit card?” ~ by Denson Blanton

Q: What Do the Provia Max Reviews Say?

A: There are few Provia Max reviews online where users find it a hard time to cancel their online subscription to Provia Max.

How do I contact someone about canceling my subscription? I read the information about the free bottle and I didn’t see anywhere that I was being automatically signed up for more. I read it more than once. Then I could not find a phone number or email address or other contact information. ~ by Matthew Deveaux

One review says, “I’m trying to cancel any attempt to debit my card for the future prescription. I’m not interested in having a monthly prescription or not so I want any attempt of funds withdrawn from my account. Who do I contact regarding this.”

Another review says, “Please help me get some kind of contact information so I can cancel the subscription so I don’t get charged any more than the initial trial bottles. I do not want the product I have come up with totally empty I have no place to turn to try and cancel this subscription, please help!”

No question, just STOP charging my debit card, NOW! How do I CANCEL to assure I never get charged again? ~ by Paul Bracker

How do I cancel a subscription I didn’t sign up for? Haven’t been able to find out how to make contact with someone in this organization. ~ by Matthew Deveaux

I want to stop receiving PROVIA NO2 & PROVIA MAX. It does not work. Sending back the second shipment. ~ by Melvin Kim

How do I stop the continued supply of Provia Max? I was not made aware that there was going to be an ongoing shipment. ~ by William Presnell

I just received my order Provia Max and Provia No. 2, I read in reviews that the company is charging me again, I heard I’m signing for membership, I just order the trial, not to be a membership, I don’t know if it’s working, please don’t sign me up. ~ by Ray Higgin

Why is Provia Max cheating people and stealing their money? Telling ppl they only pay postage and then they tell them that their address was wrong and items returned. Please be careful – these people advertising Provia Max and another are SCAMMERS and THIEVES and when they get your card no. They keep on debiting your card and don’t deliver anything. Please be careful. ~ review by Steve

Q: Is Provia Max Safe?

A: This is a safe, organic product that leads mostly to mild Provia Max side effects. However, there are a number of medical conditions which preclude taking it.

Some of these include asthma, cirrhosis, herpes, low blood pressure, recent heart attack, kidney disease, surgery within 2 weeks, bleeding disorders, infertility, diabetes, or seizures (2, 3).

Q: Does Provia Max Really Work? What does it really do, want to know please before I use it?

A: According to secondary sources, Provia Max contains a collection of potent ingredients, many of which have evidence backing their efficacy as male enhancement additives.

Provia Max Pills is a performance-enhancing supplement designed for males to maintain their strength in the bedroom to last long.

They are similar to the ingredients included in many similar supplements like TestDrol and Prime TRT. The product should work, but sadly we have no Provia Max reviews to support this opinion.

Q: Will this pill make my penis bigger?

A: Provia Max Pills is a performance-enhancing credo invented for males to maintain their strength in the bedroom to last long.

Q: Can I use Provia Max if I drink alcohol

A: Alcohol is a depressant, meaning that it can decrease sexual desire and the ability to get an erection, especially when it is consumed in excess. In other words, excessive alcohol use makes it more difficult to get an erection. Overall, it is safe to take Provia Max and alcohol together. However, be sure to limit the number of drinks since alcohol prevents Provia Max from working.

You should always consult with your physician or other health care professional before taking any medication or nutritional supplement.

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Provia Max Review – Conclusion

Provia Max is an organic supplement made for men who are experiencing sexual dysfunction. It contains potent ingredients which should increase testosterone. This can elevate sex drive, improve stamina, and enhance your sexual confidence and enjoyment of sex.
There are few places to buy the product at the moment, but the Provia Max cost on eBay is average for the market. Another issue with Provia Max is that there’s no official website and not enough information about it. Sadly, there are no Provia Max Male Enhancement reviews from customers online.

There are some possible Provia Max side effects that could occur due to the ingredients in this supplement. If you have any unpleasant symptoms, do not continue to use the product. Before you start taking Provia Max, go to your physician and get approval.

