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Allergic Skin Reaction To Foods

Many people develop allergies to certain food products at a very young age. It is the protein component of food that usually triggers the allergic reaction.

What Causes The Red Ring Around My Lips?
How to Get Rid of Red Ring Around Lips?

When your body’s immune system, by mistake, suspects a certain protein to be harmful to your body, it reacts to reject it. Because the food first touches your lips before entering your body, your lips and mouth may be the first to exhibit allergy symptoms. These symptoms may include;

  • Red ring around lips
  • [1]

  • Tingling itchy sensation
  • Chapped painful lips
  • Swollen lips, tongue, throat
  • Diarrhoea and vomiting

Food allergies are usually treated with a dose of anti-allergy medicine, but it would be best to stay away from the foods you are allergic to.

Lip Licker’s Dermatitis

The word “dermatitis” means skin inflammation.[2] Lip licker’s dermatitis is a self-explanatory term; it is obvious that it is the kind of skin allergy that is caused by the habit of licking your lips.

Your saliva contains digestive enzymes to start the digestion process as soon as you put food in your mouth. These enzymes are mildly acidic in nature, and when you lick your lips frequently, the thin, sensitive skin gets covered with saliva, which takes away the moisture of your lips, making them dry and chapped.

People usually develop this habit in extremely dry or hot weather because their lips tend to get dry quickly in such an environment, and the only instant way to hydrate them is through their saliva. Symptoms of lip licker’s dermatitis are;

  • Red sore lips
  • Dry scaly patches
  • Rash on the skin close to the lips

The easiest way to heal red ring around lips[3] and treat lip licker’s dermatitis is to regularly apply a good lip balm or petroleum jelly on your lips to keep the moisture locked in the skin and protect them from getting dehydrated and chapped.[4] Avoid flavoured and perfumed lip balms.

Self-Explanatory Dermatitis: Saliva Dermatitis: Allergic To Skin Care Products And Makeup

Today, there are hardly any women who do not use one or a combination of cosmetic products. Makeup, moisturizers, and perfumes all these have become part of their everyday grooming routine.

While all of these products enhance your beauty and charm, they can also have a negative impact on your skin. There are two types of allergic reactions that might occur on our skin due to any cosmetic product:

1. Irritant Contact Dermatitis:

This type of allergy occurs when your skin comes directly into contact with a product that has an irritant substance. Anyone can suffer from it. The irritant substance may be strong or mildly acidic in nature.

These can exist in some beauty soaps or cheap, low-quality lipsticks, makeup, and skin treatment products. They cause great damage to your lips, making red irritated ring around lips , sore, cracked, and even burning.[5]

2. Allergic Contact Dermatitis:

Allergic contact dermatitis takes place when a person is allergic to a certain ingredient present in the product. Because your lips are the most sensitive, they are severely affected. Therefore, it is very important that, before purchasing any cosmetic product, you take your time and go through its ingredient list thoroughly to make the right choice.

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