With countless male performance enhancement supplements available on the market today it seems impossible to find "the right one." Sexual performance declines naturally as men age, which may contribute to feelings of inadequacy or embarrassment. Male performance enhancement supplements should be based on four key factors: active ingredients, ability to support sexual stamina, enhance arousal, improved* sexual desire and backed by clinical studies.

Below you'll find some of the most effective male performance enhancement supplements on the market today, in our opinion.

Our Top Male Enhancement Choices

Verdict on Claimed Benefits: Below is our summary of the available evidence for the claimed benefits of below mentioned Male Enhancement Products based on the available research:

Performer 8 | Best Male Enhancement For 8X The Bedroom Performance
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Climax On Your Watch*Moderate Evidence
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Semenoll | Best All-Natural Male Fertility Support Booster
Naturally Support Fertility*Gold Star Evidence
Assist Sperm Health*Strong Evidence
Support Semen Volume*Gold Star Evidence
Stimulate Sexual Performance*Strong Evidence
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Overall Rating: 4.7
Testo Prime | Best All-Natural Testosterone Support
Increase Physical Energy*Gold Star Evidence
Improves Sex Drive & T-Levels*Strong Evidence
Naturally-Sourced Ingredients*Strong Evidence
Increase Confidence & Mood*Strong Evidence
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Extenze | Maximum Strength Male Enhancement
Bigger, Harder Erections*Gold Star Evidence
Intense & Electrifying Orgasms*Strong Evidence
Increased Endurance*Strong Evidence
Enhance Performance*Strong Evidence
Rating Breakdown
Support for Claims:
Ingredient Safety:
Value for the Price:
Brand Transparency:
Overall Rating: 4.5

Product reviews are provided for informational purposes only and reflect solely the views and opinions expressed by the contributors and not those of Consumer Health Digest. We do not verify or endorse any claims made in these reviews. Please read the full product reviews disclaimer.

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Provia Max Review – Does Provia Max Supplement Really Work?

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  1. Venkat Vangala

    Cancel the Provia Max.
    Provia Max pills don’t work for me, please stop sending these pills to Venkat Vangala 8940 SVL Box, Victorville, Ca 92395-5132.

    I cannot take these capsules, Why don’t guys provide a telephone number for me to contact.

  2. Shamy

    Cancellation of your subscription
    Their website tells you to order a Provia Max free sample and just pay postage. When you do that! They tell you to take another bottle. These are scammers. They stole my money. They tell you, the order was returned wrong address. They are liars, cheats, and steal peoples money.

    Please do not give your card no. they will not send you anything and will keep on debiting your card every month and they tell you items returned because of the wrong address. Be careful. Do not be tempted. Trust me!

  3. Dave

    Where do I cancel this fraudulent product subscription
    Where, or who do I contact to cancel this product? There is no link anywhere on their web page for canceling, or for customer service. The product doesn’t work, I notice numerous other men that have been duped by this company! If you haven’t tried the Provia Max trial offer don’t! They will bill you the full amount 15 days after you try their ‘FREE TRIAL’ what BULLSHIT! Shit Product, Shit Company, SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! Sincerely yours, Dave.
  4. Alonzo White

    Is there someone in contact regarding this?
    Been trying to cancel my membership subscription with Provia Max but to no avail. Replied to the order confirmation email but the reply came back undeliverable. I do believe this was a scam to get people to order the trial offer to dupe them into purchasing a membership at 90.00 a month. Tried to cancel by calling the number provided when ordering the trial offer but the person said it was the wrong number to call.
  5. Andrew Lanier

    I only paid for shipping of the two free bottles
    Why am I being charged $89 bucks for pills when I only paid for shipping of the two free bottles I received I shouldn’t be charged for this item and would like you to stop trying to bill me for this it was only a one time thing that I had tried and I was not satisfied with the product
  6. Kenneth Clinton

    Cancellation of my subscription for Provia Max
    Sorry but your Provia Max doesn’t work for me. I would like to cancel my subscription to this product. I’m 69 years old and I have a problem with having an erection. I get only a semi-hard erection for about two minutes and then lose it which has become quite frustrating to me and my partner. So please cancel this subscription.

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